I was out rollerblading with my friends and fell and hit my head. I got a massive headache, started vomiting, and got CRAZY bad double vision (as in one of my eyes went straight-- the other faced my nose!). My parents thought I had a concussion so they took me to the ER and after waiting almost eight hours to get a CT scan, we found out I had a brain tumor the size of a walnut and hydrocephalus so bad I was less than 24 hours from death. I had a total of eight brain surgeries occurring within a six month period. I have a genetic disease known as tuberous sclerosis and I have the absence of tumor fighting genes meaning this may not be the only tumor I ever have in my life. They can also show up on the heart, liver, and kidneys.

It was a pretty unique experience and definitely changed who I am today. AMA.

Proof: http://imgur.com/5eekJ0n

And for the lulz: http://imgur.com/ScaCH2h 11 year old me on COPIOUS amounts of morphine before they shaved all my hair off. After that I would not let ANYONE take pictures for any reason and in fact hit a classmate after going back to school for taking my hat off without my permission. Guess who didn't get in trouble? :p

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