Hi, I'm Lyle Lovett - fan of Hank Azaria's and the Simpsons. Excited to do an AMA after Hank. I'll start answering questions at 4pm EST.

Proof: https://twitter.com/LyleLovett/status/327129675216326658/photo/1

For the first time in 27 years, I am without a record deal. I have no boss, but I also have no job, except playing for you folks. I'll be on tour starting May 1 for the next several months.

Self Promotion: - Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/LyleLovett - Twitter : https://twitter.com/LyleLovett - Web : http://www.lylelovett.com

[Edit] Thank you for your questions. I've enjoyed chatting . I hope to see you all again on Reddit.

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nudave78 karma

If you had a boat, what would you do?

Lyle_Lovett156 karma

I think I've covered that already.

too_funny34 karma

Lyle, thank you for doing this AMA. I seen you last year in Detroit with John Hiatt. I was second row, and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Thank You!

One of my favorite songs on "Release Me" is your version of White Freightliner Blues.
My Question: What is your favorite Townes Van Zandt song, and why? And who are your favorite, mostly unknown, artists?

Lyle_Lovett34 karma

Thank you for coming to our show last year in Detroit. I remember the audience that night being particularly lively. There isn't a Townes Van Zandt song that isn't my favorite. Check out the music of Luke Bulla and the music of Keith Sewell, who sing and play with me. Also check out Warren Hood. They're all doing great work.

G3526 karma

What is on your IPod that would surprise us?

Lyle_Lovett51 karma

I don't have an iPod. But I like music.

puppy_time11 karma

So who would be some choices you WOULD put on there that would surprise us?

Lyle_Lovett43 karma

I like all kinds of music. My first LP was Santana Abraxas.

too_funny23 karma

One more: I love how active you are on facebook, and the way you take so many fantastic photos. Has photography always been a passion of yours? And, what has been your favorite location to photograph?

Lyle_Lovett50 karma

I started taking photos when I studied journalism at Texas A&M. I really enjoy taking pictures. Any location can be good. All you have to do is look.

researchfiend23 karma

Lyle, we were in the same class at Klein High School. (I was valedictorian that year.) Did you hate it as much as I did. (Huge longtime fan.)

Lyle_Lovett40 karma

Is that you, Latson?

bludvn22220 karma

Have you turned down many/significant movie roles? I've been a fan of your roles in everything I've seen, especially "Short Cuts". Yourself and Dwight Yoakam are two people I wish were in more films!

Lyle_Lovett29 karma

I think Dwight is a fine actor. I've known him since 1986, and we've worked together some. We have similar interests. I enjoy acting occasionally too. It's always inspiring to work with smart, talented people, no matter what they do.

ebaygoogle19 karma

We've had a chance to meet a couple of times, once at Sam's in Fairfield where you recommended the pie - and here (http://imgur.com/6akhpyE), on a rainy night after a great show in Orange.

I don't have a question, just wanted to thank you for the kindness you've shown in those times, for "she was 18, maybe", for the brief guitar refrain in the middle of "La County" that may be my favorite part of any song on the planet, and for asking me for and calling me by name when we've met. Thank you, sir. -Stephen

Lyle_Lovett30 karma

Thanks for your kind words, Stephen. I love the pie at Sam's. They make it homemade every day. And thanks for the pic. I can't tell which one of us looks better!

ColJimm18 karma

Howdy Lyle, Jimmy Broussard from the old Basement Coffeehouse at TAMU. Hope you are well my brother. Sure enjoyed our years together in Utay Hall. You should have a concert at the Wharf Amphitheater in Orange Beach, Alabama. About 400 seats outdoors. Be Safe! Gig 'Um!

Lyle_Lovett28 karma

Gig' em to you, Jimmy. Put in a word for me down in Orange Beach. Alabama has a different ring to it now that we're in the SEC.

jtinder18 karma

I just want to thank you for recording my friend Saylor Whites song Dress of Laces. It meant a lot to him and I'm so glad it happened before he died.

Lyle_Lovett29 karma

Dress of Laces has been one of my favorite songs to perform ever since I learned it from Saylor's co-writer John Grimaudo in 1978. I was happy to finally get to record it. I was sorry to hear about Saylor's passing, and I love hearing from people who knew him and loved him they way you seem to.

WestTexas15 karma

Do you still eat at Stracks?

Lyle_Lovett20 karma

Yes. What about you?

faceback14 karma

What was the first instrument you ever played and how old were you?

Lyle_Lovett25 karma

My mom asked me when I was 8 years old if I might want to take guitar lessons. My second-grade teacher's husband, Chuck Wuensche, was my first guitar teacher.

FreshmanPhenom14 karma

I love your cover of Friend of the Devil. Can you share a story about that song, be it a performance, how you came to that song, or your arrangement.

Lyle_Lovett23 karma

Jerry asked me to record it. It happened to be one I'd played for years already anyway. I used to play it with my friends Kevin Duff and Ken Appelt and their band Ten Minutes Late. They said their name came from the amount of time it took them to roll and smoke a joint.

mathew0714 karma

What is your favorite TX BBQ stop??

Lyle_Lovett34 karma

City Meat Market in Giddings, Texas is my favorite stop. Get there by 11:30, because everything's gone by noon.

Oranguthang12 karma

Can you make South Texas Girl get out of my head? Seriously though, love your music and your shows. Keep doing what you're doing.

Lyle_Lovett27 karma

Thanks for your kind words. If you listen to my latest CD, Release Me, it might knock it out of there.

dabeeisme12 karma

What is one of your most memorable moments while touring? I love your work! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us!

Lyle_Lovett23 karma

Every show is memorable in its own way. The best thing about playing music for me is getting to work with talented musicians and singers and having the chance to get to know them. I ride the bus with Russ Kunkel. That's a pretty cool thing to get to do.

millero12 karma

When you were hurt by the bull, were you riding it or were you just out there with it?

Lyle_Lovett21 karma

I was just out there with it. He didn't mean it. I've never tried to ride a bull. I don't plan to. Although I think the athletes who do are amazing.

claudiadolph11 karma

  1. Will you be performing in Los Angeles soon? 2. Have you, or will you at any time collaborate with Steve Martin?

Lyle_Lovett20 karma

Thanks for asking. The Large Band and I will be playing the Hollywood Bowl August 9 and 10 with Willie Nelson. I love Steve Martin. All he has to do is ask. He gave me a joke once, after a show at the Santa Barbara Bowl. I love his collaboration with Edie Brickell. She's one of my favorites too.

janefinch110 karma

No record deal....your fans are still out here and willing to buy your fine music. Have you considered independent producing?

Lyle_Lovett13 karma

I'll keep recording, for sure. I'm just not sure yet how I'll do it. Thank you for your interest and support.

bap3579 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA!

Do you still make it over to the Collings Guitars shop often?

My father use to work over there as their accountant and always loved seeing you stop by and chat with everyone. He recalled at one point years ago that a TV show, who you were supposed to give away a guitar for, had purchased a generic make, and you stated that you would only give out a Collings to a fan.

Lyle_Lovett18 karma

Yes, I do still go to Collings Guitars. I met Bill Collings in 1978 when he lived and worked in Houston. We've been friends all these years, and I couldn't be happier for his success. I love to stop by his shop and see what he's up to. He's brilliant, as are his guitars.

RedSkee9 karma

I just wanna say I love your work. Thanks for being awesome.

Lyle_Lovett19 karma

Thanks for your kind words and for taking the time to write.

crayonconfetti9 karma

What is your favorite guitar?

Lyle_Lovett16 karma

Right now my favorite guitar is my latest Collings, a 2013 CJ-35 I started playing in February.

ldamron9 karma

My mom loves you. She wants to know if your leg is doing alright? She would also like to let you know she was at the show in Louisville where you swallowed a bug right before you sang.

Lyle_Lovett28 karma

When it comes to swallowing bugs, timing is everything. Please thank her for being at the show, and tell her I'm thankful my leg is doing great.

strat_07 karma

Have you ever considered making a bluegrass record?

Lyle_Lovett19 karma

Yes. I've worked over the years with some of the most talented bluegrass musicians in the business: Sam Bush, Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan, Mark O'Connor, Bela Feck, Jeff White, Chris Thile, Sean Watkins, and Sara Watkins. And Keith Sewell and Luke Bulla play and sing in the Large Band and the Acoustic Group with me now. Bruce Hornsby told me once he thinks the two styles of music that require the highest level of musical proficiency are jazz and bluegrass.

abaltera6 karma

Do you still pop in to local music venues, like Gruene Hall, for impromptu performances?

Lyle_Lovett21 karma

Robert Earl Keen and I will be playing together at Anderson Fair Retail Restaurant in Houston May 23, as a fundraiser for venue. Tim Leatherwood, the owner, and his wonderful staff of volunteers has made sure since 1969 Anderson Fair stays open for people like Robert and me to call home.

richardun5 karma

Has anyone ever tried to take your hat?

Lyle_Lovett19 karma

Yes. That's why I wrote the song.

HtownNative5 karma

How long have you known Robert Earl Keen? And do you have any good stories involving you two?

Lyle_Lovett11 karma

I met Robert in 1976. Yes. Lots.

bigdaveok5 karma

When are we gonna see a Lyle Lovett-Robert Earl Keen show? That would totally kick ass, and I would personally buy a ton of seats and bring everybody I know. And thanks for doing this AMA!

Lyle_Lovett9 karma

Robert and I will be playing more shows together in May. Check lylelovett.com for info. Thanks for asking.

ThemightyDarmick4 karma

I love your music and your foray into acting, I think you made The Opposite of Sex a much more watchable movie. Any interesting anecdotes you would like to share?

Lyle_Lovett11 karma

Working on The Opposite of Sex was an unforgettable experience. The writer/director Don Roos is so smart and talented and funny. The cast and crew were all really kind to me.

pschulz3 karma


I've dragged my mom to see you 3 times now (KC and St Louis with the full band, and St Louis with Joh Hiatt). She's now a huge fan.

Any advice for songwriters to get their songs heard by some professionals?

Thanks for your awesome music.

Lyle_Lovett12 karma

If you're a songwriter, you are probably affiliated with either ASCAP or BMI. If you aren't, you should be. Membership Representatives from either organization are a good place to start in meeting professionals in the business. It's their job to listen to your songs.

karylhall3 karma

Hi Lyle! If you could cover only 1 of Bruce Springsteen's songs, which would it be? (I think "Pony Boy" would be fantastic for you). Also, if you could have him do one of your songs, which would it be? Love you lots! Can't wait to see you again in Hyannis this summer! -Karyl Hall

Lyle_Lovett8 karma

I've always loved Townes Van Zandt's version Racing In The Streets. I think Bruce is great. He's been kind to me over the years.

texmusicguy1 karma

When can I buy you dinner at Clark's the next time you're in Tioga?

Lyle_Lovett3 karma

I do love Clark's Bar-B-Q. They have great pie too.

babs-jo0 karma


Lyle_Lovett6 karma

Please wish your mom well for me. Thank you for your kind story.

zappa103-8 karma

What is the secret to that amazing hair-do? Gel? Moose? Pomade? Fetal Skunk Grindings?

Lyle_Lovett9 karma

That's cold.