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wednesday, april 17th at high noon pacific daylight time

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SFOutsideLands24 karma

ranger dave would like to thank everyone for joining him today. don't be shy, hugs are fee

drinking4life16 karma

How do you think Outside Lands will be affected by the 10,000 more tickets being sold considering the concerns last year of overcrowding?

Many of my friends and myself found it difficult to easily navigate the grounds compared to the previous year (2011). I know there is really no room for expansion considering it's in Golden Gate Park, but was wondering if anything is being done to help this huge influx of people?

Loved the last two years, had an absolutely great time.

SFOutsideLands25 karma

ranger dave would like to dispel that rumor. he's not raising the capacity 10k more tickets.

neoriply37912 karma

Hey Ranger Dave, it said "and more" on the line-up. Will that only be artists in the Heineken Tent on the Comedy Tent or will there be even more artists thrown on the bill? Thanks for answering, you're awesome! P.S. You got any free tickets to give away during this AMA?

SFOutsideLands13 karma

ranger dave has a handful of artists to announce yet and will absolutely be bringing back the dome and barbary tent. those are on top.

rosesare1 karma

and when will they be announce? all at once or band by band?

SFOutsideLands10 karma

ranger dave will announce when it feels right.

MilitantManatee12 karma

I loved the micro brew beer area last year, and the selection was phenomenal and reasonably priced. Thank you for your fantastic work there.

Is there any chance we can get some of that distributed near some of the stages? If not the entirety, maybe some highlight stands? There were times when I chose not to go, because I would have missed acts due to the walk.

In other words, one of the things that makes Outside Lands stand out is a top tier beer selection beyond the usual festival experience of one or two acceptable beers and one or two horrible beers. It would be nice to make that more accessible, and I imagine it would help with sales.

SFOutsideLands17 karma

ranger dave likes beer too. he will see what he can do.

sbarocio10 karma

did you get in touch with daft punk?

SFOutsideLands28 karma

ranger dave likes himself some disco space funk, but it wasn't in the cards this year. how about those trailers?

el_fuego918 karma

This will my first time attending OSL and let me just say that the bar has been set pretty damn high with the lineup :P

I don't really have a question, but I would like to thank you for not only having a music festival in this beautiful city, but keeping the prices relatively low. I mean I would pay $195 just to see Sir Paul, but I also get to enjoy the likes of NIN, Vampire Weekend, YYYs, and Phoenix. So thank you!

P.S. Tell Phoenix to bring Daft Punk ;)

SFOutsideLands10 karma

ranger dave values you. #couponclipper

camilamichelle8 karma

Is it possible to arrange for more buses and munis to be available at night? There were not enough available for the amount of people!

SFOutsideLands13 karma

ranger dave hears you loud and clear. he is working on it.

_somethingvague7 karma

Hey Ranger Dave, 4-Year veteran to OSL & my friend won free tickets two years ago from your twitter hunt- hope you're doing it again :)

My question: Any big changes this year since I heard San Francisco got a permit to have 75,000 people at the event now instead of 50,000?

SFOutsideLands11 karma

ranger dave will not be raising the capacity to 75k this year. that's an urban legend.

ast863 karma

Sweet! Well what is the capacity this year?

SFOutsideLands11 karma

ranger dave will be keeping the capacity at 65k as in 2012. #dontbelievethehype

ast862 karma

Awesome, and I remember a lot of people jumping the fence to sneak in last year, are you going to take more steps to prevent this?

SFOutsideLands10 karma

ranger dave will do whatever he can for the safety of his patrons.

Chaseludwick7 karma

Will locker rentals be at the festival?

SFOutsideLands8 karma

ranger dave hopes so.

Muff-Fin7 karma

Will Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream be made available to the performers upon request? If so what flavors will you have on hand?

SFOutsideLands17 karma

ranger dave loves bonnaroo buzz.

timmun0297 karma

What are some of your favorite performances from past years? Personally, I think Muse has been the best. What lesser known artist are you most excited for this year? Such as Macklemore that you had play at noon a couple years ago.

SFOutsideLands10 karma

ranger dave gets down with the growlers.

Thatdiscoking7 karma

Who are you most exited to go see at the festival?

SFOutsideLands32 karma

ranger dave fancies nine inch nails and hall & oates.

Gridl3y6 karma

Hey Ranger Dave, Can you highlight any new perks that go with the VIP tickets? Like -- more VIP bathrooms on the grounds?

SFOutsideLands11 karma

ranger dave is working on more hugs.

DirtyHippyFeet6 karma

Do you ever just want to punch people in the face who complain about the lineup EVERY SINGLE YEAR?

SFOutsideLands23 karma

ranger dave is a pacifist. #treepose

sramos15 karma

Will the barbary tent hold more people this year? Also will there be wristbands or do we have to keep track of our tickets again? Ps. The line up this year is awesome!! Thanks!!

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave has doesn't the tent deal yet. rumor has it that the belgians have a bigger one out there.

juicesqueeze_5 karma

Are you planning any random pop up performances in the woods this year like Jack White did last year?

SFOutsideLands13 karma

ranger dave couldn't dream that up if he tried.

That1GuitrGuy5 karma

As the spokesman/mascot for Outside Lands, how do you feel about other, less mascoted, music festivals?

SFOutsideLands14 karma

ranger dave loves music festivals.

knotted_donuts4 karma

Has a Bonnaroo-esque pit queue been considered for the main stage?

SFOutsideLands5 karma

ranger dave will inquire.

jkamin4 karma

Does Ranger Dave always answer in the third person?

SFOutsideLands29 karma

ranger dave is the third person.

martelerlamer4 karma

Just want to say that once again Outside Lands has outdone itself with the best Summer festival lineup in the world! I will be flying over from Berlin just for you guys for the third year in a row!!

(Ps. Please don't clash NIN with H&O!!)

SFOutsideLands5 karma

ranger dave has similar taste as that guy.

ast864 karma

Anyway you can have a wristband ticket like Coachella? I'm always so scared that I'll drop my paper ticket and be screwed for the rest of the weekend

SFOutsideLands5 karma

ranger dave will have wristbands for VIP.

hardrockshero4 karma

Any hints as to what's going on in the Barbary tent this year?

SFOutsideLands7 karma

ranger dave honestly has no idea. but it will rule.

nifflerqueen4 karma

How did the persona of Ranger Dave come about? What does Ranger Dave do the rest of the year?

EDIT: a word.

SFOutsideLands6 karma

ranger dave is the physical manifestation of digital mascot that embodies the spirit of outside lands. #2009

camilamichelle3 karma

Ranger Dave. Outside Lands is the best. The only problem I have is that transportation is difficult. Is it possible to arrange for more buses and munis to be available at night?

SFOutsideLands8 karma

ranger dave is constantly tweaking and improving his transportation plan.

hardrockshero3 karma

Any changes in noise level constrictions this year? I know there were complaints last year, especially about metallica, but I hope it stays loud.

SFOutsideLands10 karma

ranger dave respects both the neighborhood community and the fans and will always work to find that happy balance.

domcakes3 karma

What's up, Ranger Dave! Last year was my first Outside Lands, and I fell in love. Golden Gate Park is beautiful, and last year's line up was great.

Here's my question: Why did Outside Lands feel it necessary to sell additional tickets? It seemed pretty packed last year, but I assume there are good reasons for deciding to sell additional tickets.

Thanks, and see you in August!

SFOutsideLands6 karma

ranger dave is not selling additional tickets this year contrary to popular belief.

ttmp223 karma

If you were to add Kimbra, that would make me sooo happy.

SFOutsideLands8 karma


edipeisrex3 karma

Did you have to sell your soul to get Paul McCartney?

And can I sell my soul to you for tickets?

SFOutsideLands15 karma

ranger dave doesn't sell his soul. #allyouneedislove

gregregatron3 karma

How long does it take to put together the artist lineup? When does that process start?

SFOutsideLands7 karma

ranger dave works on the lineup 365 days a year.


Will beer and wine purchased at the venue still be able to be taken anywhere in the park? I loved this aspect of Outside Lands when I went for my first time last year. Also, please bring back the Sierra Nevada Beer Camp and tell them to bring their OSL Saison. Thanks for everything!

SFOutsideLands12 karma

ranger dave doesn't do beer gardens.

BuiltFromScratch3 karma

Hey Ranger Dave! What tends to be your approach when commissioning Festival Posters for specific artists? Do you have a select group of designers/ companies you prefer to work with? Any general advice on how a designer/ design company can become one of those preferred groups? About how long after you begin to finalize artists do you start looking for artist posters?

Thanks for the many years of great Festivals, and lineups. Definitely looking forward to making Outside Lands a new annual tradition!

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave supports the art community as much as possible and its a relationship based experience with many folks involved in the curation process.

Cheez_burgerz3 karma

Hey Ranger Dave! I wanted to let you know that this will be my 3rd OSL in a row and I am stoked. Last year, we sipped hot chocolate alongside each other in ChocoLands and you filmed a segment on video. It was awesome. Will you be make appearances like that around the park this year? Will you be sporting those notorious shorts again?

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave will always cameo.

Boyorgirlwhoknows3 karma

Can I have a hug?

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave always has hugs to give.

chica_nikita2 karma

Can you bring wine from Wine Lands into the festival or does it have to stay in the tent? At Lollapalooza you can buy a bottle of wine in a sport bottle and carry it around. I would love for OSL to do that!

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave carries is wine lands glass everywhere. you should too.

Soigotthatgoin4me2 karma

I'm stoked to experience my first Outsidelands, but just went to Coachella last weekend and have 6 of the top 10 same bands, what gives?

SFOutsideLands27 karma

ranger dave is hella norcal.

toomanywaffles2 karma

Have you ever tried the smores bars at chocolands? They're spectacular!

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave eats them for breakfast.

caseylowds2 karma

please explain the awesomely brilliant announcement video. why were the animals fighting?

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave has good and bad days like everyone else.

rampart_rampart2 karma

How will you address the restroom situation this year? Last year the lines were atrocious and with the addition of tickets, I can only imagine lines being worse.

Thank you for putting on this wonderful event, as a local San Franciscan this makes me so happy every year!

SFOutsideLands13 karma

ranger dave is on repeat. he isn't adding more folks, but will add more bathrooms.

mallorychacon2 karma

Ranger, can you get a hold of Blackbird Blackbird?

SFOutsideLands2 karma

ranger dave can't, but a living beatle can.

Oquaem2 karma

Will Phoenix be on the main stage, opening for one of the headliners, or will they be headlining another stage?

SFOutsideLands8 karma

ranger dave hasn't finalized days and stages yet.

StereoSaint2 karma

Ranger Dave, I was wondering if you could explain some of the in's and out's of the Radius Clause for Outside Lands. How large is the area? How long before and after the festival are artists restricted to perform? How do the late-night after performances work? Thanks, sorry for the barrage.

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave has different arrangements with artists and it depends on a number of factors whether a radius clause is in play.

short1forlife2 karma

Hey Ranger Dave!

Outside Lands has had such an influential impact on my life! Thanks for keeping it real :D

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave hearts you.

hold_the_rope2 karma

Hey Ranger Dave, 3 year vet here. What are you doing to improve transportation to and from the event? (Last year, was the worst year yet in getting back home after the event) And do you plan on having more bike parking support, as the line at the end of the day is huge! Thanks

SFOutsideLands6 karma

ranger dave will be adding more shuttles this year and building a bigger bike valet.

atlaskk2 karma

Will the map, stage setup, and general layout remain relatively similar? Or are there going to be big changes from previous years?

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave is working within the parameters of a similar footprint.

martelerlamer2 karma

Are your shorts regulation? And do I have to be a park ranger to be able tp pick up a pair?

SFOutsideLands7 karma

ranger dave's pockets always hang below the cuff. #thriftshop

sandolphin8232 karma

Hi Ranger Dave,

I love your outfit. Can we swap clothing?

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave only swaps patches.

akshaykrao2 karma

which other bands were on the list to book as potential headliners?

SFOutsideLands5 karma

ranger dave can't divulge his secrets.

mallorychacon2 karma

Ranger, thank you for an amazing lineup - I might have cried a little bit when I saw. #dreamsdocometrue

SFOutsideLands2 karma

ranger dave had tears of joy too.

nadiasudeh1 karma

When will the full schedule be posted? What day is Paul McCartney playing?

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave will likely post the schedule a few weeks out.

OSGarcia1 karma

Hi: If I have medical concerns (I'm diabetic) is there a certain type of ticket I should be trying to buy? Thank you

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave has a medical tent on site thats always open and all patrons can access.

philthiest1 karma

2 Questions:

  • Will there be a comedy tent? If so, any hints to who the comedians might be?
  • Will there be night shows again? Can you force Wavves to do one of said night shows?


SFOutsideLands2 karma

ranger dave says yes to both comedy and night shows, but tbd on wavves.

martelerlamer1 karma

What band or artist are you looking forward to getting a hug from?

SFOutsideLands4 karma

ranger dave is tossed up between d'aneglo and willie nelson.

[deleted]1 karma


SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave can't control everything, but he's pretty stoked on this year's lineup.

martelerlamer1 karma

If you could have anyone from this years lineup do a secret gig (like Jack White's Choco Land show last year), who would you choose?

SFOutsideLands13 karma

ranger dave hopes to build a tree house for the tallest man on earth to serenade us all in the woods from.

lykkegaard1 karma

Hi Ranger Dave! Is the line-up the final line-up, or can we be expecting something good up your sleeve?

SFOutsideLands5 karma

ranger dave has a few tricks up his sleeve. there will be more artists.

mlhedwards1 karma

Can anyone get advance tickets or do you need some sort of promo code?

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave puts tickets on sale tomorrow, april 18th at high noon.

sunn-bro1 karma

Ranger Dave, as someone who's attended OSL three times (and has loved it every time), my first question relates to my main grievance: over-congestion. I've gone to a few European festivals, and well, getting through a crowd of people from one stage to another takes about a minute; two at the most. Getting from Twin Peaks to the Dome takes about four, and that's the same distance as the aforementioned European festival stages. With the number of tickets on sale this year higher than before, it seems that this problem will just worsen. What's going on?

Many people missed out on Eager Beaver tickets despite being on TM and refreshing the page long before sale-time. Ticketmaster's 8-tickets-per-buyer policy lets scalpers get away with cheating fans and loyal attendees: is there anything that can be done about this?

Last but not least: if possible, please get Queens of the Stone Age for this year! In any case, I look forward to visiting the park again this August!

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave will not be raising the capacity from last year as many reports have suggested. he wants everyone to enjoy the topography of the park, which is a unique element to outside lands compared to other festivals.

SFOutsideLands3 karma

ranger dave couldn't predict the high level of demand, but will look into your concerns moving forward.