There are probably several topics about which I could do an AMA... But this year is the 10th anniversary of "Soldier's Girl", a Golden-Globe-nominated film describing my relationship with my Army boyfriend, who was murdered in his sleep on July 4th. I am a transsexual woman, musician, actress (currently featured in the new Facebook Home "Airplane" commercial.) I make my living hosting a Jazz/Burlesque show in Hollywood. Details here (I took Adsense off of pages dealing with the film, I'm not trying to make money):

The movie:

The real life story:

I am submitting this on the evening of my cake day for visibility, I will begin answering questions in the morning (or tonight if I can). Anyone moved by the story can feel free to donate to aka The Servicemember's Legal Defense Network in memory of Barry Winchell.


Ps: awhile ago I was known for discouraging questions of any kind here: ha ha but I'm temporarily revoking my ban on questions for this AMA.

PPs: If you'd like to know more about the mechanics of transsexual transition, or the social/legal/spiritual issues you can read more at my friend Andrea James' legendary clearinghouse of information

Ongoing Edits: For clarification and updates. Thank you for your kind interest and comments!

Finale: I'm going to call it a day, but I will check back in for any further comments or whatnot. Thank you for your kind attention! Feel free to find the movie, it is a bit of a rarity now unless you see it on Showtime or Netflix. As a rule, I prefer not to talk about the film (outside of special occasions), but know that I appreciate how moving and harrowing it is to watch. Please say hi on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Soundcloud or my website and stay classy, Reddit! Also, please watch my other movie, Rampart.

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