We are Steel Panther. Currently in the studio, but all of us are here. We will be getting stared in a few minutes.

proof: http://twitter.com/Steel_Panther

*UPDATE: Thanks for all the questions. If we didn't answer any of your questions we will each personally respond later in great detail....maybe.


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drummerforkick636 karma

My friend Parker jerks off to pictures of you guys all the time but he thinks you're girls.. does that make him gay? Can he get STDs from jerking off to you?

SteelPantherBand1647 karma

Band: No, it doesn't make your 'friend' gay, just cool. Jerking off to us doesn't make him gay, just the name Parker makes him gay.

whitefalcon684371 karma

Did you guys have a wicked gangbang with Sarah Silverman on the set of Death to all but Metal?

SteelPantherBand871 karma

Michael: No, she was on her period.

oscarr3363 karma

Who came up with the idea for the band?

SteelPantherBand1089 karma

Lexxi: I did

Stix: I did

Michael: I did

Satchel: I did

Snailgasm281 karma

How many STD's do you all have, at this exact moment?

SteelPantherBand692 karma

Band: How many STD's are there and how many is it possible to have at the same time? Cuz that is how many.

Blissrat279 karma

Do you ever go to a gig where no girls flash their boobs? And if yes, how do you solve this problem?

SteelPantherBand642 karma

Satchel: When you are as sexy as this band you don't have to worry about that.

Stix: ruffies.

igetthatreference265 karma

If you could fuck any animal what would it be?

SteelPantherBand676 karma

Lexxi: A unicorn

Satchel: Sheep or a cow or a goose

Stix: I'd fuck a hydra

Michael: A beaver, stupid question, everyone wants to fuck a beaver.

Bouffont258 karma

Firstly I'd like to thank you for doing this AMA and also this for me:

It's been played to his whole family, parents, wife etc and we like to think the song was so powerful it impregnated his wife.

Secondly - as a man who is just learning to play the guitar, I'd like to ask Satchel - what is the best way to remove a girls clothes using only the power of a killer guitar riff?

SteelPantherBand815 karma

Satchel: Put the guitar down and use alcohol, it is much easier.

mythr1l251 karma

When you guys played glasgow a few years ago, lexxi and stix said hi in the cathouse club after the gig to me and my friend, vaguely remember a drunken chant of USA USA USA haha...

Just wanted to say thanks for being awesome and taking the time to say hi to your fans :)

SteelPantherBand433 karma

Stix: I remember you dude, lets hook up next time i'm out.

mramorphous226 karma

With regards to fucking chicks, which is better, quality or quantity?

SteelPantherBand552 karma

Lexxi: Koality

Stix: quantity

Satchel: Koality as I like koala bears.

Michael: Depends on the city we are in.

meshugagah192 karma

when you guys aren't doing anything with the band, what do you do?

SteelPantherBand561 karma

Michael: Hang out and get high.

Lexxi: Get botoxx and tan.

Stix: Steal Michael's drugs and get high.

Floormaster84188 karma

Slash or Axl?

SteelPantherBand461 karma


Lowspark187 karma

Weenie ride is one of the most inspirational and well written songs of our generation. What motivated you in the writing process of this song?

SteelPantherBand542 karma


SteelPantherBand182 karma

Saw a lot of comments asking about us coming to your town. We will be heading out on our first tour next week. Cya there.

Apr 13th Orlando, FL Tinker Field

Apr 14th Atlanta, GA Tabernacle

Apr 16th Philadelphia, PA Theatre Of The Living Arts

Apr 17th Boston, MA House Of Blues

Apr 19th Clifton Park, NY Upstate Concert Hall

Apr 20th Hampton Beach, NH Hampton Beach Casino

Apr 21st Wallingford, CT The Dome At Oakdale

Apr 23rd New York, NY Irving Plaza

Apr 24th Huntington, NY The Paramount

Apr 25th Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE

Apr 26th Stroudsburg, PA Sherman Theater

Apr 28th Jacksonville, FL Metropolitan Park – Welcome To Rockville

Apr 29th Fort Lauderdale, FL Culture Room

May 1st Nashville, TN Marathon Music Works

May 3rd Richmond, VA The National

May 4th Columbia, MD Merriweather Post Pavilion

May 5th Concord, NC Rock City Campgrounds – Carolina Rebellion

May 12th Narita, JP Makahuri Messe – Ozzfest

May 16th Toronto, ONT The Sound Academy

May 17th South Bend, IN Club Fever

May 18th Joliet, IL Mojoes

May 19th Columbus, OH Columbus Crew Stadium – Rock On The Range

May 21st Flint, MI The Machine Shop

May 22nd Grand Rapids, MI The Intersection

May 25th St. Louis, MO The Pageant

tstroogs153 karma

How long does it take Lexxxi to get ready before a show?

SteelPantherBand341 karma

40 minutes, for the left side, 35 for the right.

PurpleZebraPants151 karma

You guys said that the new album would rock balls off, what will it do for the vaginas of the world?

SteelPantherBand490 karma

Open them up

MiniMinxx150 karma

You travel a lot. What country has the hottest fans?

SteelPantherBand628 karma

lexxi: Australia, it is really hot there.

dirty530144 karma

When filming the Fat Girl music video, did you guys go whaling and fuck fat girl's for inspiration?

SteelPantherBand311 karma


jilaps129 karma

So I'm trying to do this without busting my nut, but I'm a crazy Steel Panther fan and can hardly act normal right now. I've gotten to meet you guys twice, once after a Hollywood show and again after you guys played at the San Francisco Regency last month (I'm the dude with the red hair)
So my question to you guys is: Who have your musical heroes been, and how do you use them, if you do, to create your own music? I'm a glam metal guitarist for a not-so-serious band, and I've been heavily influenced by bands like Steel Panther, Dokken, and Lizzy Borden, but I'm never clear on taking those influences and making it something unique.
Thanks for doing this AMA, dudes, you guys have been huge on defining my college experience, and I'm sure I'll be taking your music with me for years to come. Can't wait for you to get back to California!!
And for those possibly interested, here is my 'band': Apocalipstyck

SteelPantherBand325 karma

Michael: I totally remember you man.

Satchel: Great question.

Lowspark122 karma

My friend is having a wedding this weekend. Which one of your songs would be the best for their first dance?

SteelPantherBand379 karma

Michael: Community Property

Satchel: Gold Digging Whor

Lexxi: Eatin Ain't Cheatin

Stix: It Won't Suck Itself

Hallyington115 karma


SteelPantherBand231 karma

Lexxi: 7

Band: We got the chick from the video from Craigslist.

ColumbianCameltoe111 karma

What celebrity has the best looking cameltoe?

SteelPantherBand316 karma

Band: Not Britney Spears

vaelon109 karma

I just found out about you guys about 3 months ago and I am now a fan for life. Will you guys make me a shout out?


SteelPantherBand586 karma


hellfast99 karma

If you could have a three-way with any two 80s metal babes, who would you pick and why?

SteelPantherBand292 karma

Lexxi: Bobbi Brown, Tawney Kitaen, or Sebastien Bach depending on how high I am.

RabiesLion94 karma

Whats the craziest thing you have done :D Love you guys!

SteelPantherBand317 karma

Michael: got a coffee at Star Bucks and didn't leave a tip. That shits expensive.

Stix: Took a shit at the top of Revolution rollercoaster just to see if it would beat me on the way down in a race.

gregsestero87 karma

Do you guys have a favorite dinosaur?

SteelPantherBand327 karma

herpasaurus tapalotapus and the makesmyassasoreus.

Michael: Barney

iea76078 karma

No question, but thank you for your music! You're all awesome and I shock my family every reunion when I play your songs! It's pretty hilarious.

SteelPantherBand253 karma

Steel Panther brings family together

guitarplayer9274 karma

Satchel: What do you find is the most effective way to transcribe stuff, e.g fast van halen songs. Do you use any slow downers or anything?

SteelPantherBand221 karma

Hire somebody to do it.

damthatriver1869 karma

How do you guys keep running into other famous musicians at gigs? Any advice for learning to sing?

SteelPantherBand153 karma

Any advice we have goes to Michael Starr.

hababashmaba64 karma

Michael Starr! What do you do to keep your voice in that amazing condition after singing your heart out EVERY SINGLE WEEK?! Also, any advice to improve on vocals?

SteelPantherBand261 karma

Michael: drink and smoke...and pussy juice

shyne15164 karma

You guys are fucking awesome. I am sad that I will be in Portland next month when you come to the Machine Shop in Flint, Michigan.

On to the question: Age of the oldest bitch each of you has fucked?

SteelPantherBand268 karma

Stix: However old Lexxi's mom is.

Lexxi: 22

Michael: 48

Satchel: Britney Spears is definitely not the oldest girl I fucked.

DarkMacek62 karma

When are you playing NYC next?

SteelPantherBand289 karma

Stix: yes

Dwing1462 karma

How's the recording of the new album cuming? Also how many girls have you had sex with today?

SteelPantherBand174 karma

Band: not good. No girls today as I am busy typing these answers for you.

penguinrusty59 karma

No questions, just came to say that you guys fuckin rock

SteelPantherBand151 karma


weirdalexis47 karma

Lexxi, do you ever feel you have the best job in the world?

SteelPantherBand257 karma

Lexxi: No, because I have to do stuff.

dsk0l43 karma

What are your all-time favorite albums?

SteelPantherBand110 karma

Lexxi: Naughty Naughty by Danger Danger

Michael: Van Halen 1984

Stix: TNT - Greatest Hits

leggomyeggo64439 karma


SteelPantherBand271 karma

Not gonna happen bro

Funknut138 karma

when is the new album cumming out?

SteelPantherBand130 karma

When it is done. You can't force perfection.

pittsburgfan1731 karma

For Satchel: What was being in a band with Rob Halford like?

For Michael Starr: What was being in LA Guns and recording the Wasted EP like?

For the whole band: Women and Children First or Van Halen II?

SteelPantherBand70 karma

Lexxi: women first:

Stix: Women...and children too.

Michael: Van Halen II

metallily18 karma

erotic fantasies about metal stars are in my novel, would you like to have a story about you? You have to compare your experience with our ideas ha ha

SteelPantherBand70 karma

At first yes, but it sounds like way to much work.

DannyAspinall1 karma

Hey Guys! Im 15 and really love 80s rock...and want to make it huge in the industry. Should I stick to the music style I love or should I change with the industry! Thanks in advance if you reply... could you let me know which one of you reply as well?! xD

SteelPantherBand81 karma

Satchel: Sell out early and often