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AJTwins194 karma

How difficult is it to become a doctor? I am thinking about becoming one, a pediatrician, but with the MANY years of extra school, it is worth it?

F4U5T302 karma

If it is your desire go for it. It definitely not easy but I don't have any regrets. I couldn't see myself doing anything else.

Anothershad0w169 karma

What is your opinion on obamacare and how do you think it will affect the quality of medical care in the US?

What advice can you give to an aspiring trauma surgeon (currently a sophomore in undergrad)?

F4U5T277 karma

It's so complicated and we have gotten into it a bit already in this threat. Isn't enough time.

Trama surgeon are miracle workers. Work in a large training center. My trauma experience was at the old Cook county hospital in Chicago,Il. (Back when they filmed the fugitive with harrison ford)

stevethemighty8438 karma

I was in a bicycle accident almost 6 months ago. Burst fracture of t10, fracture of t9 ,fracture of c7 , 14 rib fractures , punctured and collapsed right lung , and a concussion. I had no feeling below the waist for a whole day and was partially paralyzed for a week. How lucky am I to be alive , let alone walking, running and yes even cycling. I would love an opinion from someone not involved in it.

F4U5T123 karma

Very lucky. Buy a lottery ticket and sent it to me.

JustHelpin38 karma

What are your feelings on Meidcal Marijuana? Can you recall a time when marijuana was the cause of a ER visit?

F4U5T106 karma

I am into natural medicine over pharmaceuticals. More research is needed, I am just afraid people will abuse it just like pharmaceuticals.

Never a cause, but tends to show up 90% of urine drug tests I perform.

edit:for all of you replying that it is not 90%, All ER patients do not get tested...

MrsLeelooDallas20 karma

OP, I'm pursuing my masters in nursing and considering becoming an ER nurse. Do you have any advice for me?

F4U5T48 karma

Was a similar question below, but make sure you work in a place that is a team and not a soap opera.

makattak885 karma

Do you get a lot of time for yourself? What are some of the longest hours you have worked?

F4U5T5 karma

I work a week on, a week off, more or less. Still not enough time to enjoy being with my family and hobbies. Vacation is a b*tch to schedule.

In residency, I worked 36 hours on, 12 hours off, for a trauma rotation for one month. They have since changed the rules on the amount of hours worked in a week for patient-doctor safety.

JokesOfGoodTaste4 karma

Alright I know this isn't a question, but since the opportunity has presented itself I'd like to do two things.

1) Thank your dad for the work he's done over the years.

2) Ask your father if he can make it a special effort to take every patient seriously, even if the doctors are under suspicion that the person may be bluffing or over-exaggerating their symptoms. I've heard stories from friends that had to deal with EMR staff who didn't take the situation at hand (in my opinion) serious enough, due to various reasons such as the patient's age, past medical history, etc. I do understand that there is protocol that must be followed, and there are usually steps to be followed to just test if the person's symptoms are even real, but I've had some medical issues become more complicated than they should have from an EMR run that could have, in my opinion, been handled much better.

Nonetheless, I really appreciate all you've done for the patients you've treated.

F4U5T19 karma

Not all doctors are the same. It takes passion to drive quality. Some guys are burned out. If I burn out, I will quit. I never want to decrease quality of care.