We're all here right now to answer any questions you guys might have!

UPDATE (4:30 EST): WHOA the response is insane, we didn't realize it'd be going on this long! We're going to rehearse for a bit and will be back in about 2.5 hours (7pm EST) to answer more questions! Whoa.

Here's proof!! PETE & ARY http://i.imgur.com/9tXXhqj.gif LUKE & JAMES http://i.imgur.com/8zJpy7n.jpg


Heres the KICKSTARTER! Here's an exclusive stream for ENDLESS FANTASY! Here's an iTUNES LINK!. We're also GOING ON TOUR starting TOMORROW!

Fire awayyyyyy :)

<3, Anamanaguchi

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axelofthekey303 karma

How did you guys get approached to do the Scott Pilgrim game soundtrack?

Edit: If you're not allowed to talk about it, iss cool. I'm just super curious.

AnamanaPETE247 karma

I got a cryptic email from Ubisoft asking to do music for a game. Three months later we were on tour in Lexington, Kentucky and as I was going to sleep at a friends house, I noticed a copy of "Scott Pilgrim Vs the World" on the coffee table. I thought to myself 'that looks cool' - woke up the next day, got coffee and the phone rang saying it was for the Scott Pilgrim game. Bryan Lee O Malley had apparently picked us, it was a very surreal moment. I still remember the cookie I was eating when we found out!

Claydad112 karma

What flavor was the cookie and what was the exact angle at which you took the first bite at?

AnamanaPETE205 karma

Melty chocolate chip and TRICK QUESTION first bite angles are all the same cause all cookies are round!!

beverly-kills236 karma

how do you pronounce "(T-T)b"?

AnamanaPETE584 karma

you have to start crying legit tears of (actual) joy and then give a thumbs up while looking at a camera / dog / cat / homey in order to properly pronounce the title

lammnub175 karma

Hey! I loved your music in the BIT.TRIP games.

I'm actually a part of a video game orchestra at the University of Delaware and wanted to know if we could play any of your music. We tried contacting the people on your website but never got a response. We'd love to do an arrangement for you!

fartingboobs52 karma

I'm fairly certain they're only responsible for the songs "Blackout City" and "Mermaid" in BIT.Trip Runner

lammnub65 karma

Yup, Blackout City was the one we wanted to do.

AnamanaPETE156 karma

do it up!!

n000nrg166 karma

Dude ary, my names dylan. Do me like the biggest solid in the universe.

If I PM you my friend Heathers phone number would you call her and tell her shes cute or something. She might actually piss herself, she has no idea you guys are doing this question thing so it would totally blind side her. Shes got a big crush on you, it would mean the world to her & it would make a great story to tell friends

Thanks for helping me try guys, If ary ups and decided to call her in the future ill update with a photo of her thanking all you beautiful reddit people

yolomon12120 karma


AnamanaPETE150 karma

we keep lolling at your username

OmniDonk126 karma

How did you end up working with Paul Robertson for the art on Airbrushed? http://www.anamanaguchi.com/singles/images/robertson.gif

AnamanaARY105 karma

we all love his work, and we met him during the scott pilgrim game. we emailed him!! he also made some lil stuff for the MEOW vid ;)

OmniDonk14 karma

Thanks! That's really awesome :). I really dig his stuff too! The visuals and the music matched really well for the SP game.

and "Snow Angels" sounds like how I remember snowy days feeling. Thanks for that [n_n]b !


edit: Did you guys give him any sort of description at the start? or just permission to go-nuts?

AnamanaPETE60 karma

no description to start with - he just went and sent us something sick, but it was a bit tame. i told him "its totally ok you can do whatever you want we dont have to keep it PG-13 :D" and he responded

"yeah i wasn't sure about holding back. I should've asked really. I'll add some babes"

thats how the poop and blood and naked girl surfing a cat got added http://www.redefinemag.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Anamanaguchi.gif

i love paul robertson. he deserves to be in galleries

dasfee81 karma

Were you guys in bands before you started making chip stuff?

AnamanaPETE161 karma

i played in a band that sounded like sunny day real estate mixed with asian kung fu generation - luke was in a band that sounded like dragonforce played by high school kids - ary was in a screamo band where they'd jump off amps - james was in a sick dance punk band that was sorta gang of four/rapture-y

so it all evened out i guess!

disgruntledlawyer38 karma

SDRE and AKFG sound like a sick combo, you wanna spill the beans on what those bands were named?

AnamanaPETE85 karma

defectivelectric / dracula mountain / i forget / stab the matador

fluffyponyza38 karma

Wait...did you actually forget, or is that the band's name?

AnamanaPETE53 karma

Hahah actually forgot

jasonham78 karma

What is your favorite NES game, guys?

PS: Loving the new album!

AnamanaPETE73 karma

funny wise: monster party; music wise: mega man 2; game wise: contra

crakk69 karma

Holy shit, I went to HS with you guys, was a year older though. Does Kn1ves ring a bell?

AnamanaPETE86 karma

Kn1ves is da best, no, contest

seriously if you have those mp3s fucking email me [email protected]

ruckinfok64 karma

Why isn't Prom Night a top 40 hit yet? I.E. why haven't you chosen Prom Night as a single?

AnamanaPETE93 karma

patience brah :)

MitchIsRedding63 karma

What is your dream pizza?

AnamanaPETE139 karma

Watch this video about DiFara Pizza in Midwood, Brooklyn and realize that the dream is fucking real. https://vimeo.com/16077855

This old dude Dominic DeMarco has been making pizza for most of his life and he grabs it out of the oven by hand, cuts the basil with scissors, and does it all in front of you. Living legend.

brandinni62 karma

Hey guys!!! :D I may or may not be able to drive down to your NYC show this coming friday due to work. But if I do make it, would you all want a perler necklace? I make them for friends/events and such. Here's a little gallery that I've thrown together. Gallery Love your guy's work. And hopefully I can catch you live this friday or at one of your other shows. :) PS: I was thinking of doing your "Anamanaguchi" logo from the Endless fantasy cover. I'll post the result of that in the future if I ever get around to it; I do 60 hour work weeks O.o

AnamanaPETE55 karma

THAAANKS omg i would absolutely love one. scan my tumblr for something you dig and surprise meee n_n http://peterberkman.tumblr.com

nacatac57 karma

Meow? Meow meow meow meow? Meow meow meow meow meow meow? Meow meow meow meow?

AnamanaPETE54 karma

meow meow m-m-m-m-meow, m-m-m-m-m-m-mmeeeeow

codyfofficial55 karma

Can I still touch arys butt?

AnamanaARY166 karma

yup!! schedule an appointment at any time at 1-800-ARY-BUTT

1-800-ARY-BUTT201 karma

Now accepting all calls

GooseSlayer68 karma

So just in case anyone else is wondering, I called this. It is the number to a sex line.

Helix_van_Boron45 karma

What did you expect? It's Ary's butt.

AnamanaPETE133 karma

no no no that's 1-800-CRY-BUTT its a pretty niche scene

Lava-Rock45 karma

Hey I met one of you guys in the food tent backstage at lollapalooza last year. You thought I was in a band but I just snuck backstage using a catering wristband hahaha

AnamanaPETE58 karma

swag lol

zachary-37 karma

Hey guys! What expansion modules did you use with famitracker?

AnamanaPETE62 karma

I mostly fux with VRC6 gotta get that saw bass going to add some more binary dynamic!

The extra PWM stages on SQ's 3 & 4 make for a beautiful chorus pad effect. My fav NES thing on the album is the pads on "Prom Night". Bless u konami

goldteamrules16 karma

Similar question, and save me if this is lame sauce, but what do you think has the absolute best soundtrack on the NES? My vote goes to Mr Gimmick.

AnamanaPETE34 karma

mr gimmick is dope, definitely on my top list. the first song is called 'happy birthday' how can you go wrong http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OshyhWVquA0

blastorama36 karma

Are there any Anamanaguchi b-sides floating around, or have you released pretty much everything you've got?

AnamanaPETE138 karma

We're releasing some b-sides from Endless Fantasy on an iridescent NES cartridge that will play on any Nintendo and also has custom visuals :)

One day we'll maybe release them 'for real'

KevvyLava32 karma

If I poop my pants, are you gonna tell anyone, bro?

AnamanaPETE58 karma

nah man your secret is safe with me

follish28 karma

(。◕‿◕。) I luv you guys. That's all.

AnamanaPETE31 karma

awww thanks lil guy!

PretzlsMakeMeThirsty24 karma

which songs on endless fantasy are "turbopinkerton"?

AnamanaPETE49 karma

"in the basement"!

weezer mastered the simultaneous key-change/guitar solo combo on pinkerton.

HeyDudeSup23 karma

Dogs or cats? Fav color? What's it like being so so rich now?

AnamanaPETE84 karma

dogs / pastel rainbow / mo' money mo' pizza

monochromeseas118 karma

Please tell me that you've been asked the videogames as art question. Do you believe it is the great medium for the 21st century as an avenue of unparalleled expression?

Also pizza.

AnamanaPETE49 karma

i think it's a pretty pointless question really - it'll wear off as people get used to it. art questions always give me a headache

shadow of the colossus tho

Feels_Goodman18 karma

I just wanted to say, it's so sick seeing you play and chatting to you guys at Blip Fest 2008, to you being on the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack, to the phenomenal success of your Kickstarter!

Two questions - what musicians/artists are you guys diggin atm? Also, when are you coming to the UK? You can have all the Crispy M&Ms your heart desires! I know there's been issues with Visas in the past, but I'd love to put you guys on in Liverpool sometime!

AnamanaPETE22 karma

VENTLA is my favorite artist right now. he's put out 22 free albums in the past year or so. his album anti-vivant is my favorite thing i've heard in a VERY long time

workin on the UK! god i fucking miss those crispy m&m's - the blue bag here is pretzel and i always pretend its the same but it really just isn't.

gotta get to scotland and get that irn bru

johnnyvolume14 karma

what do y'all think is the best game in the Street Fighter series?

AnamanaPETE65 karma

third strike no doubt

Stumerson13 karma

get prom night in just dance 5?

AnamanaPETE16 karma

this is the 2nd time in the ama where i'm gonna say 'txt ubisoft' lol

BrowndRemastered12 karma

POSSIBLE SPOILER ALERT Who's the one who speaks on "(T-T)b"? Because it totally sounded like Andrew W.K. to me for some reason

AnamanaPETE19 karma

Malibu Hamish - THE ILLUSION!!


turboriot11 karma

statement- ary your new haircut is sexxxy as hell <3 statement #2- endless fantasy is the best album i've heard in years, you guys KILLED IT. KILLED IT. finally a question- HOW FUCKING EXCITED ARE YOU FOR CHIPTUNES SCHOOL?? because i definitely freak out about it every day. YOU'RE ALL AWESOME <3

AnamanaPETE44 karma

i'm gonna be the teacher that's really lazy but really friendly and you get an A+ in the class anyway so i get a good rating on ratemyteacher.com

xwing1110 karma

YOU GUYS ROCKED SXSW 2013!!! I was up close on the stage!! Wizard performance! I only have one question: What effects (pedals and such) do y'all use for your live performances?

AnamanaPETE22 karma

sick use of wizard as an adjective

i use a rat pedal & a mxr EQ :)

mrmightymyth10 karma


AnamanaPETE15 karma

we didn't! they're still available, just had to make an alternate reward that adjusted for international shipping so we don't actually lose money when people buy vinyl haha

Shreddy_Murphy9 karma

What's the best four player game, either video or otherwise?

AnamanaPETE14 karma

FAV XBLA JAMZ hidden in plain sight - trials evolution - quadsmash HD

yolomon128 karma

is the vinyl coloreddd

AnamanaPETE8 karma

yep :)

Killericon4 karma

Thoughts on the new Daft Punk album?

AnamanaPETE13 karma

its pretty sick, kinda like analogue george & jonathan