Hi. We're Rhett and Link, creators of YouTube videos such as Chuck Testa, Dope Zebra, Epic Rap Battle of Manliness and More. We've been making videos for the internet since 2006.

Starting Thursday, April 25 at www.youtube.com/rhettandlink2, we will be releasing our new weekly 30 minute internet comedy show called The Mythical Show. We'd love for you to check it out, and also ask us anything.

Out Twitter Verification: @rhettandlink

EDIT: Hey thanks for asking so many questions! Sorry we couldn't get to them all. We'll try to do this again. See you Thursday!

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TimbusReven69 karma

How active a role do your wives play in your videos and your careers?

thisisRhettandLink113 karma

They tell us when we've crossed a line :)

And they were instrumental in us pursuing entertainment as a career. They saw that we weren't happy in our engineering jobs and encouraged us to follow our dreams.

thisisRhettandLink53 karma

Thanks to all of you for asking. We are stepping out now...back to prepping for this week's Mythical Show!

NickChowder49 karma

Will you guys ever show your wives on camera?

thisisRhettandLink62 karma

we have, and you can see them (or at least a portion of them) if you dig deep enough

fistofadam40 karma

Hey Rhett and Link!! I've been a huge fan for about 2 years now, I love all your videos. How long do you guys plan to keep making videos on youtube?

thisisRhettandLink78 karma

We've got no plans to stop. Having worked in television, I'd say that we enjoy the freedom and feedback associated with youtube. Even if we do other projects like TV or film, we always want to maintain our youtube presence.

Alfa_Nerd36 karma

Was the cashier in the Taco Bell drive-through folk song in on the entire thing, or was he just awesome?

thisisRhettandLink69 karma

As hard as it is to believe, that was his legit response. We were amazed.

NightGoatJ34 karma

Question for Rhett: Where do you buy your pants?

thisisRhettandLink51 karma

While I am freakishly tall, I'm able to find my size (36-34) at most stores.

PhychoticNez29 karma

Were you really planning on going and buying Jeffery Dallas a whole box of waffles if he could eat 12?

thisisRhettandLink39 karma

of course

rfreyna28 karma

You guys have, by far, the most original ideas on all of YouTube. How do you manage to come up with them all?

thisisRhettandLink38 karma

Thanks for thinking that! I think it helps that there are two of us. We rarely implement an idea that wasn't shaped by both of us. We're both always thinking and writing down our ideas, then presenting them to one another. We move forward with the ones that engage us both.

retrosheep27 karma

Hi Rhett and Link! Are you guys ever going to do any more 5 word song title songs? Maybe on the mythical show? :)

thisisRhettandLink48 karma

We're doing 12 music videos as part of season 1 of the Mythical Show. I'm sure at least some of them will have 5 word titles :)

prboi27 karma

What/who inspired you to make videos? No offense, but you guys don't look like the average youtuber so I can't imagine you both thought you'd be making videos for a living.

thisisRhettandLink46 karma

Starting in high school, we saw how making a funny video could get everyone to think you're funny. So it was self-centeredness, I guess. We've grown out of that...a little.

rutterb026 karma

2 part question: 1. At what point was it clear that you guys would be able to make a living as internetainers? 2. How many hours a week do you guys work (That is, if you consider it working) on making videos?

thisisRhettandLink54 karma

In 2008 we were paid by Alka-Seltzer to do a summer road trip series. At that point, we began to think we could do this for a living.

We spend about 50 hours/week in the studio and another 5-10 hours working at home. With the Mythical Show in pre-production, it's been about 70 hours/week. But hopefully that'll decrease!

Glasses133726 karma

Rhett and Link! Huge fan of Mythical Morning from Switzerland (it's morning over here now!). What would you say explains your great chemistry with one another?

thisisRhettandLink67 karma

knowing each other for over 30 years helps

1992ad18 karma

Good Mythical Morning! I'm quite sad you all ended the season but I'm excited for the Mythical Show!

Do you all ever get really annoyed at each other but still carry on with your videos?

thisisRhettandLink41 karma

Our relationship is more like brothers than anything else. Our creative process involves a lot of bickering and sometimes yelling. But we recover easily.

createutopia18 karma

How tall are you both?

thisisRhettandLink45 karma

Rhett is 6'7" and Link is 6'0"

minotaurusrex2017 karma

Hey Rhett and Link, I already asked this on Tumblr... but how do we know if we got tickets to the Mythical Show?

thisisRhettandLink35 karma

You will be contacted if we have a spot for you.

rozanund16 karma

Do you guys have any further aspirations, or do you think you'll stop at youtube?

thisisRhettandLink31 karma

YouTube provides a way to entertain an audience with whatever we think they should see next. As long as we can make a living doing that, we have no intention of stopping. However, we think that youtube (and online video in general) can be much bigger than 3-minute comedy videos. That's one of the main reasons that we've developed the Mythical Show, a half-hour weekly variety show. It's our effort to bring longer form content to Youtube.

zsearce15 karma

I passed Cullman Liquidation the other day on my way to school and noticed it has been replaced with a car wash/pre-built sheds hybrid-doublewide. Have you guys had a friendly conversation with that guy lately? Know what's up?

thisisRhettandLink23 karma

hmmmm...I guess the mobile home sales business is...mobile? Meaning we hope we moved, not shut down. However, we haven't spoken with Robert and the crew in over two years!

LittleRedRaidenHood15 karma

So Rhett and Link! How and where did you two meet, and what production of yours was the most fun to make?

thisisRhettandLink40 karma

We met in first grade in Ms. Locklear's class for writing profanity on our desks. We have the most fun making our local commercials.

saraheloraamelia14 karma

Hi Rhett & Link, I was wondering if GMM will be back any time in the near future? My 2 year old got mad this morning when I couldn't turn on "good mythic-morning mama!" Haha. Also, I have to thank you guys for being the only thing to make me laugh during my labor March 30th. My sister put on Nilla Wafer Top Hat Time and I burst out laughing despite the pain. Thank you! Sarah, Elora (2) and Amelia (3 weeks-ish)

thisisRhettandLink17 karma

GMM will be back at some point, but we don't have a specific date.

JacobTanen13 karma

Hey guys, I love your videos. How did you come up with the idea for the youtube caption series? How do you come up with ideas in general?

thisisRhettandLink20 karma

can't quite remember...but we're constantly bouncing ideas back and forth. If it's something that makes both of us laugh, we do it.

ireadonthebus13 karma

When are you coming back to the Pack to perform at your alma mater?? It's my senior year next year and I will gladly start your campaign to perform at Commencement.

thisisRhettandLink29 karma

I can guarantee we will come to Raleigh if we're asked to deliver the commencement.

Jfreek11 karma

If I ever see one (or both) of you in public, could I have a hug?

thisisRhettandLink26 karma

You could try.

KevinHilt10 karma

Are you going just archive the live broadcast on your channel as the version to be watched later, or will you reupload at a higher quality?

thisisRhettandLink35 karma

It's a common misconception that the Mythical Show will be a live show. However, it's just a half hour show filmed in front of a studio audience. Then, we upload it just like any other YouTube video...it launches every Thursday at 5pm Eastern time, but then it's up forever.

alexxerth10 karma

How long did it take you to build the bacon-bot costume?

thisisRhettandLink18 karma

4 days

Geoffpecar7 karma

Can we expect any more activity outside rhettandlink2 now that GMM is gone? I like the comedy videos on the main channel, but they aren't exactly abundant

thisisRhettandLink14 karma

They are about to be abundant, my friend. Starting this week.

Undercover_Owl7 karma

Will there be a drutter off video soon? Other mythical beasts will know what I'm talking about.

thisisRhettandLink7 karma

The Drutters are being made as we speak. We'll schedule a drutter-off after we receive them.

DeadlyMau5trap7 karma

Hi I've been a fan since your first video! Do you have any big projects planned? Like your Mickey d's commercial?

thisisRhettandLink11 karma

Honestly we are putting so much into the Mythical Show that we don't have time to think of anything else at the moment!

abucketofpuppies6 karma

We want a GMM featuring your families?

Edit: replaced an exclamation point with a question mark.

thisisRhettandLink16 karma

We're currently not doing GMM and instead starting The Mythical Show this week. Check in out this Thursday on rhettandlink2 channel.

aerowyn266 karma

How long is your average work day? Seems like you two crank out creativity and hilarity pretty quickly!

thisisRhettandLink10 karma

We work from 9am-6pm every day, and usually work one late night every week.

pxxd5 karma

Chuck Testa wasn't real?!?!?

thisisRhettandLink14 karma

Hmmm what? Yes, we was real. We made his commercial that made him famous, but he is real.

typewritermcrevenue5 karma

Hey guys, love your work, have been a big fan since Commercial Kings, and am an avid follower of GMM.

Just curious if Rhett's back is feeling any better? He seemed kinda grouchy in the last handful of GMM episodes.

Also, any plans for another Mythical Road Trip at some point? I really enjoyed that.

Thanks again and hope The mythical show is a huge success

thisisRhettandLink14 karma

My back is doing better, but I did find out that I had 2 herniated discs. That slowed me down a little, but I'm getting back to normal.

Doormanity4 karma

What will make The Mythical Show different than, say, Saturday Night Live? Some people don't tune into SNL anymore and just wait till the clips show up on Hulu. What will viewers get out of watching the 30 minute show rather than the separate clips?

thisisRhettandLink15 karma

We think there are a number of reasons it will be different. First off, it'll be on Youtube and fully integrated into the social experience that Youtube provides (something that can't happen on TV). Plus, we're creating an experience with a studio audience and lot of exclusive content that you can only see as part of the full half hour. And finally, we want to make the Mythical Show something you will legitimately enjoy for a full half hour, without having to click around and possibly find something that might entertain you online. It's a way to enjoy YouTube in a more relaxed way.

Firedem0n4 karma

How's your day going?

thisisRhettandLink16 karma

Actually this day is INSANE! The mythical show set is being built around us as we type!

Doormanity4 karma

Will the The Mythical Show be released on itunes as well?

thisisRhettandLink5 karma

The Mythical Show will be a YouTube exclusive show. At least initially.

GrindyMcGrindy4 karma

I want more youtube audio fail videos. Will you make it happen?

thisisRhettandLink9 karma

Interestingly, the caption software has improved so much that it's much tougher to make a good caption fail video. Plus, we noticed that the more caption fail vids we made, the fewer views they got. That didn't make us want to continue making them either.

IndigoSparrow4 karma

Did you guys get the sock dolls I made of you? Did you like them? (I've been wondering about that for a couple weeks)

thisisRhettandLink13 karma

Ah yes, they are awesome! Thanks!

Digidude643 karma

Big time fan here, seen almost everything you've produced over the years. <3 What do you plan on doing with the Mythical Mail Boulder once it reaches maximum size and mythicalness?

thisisRhettandLink7 karma

What is maximum size? As long we can get someone to carry it, we'll let it grow. Then, we'll proudly display it

AdvertiserTribune3 karma

Are you guys going to reply to all of these?? O.O

thisisRhettandLink4 karma


ExtremeFrisbee3 karma

Did you know Rhett was going to be the inspiration for The Lonely Island's album "Turtleneck & Chain" (that was conveniently released a year later)?

thisisRhettandLink10 karma

No, that was a surprise to us as well. And it was just a coincidence. I'm guessing they were planning that even before we made our video...we just take that as proof that we were on the right track with that joke.

Eliza883 karma

Hey Guys! I love your show! You guys are so talented! I live in Australia, any chance of you guys coming here anytime soon? :)

thisisRhettandLink3 karma

Probably not soon, but a trip down under is a long-term plan.

NathanEpic3 karma

Hey guys will there be any other Youtubers in the mythical show?

thisisRhettandLink8 karma

yes! The Fine Bros and Toby Turner will be on our first episode this Thursday.

purpledawg2 karma

Hey guys! I love everything you do!! I know you two came from the south, so what is your ideal southern meal?

thisisRhettandLink5 karma

You cannot beat homemade fried chicken and pork BBQ. This is good combo.

infernalpie232 karma

Hey guys my brothers aren't interested in GMM at the moment. Any suggestions on how to help them get interested?

thisisRhettandLink17 karma

you could tell them to grow a sense of humor

xpwifi2 karma

Hello, Rhett & Link. I have been wondering how you guys aren't broke. Do you get enough money from Youtube advertisements and sponsorships to make a living? Do you have any other work or is it just Youtube?

thisisRhettandLink7 karma

Between youtube ad revenue and sponsored video projects, we are able to make a living for our two families. We do not have any other jobs. With the exception of the IFC show and some commercial directing gigs, we've been doing online video exclusively since 2008.

Number1Michelle1 karma

Where you guys at PlaylistLive? If not, how come?

thisisRhettandLink4 karma

Honestly been way too busy getting read for the Mythical Show!

mattjawad1 karma

When The Mythical Show starts, what will uploading be like on the main channel?

thisisRhettandLink4 karma

Every Thursday, we will release the full half hour on our second youtube channel, rhettandlink2. Then, throughout the week, we will release content from the show (music videos, sketches, local commercials, etc.) on the main channel (rhettandlink). We'll also be releasing some extra content on our second channel. It's gonna be lot of stuff!

aggiefanatic951 karma

Do you consider yourself a 'pioneer' of youtube since you were one the first ones to make videos for a living?

thisisRhettandLink4 karma

I guess you could say that, but we had not sense that we were pioneering anything while it was happening. We were just trying to find a way to feed our families while doing what we love.

McShalepants1 karma

Just wanted to say I love you guys. Rub Some Bacon On It is still the catchiest song I've ever heard.

My questions: do you guys still make local commercials for small businesses? How did you decide to start doing that anyway? Is there any chance you two will do another road trip across the country again?

thisisRhettandLink8 karma

We're actually bringing back our local commercials as part of the Mythical Show, and we're premiering a very funny one this Thursday on the premiere episode. It's for a transmission repair man who is also a Persian singer. You're going to like it.