This is John Baizley and Peter Adams of the band Baroness.

We are rehearsing tonight for the upcoming tour:

Ask us anything today (May 23rd) from 4pm to 5pm ET.





EDIT: Thank you for all of the questions. We have to start rehearsal now.

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Mrmoose122376 karma

Why do you name your albums after colors (red, blue, green, yellow)? Does it mean anything specific, like a mood or a feeling?

yourbaroness116 karma

J: the chromatic titling started out as a simple way to title and add levity what we felt were very dense records. we felt that the themes and music were too various and broad to come up with a title that encompassed everything. the colors were like numbers for us, with the added benefit that i could work with the titles visually. it felt like the right idea, considering the fact that we knew i'd be doing the album covers, and if we stuck to the idea, after a while our albums could all be presented simultaneously and have a common aesthetic.

really, it was the simplest idea we liked.

vso59 karma

What the hell is in the water in Savannah, GA? Why do so many good bands come from there? (Black Tusk, Baroness, Kylesa for example)

yourbaroness94 karma

apparently, there's a nuke off the coast of savannah (tybee island specifically) so. . . radiation?

Fusoya37 karma

Just saw this and am stoked.

I know this is a tough and rather "boring" question but I've been recently rediscovering and discovering a lot of music I've missed out on in the past and would love your input to possibly find more awesome stuff.

What are the top five bands/albums you would recommend? I guess your personal or long-time favorites. Either current or ones that have stuck with you.

Looking forward to seeing you guys play in Dallas a week from tomorrow.

yourbaroness81 karma

J: nailing down a top five list is tough. there's a lot of music out there, and i'd suggest trying to listen to one new album a day to keep yourself informed and enlightened. however, if you haven't heard these records, you should give them a try. these are occasionally challenging albums, and have shaped the music i write in a very real way (keep in mind, these are my suggestions, and you'd get different responses from any of us that you asked):

Scott Walker - the tilt and/or nite flights (walker brothers) Neurosis - Through Silver and Blood Jesus Lizard - Down Miles Davis - Bitches Brew Melvins - Bullhead

again, these aren't necessarily my top fives, but they are VERY important records from different periods of my life.

theC4K3is4lie32 karma

hell yes Neurosis!

yourbaroness88 karma

exactly, hell yeah NEUROSIS.

Jesp29 karma


Firstly, to say thanks for the incredible music you make and that a Baroness gig is like a holy fucking experience.

Secondly, (and on to the question)... The art you create is insane John, who else in the gig poster / screen printing game makes you lose you mind?

Oh and are you down with Flatstock? Primavera next year dudes make it happen!

yourbaroness31 karma

J: first, thank you, you're the one who's listening.

second, here: Pushead Aaron Horkey Jeremy Clark Paul Romano BRLSQ of North America Justin Bartlett Tara MacPherson Brandon Holt Monolith Printing Neolithic Printing

blah blah blah. . .

there are too many more to list, keep your eye out for new baroness posters this summer, by some of these folks (and more).

GoGoSpaceMan28 karma

What made you guys swap from the very garage-like metal sound of Red/Blue to the alternative/melodic style of Yellow & Green?

It sounds great and everything, I'm just curious on what inspired such an erratic change. Thanks!

yourbaroness49 karma

we just keep getting older and older, and our music changes as we grow. its not erratic to us, it feels quite natural. no one wants to do the same thing over and over and over. music is a reflection of our combined experience, and that is always changing. our music simply adapts.

OKCompE27 karma

Baizley, Baroness' lyrics are really unique and often pretty cryptic. Is that how you always write, or are you trying to adhere to a particular image that you have in mind for the band? Do you have any strong sources of lyrical inspiration?

More importantly, was it intentional for your EP and Album names to line up like "One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish"?

Edit: It's because you love fishing right?

yourbaroness25 karma

P: no but cool

yourbaroness25 karma

i have been trying to write more openly and honestly as of late(i agree our early stuff was really obtuse). i guess its not working that well. we never really consider our "image", we focus more on writing better and better music as time goes on. its not easy, its not supposed to be.

we never intended the dr. seuss connection, its just an awesome coincidence.

tcctan23 karma


yourbaroness47 karma

P: Fishing.

OKCompE23 karma

Could you make some posters so I can shove my money into your pockets?

yourbaroness24 karma

P: there will be plenty of new stuff to get at the show

mikefail22 karma

Where do you see the band going post-bus crash and post Yellow and Green?

yourbaroness106 karma

J: on tour.

rhymeswithenzo21 karma

So far, who has been your favorite band to tour with?

yourbaroness53 karma

P: Metallica

petrichorrr21 karma

How are your injuries?

yourbaroness42 karma

getting much better.thanks for asking.

SonicTheHipster20 karma

What color are you going to name your next record after?

EDIT: Baroness replied <333333333333

yourbaroness42 karma

J: fuschia? taupe? mauve? i am open to suggestions

bobecker19 karma

What pedals are most crucial to you for your live rig? How about in the studio?

Can't wait to see you guys around Iowa again sometime.

yourbaroness32 karma

J: i try not to "depend" on certain pedals. repetition breeds laziness, and laziness/boredom is the death of good music. i try to change my rig every time i tour. makes me work for it a little harder, keeps me on my toes, so to speak. if we do the same thing too many times, we stop thinking/caring/meaning. i like to feel as if i am constantly on the edge of collapse. pedals are toys, and i think i have a toy-addiction.

yourbaroness29 karma

P: any and all fuzz pedals

itblarg18 karma

How many guitars are layered in the "Horse Called Golgotha" riff right after the intro hook?

yourbaroness17 karma

P: already forgotten

80Quattro18 karma

Pete, I know that you are focused on Baroness right now, but will there ever be another Valkyrie record?

yourbaroness38 karma

P: It's in the works. Coming soon.

Spudnickator16 karma

Do you guys have any plans to come back to the UK? Please do!

Also I love the dual vocal thing you have going on with The Sweetest Curse, any chance of that sorta thing happening more often?

yourbaroness12 karma

of course, we're coming back to the us. keep your eyes on the internet for specifics.

i like that song too. pete and i sing all the time together.

flexedgluteus13 karma

Who are your personal guitar idols, respectively?

yourbaroness35 karma

p: brian setzer

white_water13 karma

Oh man. First of all I just want to thank you for your music. Every album you have released so far has been really inspirational.

Any chance you'll ever play Psalms Alive live? It's probably my favorite from Y & G.

KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, hoping to see you live whenever I can.

ps. John has epic beard.

yourbaroness14 karma

P: itll be in the set soon

shadowsurge13 karma

Hey, I absolutely love your music. Just want to say, thanks for announcing a Cleveland show.

John, how's the arm feeling? Have you guys written anything new since the bus accident?

Also, do you think you and the guys from metallica are ever going to form a coallition against tour buses?

yourbaroness16 karma

it's our pleasure to come back to cleveland. my arm is feeling better. we havent written anything yet, practicing with new rhythm section has taken up most of our time recently.

metallica and baroness have nothing against busses. in fact, i'm beginning to believe that the busses have something against us.

tantaclaus12 karma

How have the new members shifted your dynamic while playing?

What kind of music are you guys into these days?

PS I met John outside the HOB in chicago last year and I just wanted to say that it was an honor meeting my favorite artist. Your music really changed my life, and I'm glad you guys are still going to tour forever!

yourbaroness10 karma

P: it refreshing. been listening to a lot of the classics these days

OKCompE11 karma

Your music is fantastic. Can you elaborate on the decisions that went into the musical direction of the Yellow & Green album(s)? I'd love to hear about what your intended audience was, whether you think you effectively captured that audience, and where you want to go with it next.

Follow up: what are your favorite beers?

yourbaroness24 karma

P: thank you and it was clear we wanted to do something different. so as we started to write it all came together and we rolled with it. i like dopplebachs and victory storm king

dithery10 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. Been a huge fan for a while, glad to hear you guys are recovering from the accident and are continuing doing what you love.

You have a very distinct sound in your albums, how much input do you have in the mixing/mastering stages to produce your sound?

yourbaroness12 karma

J: we are present during both the mix and the master. these records are important to us, they will outlive us and we want them to sound great.

mynameisrainer9 karma

All I want to say is thanks for coming to Huntington West Virginia in June! Me and my buds will be there. Im totally gonna ride my bike to the venue

yourbaroness25 karma

J: i'm totally stealing your bike. my legs are tired from walking.

yourbaroness20 karma

P: aweome! what kind of bike?

Kataness9 karma

Are you planning on touring Europe? and more specifically Norway, as thats where I live :)

Btw; You guys are my all-time favourite band, and one of my biggest inspirations music-wise! Keep on doing what you are doing, because I love it!

yourbaroness15 karma

we'll be in norway soon. the interweb will tell you when.

yourbaroness12 karma

P: thank you and we'll be there this fall!

EightFuckingBit9 karma

Personal music and band preferences? Any plans coming to Glasgow (really want to see you live guys)? Thanks!

yourbaroness12 karma

P: be there this fall! see ya then!

Im_lost_here8 karma

How do you feel having one of the most epic beards in Rock?

yourbaroness15 karma

P: he feel normal

zxlkho8 karma

I just thought I'd let you guys know that I'm totally ditching Maryland Deathfest to go see you guys on Saturday. I can't wait!

yourbaroness26 karma

P: thats what im talking about!!

yourbaroness40 karma

J: don't listen to pete, go see the melvins & infest

air_derp8 karma

How's Philly treating you? Do you guys miss the south?

yourbaroness10 karma

P: still live there and miss it when ever i have to go north of the mason dixon line!!!!

rorodabluman7 karma

Hey, you all were supposed to come to Raleigh for Hopscotch last year but had to cancel due to the bus accident. I am glad you all have recouped and recovered since then. Any chance you'll make Raleigh a stop in the near future? I have the band's entire discography and would like to hear at least a fraction of it performed live!

yourbaroness13 karma

P: we'll back soon, dont you worry

yourbaroness8 karma

yeah we were bummed we had to cancel too. if it's up to us, we'll eventually come to each and every city that will have us. never fear, raleigh is always on the short list

TheColinEdwards6 karma

  • What is your favorite piece of gear that you own?

  • What band do you dream of touring with/opening for?

  • What is your favorite band that had little to no influence on how you guys sound?

  • Favorite venue to perform at?

Thanks so much for doing this, you guys are one of my favorite bands!

yourbaroness11 karma

P: gibson les pauls dinsaur jr charlie daniels band UTX

orson_welles_son6 karma

Good job getting back on the horse (of Golgotha), fellas. Really love your work and your perseverance in the face of danger and recovery. Do you think you'll be able to tour the Pacific Northwest anytime this year? Also why were Allen and Matt replaced? Thanks for doing this AMA! Good luck.

yourbaroness2 karma

P: be there this fall for some steelhead fishin

despiseddominic6 karma

First of all, I love every single one of your albums and jam them pretty consistently. Thanks for making such epic music, and I'm so glad that Baroness is returning to the road in one form of another. Secondly, QUESTION! What album (from any genre) would each of you say is your favorite of all time?

yourbaroness13 karma

P: Roger Millers greatest hits

mark105796 karma

Do you think there's any place left to innovate in metal? I personally think a lot of people in the GA scene have been great at introducing fresh ideas in recent years, but where do you think it goes from here? Any bands in particular to look out for?

yourbaroness17 karma

P: Earthling from Harrisonburg Va

LogicalNonsense6 karma

Who's great idea was it to schedule the Baltimore stop DURING Maryland Deathfest? :(

Many are hoping that the band is able to walk down the few blocks from Rams Head to the fest grounds to hang out a bit. Anyway, I am glad you guys are back and touring again and hope you are able to stop in the Baltimore/DC area again soon.

Btw was fun meeting John a few years ago at MDF!

yourbaroness9 karma

P: thats a good question. but we go at 915 so come hang out or pop in for the show

IronsMaiden3 karma

You guys are amazing. I just want to thank you for enjoying what you do and continuing to innovate and make amazing and beautiful music. Staying true to what you want to create means a lot to your fans, because we know you still care about your craft. Where do you draw inspiration from?

And to John, your art blows my mind and breaks my heart. Thank you for making stuff that inspires and intrigues. Do you you have any words of wisdom for the artists out there?

I can't wait to see you guys in Denver! I'd love to buy y'all a drink if I can.

yourbaroness12 karma

get your art out there, even if you have to give it away. if its good, someone will notice. when i began making artwork for other bands, i never charged anything other than favors (car maintenance, meals, etc.) for artwork. when i had honed my skill enough, people were already willing to buy it. it did NOT happen quickly. people crave creativity and quality. if you're an artist, make some art, and let people see it.

Funkasaurus242 karma

Hey Guys! John, I have met you a couple times I used to be a Relapse intern and I still see you at shows all the time! I am a huge fan of your artwork, and I was wondering how often do you display your artwork at galleries around the city? I am considering running a gallery show for my senior project including visual art created by musicians (mainly metal).

yourbaroness5 karma

i dont show very often. at this point i cannot really dedicate the time to art that in requires to hang exhibitions frequently. however, i am talking to a few folks out there about some exhibitions within the next few years.

Ima_reaper2 karma

Man, I love all of your albums, and I just wanted to say thank you for making them. I just discovered Baroness around a year and a half ago and actually live in Savannah. Unfortunately I never got to see you guys, so that makes my question very simple, When are you guys coming back to Savannah?

yourbaroness2 karma

P: we'll be in charleston in a few days. come on up

BlackMeddle2 karma

How are you guys feeling?

yourbaroness9 karma

pretty. . . pretty. . . good.

Kubushoofd2 karma

Hello, and thanks for the AMAZING music. I have 2 questions: - What's the next color? :D. - John, your complex artwork is fantastic. How do you start? Do you just throw a bunch of things you like together? Is there a real 'theme' for each drawing? Do you make a collage of sketches or does the layout all happen in your head? I loved your interview with Juxtapoz magazine, but it was way too short. I'm very curious! Good luck on your upcoming tour! (PS. That three-headed duck and nails tour poster is SWEEEEEEET)

yourbaroness9 karma

thats actually 5 questions.

docemp2 karma

I still have my ticket to the Southampton gig you guys were on your way to before the crash, my friends and I were really happy to hear you were all okay.

Not really a question, just wanted you guys to know!

yourbaroness3 karma

P: we'll be in your town soon!

AnnieLayne2 karma

Harrisonburg VA Loves YOU!- Annie

yourbaroness3 karma

P: Thanks you Annie! right back at you. see ya soon!

Birthing2 karma

you guys are awesome, i love each and every one of your records, you can see that i'm named after one of your songs even, i guess my question is: When are you guys comming to Mexico?! at least send us some merch, i want a blue record t-shirt so bad! saludos desde monterrey, mexico!

yourbaroness4 karma

we'll come to mexico as soon as we can. we've never been. and where's the excitement playing the same cities over and over again?

yourbaroness3 karma

P: hope to be there sooner than later

JustAZombie2 karma

Wanna play a show with my band sometime? :)

yourbaroness3 karma

P: yes

gujek1 karma

I really like your music. Simple question: who does your artwork?

yourbaroness10 karma

P: me

yourbaroness9 karma

P: john