My name is Jeremy and Im assisting my man Jim with an AMA today. He would do it himself, except he can only move his eyes! He has cerebral palsy that leaves him severely PHYSICALLY disabled; he communicates by moving his eyes in different directions. Obviously I will have to type for him but hes fully capable of communicating with me given a little time. Hes a high school grad living in Portland, Oregon. Since I started working with him Ive shown him reddit and he loves it. We check the site everyday now. He really wants to do an AMA; we took a picture and here we are!

Jim likes strip clubs / casinos / Portland Trailblazers / Seattle Seahawks / traveling / tattoos / art / nature / tv & movies and is just a cool guy in general. But, things are rarely easy for him and hes had some pretty tough times during his life. He will have plenty of joyous, sad and hopefully inspirational things to say. Im thinking he will make for a great AMA.

I would like to AMA from 2-4 pm today....ask away


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OccamRager70 karma

What's one thing you never thought you'd be able to do, that you did and enjoyed a whole lot?

kuehlj86126 karma

I never thought Id get out of the nursing home I lived in. I was stuck at "Rest Harbor" for 20 years and thought Id be there the rest of my live. Im 50 years old now and the nursing home sucked.

linuspickle28 karma

Do you have your own home now?

kuehlj8694 karma

I live in a group home with 4 other guys but I REALLY want my own place. I didnt get to pick my roommates and one of them drives me crazy.

denell18 karma

haha is he still driving you crazy Jim? Has it gotten better?

kuehlj8627 karma

We still live together...... been 3 long years but not as bad as the nursing home

PresidentPlate56 karma

How do you communicate what you'd like to say by moving your eyes? Do you use Morse code?

kuehlj86153 karma

I move my eyes up and down for "yes" and left and right for "no". I can get wide-eyed and stare at people or things to draw attention to them. I also have a letter board and can spell stuff out to staff. Staff counts 1-7 and I say "yes" to the correct section of letters (1 = A-D, 2 = E-H, ect) then "yes" to the correct letter as staff says them outloud for me. Im supposed to be getting my own computer I can control w my eyes. The cursor moves to where I look and clicks when I blink. Or something close to that, supposed to get it later this year.

S4B0T48 karma

how many tattoos do you have?

kuehlj86103 karma

I got one tattoo of the Trailblazers logo. I also got 3 pinup girls done in different styles.

linuspickle42 karma

Thanks for doing this, Jim. I work as a staff for a gentleman with CP so I'm truly interested to hear your input. What do you look for in a new staff? Do you have any input into who gets to work with you, and if you dislike working with them, can you request someone different?

kuehlj8652 karma

I look for someone who is nice, understands my disability and does whats best for me. I do get input and if I dont like a staff I will say something. I have replaced a "bad staff" before.

linuspickle16 karma

How long do your staff typically stay with you?

kuehlj8642 karma

My staff have 8 hour shifts with me when Im not attending my day program; which is 4 or 5 hours of my day. The shortest a staff has worked with me is a month, the longest is 4 years and counting.

GregTotaro34 karma

Can you feel your boners?

kuehlj86118 karma

Yea, no problems with the mechanics down there.

LostLlama23 karma

Hi Jim and Jeremy! A couple questions -

  1. What tattoos do you have and where?
  2. What is your biggest challenge in everyday life?
  3. Where do you work?

kuehlj8641 karma

All four tattoos ( trailblazers logo and 3 pinup girls) are on my arms. Putting up with roommate Max is the biggest challenge. I work at an alternative to employment in SE Portland. I make money with a candy stand and various other ventures.

Yay_FraancisFTW23 karma

How many snuggies do you own?

kuehlj8663 karma

I got a Oregon Ducks snuggie and a Triailblazers one. I always feel the same temperture and wear it year round.

mattnso22 karma

How do you pay the strippers?

kuehlj8691 karma

I have a "staff" with me who gives the girls money and hides dollar bills on me. Also, love the lap dances.

jokemanmaker21 karma

Go Hawks.

kuehlj8647 karma

Go Blazers !!!!!!!!

tgrandys19 karma

What is your favorite strip club?

kuehlj8647 karma

Heat's Gentlemen Club in Portland. Best girls!

denell16 karma

Jim! I miss you so much! What are top three things do you love to do with your staff? haha

kuehlj8625 karma

1st Strip clubs/ Adult video stores 2nd Trailblazers basketball games 3rd Gambling

denell15 karma

You still like the dark skinned girls or do you have another preference now?

kuehlj8641 karma

I like lots of types of ladies. But yes, I prefer the darker skinned girls.

kakriwakri13 karma

Are you religious? How has your disability factored into your opinion on pre-determined destiny? In other words, did God have a special plan for you in mind?

kuehlj8668 karma

I am not religious but believe in god. I do think my disability was part of his plan and have no resentment.

TimMitchell11 karma

What are your favorite games at the casino?

kuehlj8625 karma

Blackjack is my favorite followed by Texas Hold em. I just learned crapps online the other day with Jeremy and I hope to try it soon.

Stockyards11 karma


kuehlj8620 karma

Jim says his favorite song is song with his name he heard. Says he cant remember who sang it but name is like " Who wants to be Jim". Jeremy doesnt know the song.... Jim has never had alcohol but want to try it pretty bad. Its an issue hes been going over with staff and doctors. Kind-of a "whats best for me" vs "what I want".... but Im determined to have a drink. BIG of course. Finally, Seattle Seahawks tattoo would be my next.

Deepsea879 karma

Having a going away party weekend soon. We will be heading down from seattle. A few things we have to see or experience in your opinion. It can be nsfw type stuff.

kuehlj8618 karma

Recommend Heat's Gentlement Club and Taboo Adult Video on 82nd... love the ladies

Balthanos7 karma

Good afternoon to you Jim and Jeremy!

Have you heard this song? Do you like it?

kuehlj8613 karma

Yeah me and Jim never heard that before and we both thought that was pretty funny. I, Jeremy, havebeen to Stripperaoke in Portland (sing karaoke on stage while she dances!) and think that would be a great song for it lol

kingofbigmac7 karma

Pardon my personal question but you did say Ask me anything! Are you able to get erections? You mention strip clubs and loving the ladies. A lot of erections happen at the strip club. Does your care taker or whoever takes you to the strip club what does he/she feel about taking you?

kuehlj8614 karma

Yes I can! Some staff are comfortable taking me and others are not. So I go with the staff that are comfortable.

LostLlama5 karma

How do you use the bathroom?

kuehlj8621 karma

There is a machine staff uses to lift me out of my chair and I am "changed" laying on a table.

lilweber3 karma

What do you have tattoos of? What was your first one?

kuehlj869 karma

First tattoo is of a cute topless brunette holding dice and with playing card symbols (diamond, spade, ect.) around her.

kuehlj863 karma

wow! the AMA went amazing thanks everyone for the comments. i want to answer some more questions w/ jim asap next week. sorry for the abrupt ending but me and jim only spend a few hours together on weekdays. so as soon as i can ill get back to the AMA. again, thanks a million me ( jeremy) and Jim really appreciate it :)