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Please be cautious in your responses and keep OPSEC in mind when answering; not just identifying you, but identifying US capabilities and tactics, and potentially sensitive knowledge of enemy capabilities and tactics. :)

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Of course. :)

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How can you defend SK against the flying unicorn army of the great leader?

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Death Star

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Hi, thanks for doing this AMA.

  • What's the main weakness of the THAAD defense system?
  • Where are the lowest concentrations of defenders along the DMZ?
  • Can you post a photo of the perimeter of your base? I'm really interested to see how your sentries are laid out.

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take me to olive garden and we'll see ;)

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I know, I went back and deleted stuff just to avoid being hassled. Some people just see stuff military related and shout OPSEC! Although I do understand where they're coming from

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You can still see all your deleted comments with uneditreddit add-on.

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man technology is awesome

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Have you heard anything about a possible invasion of North Korea? It's safe to assume it is being planned, because we have to plan for everything, but any actual steps in that direction that you know of?

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If I heard anything about that, I would ask everyone in my direct chain of command if they were fucking high.....with all due respect sir/ma'am/sgt XD

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I don't even know what to ask. All possible responses to my questions should not be answered openly on the internet.

sooo.. Have any good dreams lately?

Also, Proof?

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I actually did have a weird dream where my ex-gf was yelling at me in Spanish for not ordering the right dessert from McDonalds :/

Proof was provided to the Mods through private messaging :)

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he means proof that you had the dream.

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i'm buttfucked on dream proof :/

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Do they actually sell dog meat as food? My friends uncle was an Army Ranger and he was selling u can buy like pitbull meat or some shit from a street vendor lol

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It's actually more common the rural areas. You can totally 100% get it though

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Good God, soldier. I hope you don't have a security clearance.

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I do. Most of this information is available to civilians if they know where to look and know how to interpret what they'r reading. The PATRIOT wiki is INSANELY descriptive of how the system works.

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I know this questions would be complete off topic, but.. Did you ever meet one of the korean celebrities? Are they much different than on tv? Where they rude or real nice to you?

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I actually haven't. I missed PSY's giant concert he held :/

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How confident are you in the missile defense capabilities of The RoK? What about the RoKs defense capabilities for all out war?

I dont know how much of this question you can really answer (OPSEC and all), but for those that don't know could you describe what each missile (PATRIOT, etc) system does in general? Obviously staying within what's legal to say.

Thank you for the AMA, and wishing the best for you guys out there!

Edited to not sound like a spy/get this guy in trouble.

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I think they've got a good handle on the situation.

Keeping it simple, each system takes care of a different range of the sky. Far, medium, and close.

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What's the food like?

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Hit or miss for me. Some of the stuff I love, even some kinds of kimchi. But sometimes I just can't shove a ton of pickled veggies down my gullet.

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In your opinion are all these memes mocking Kim John Un downplaying the seriousness of his threats?

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I think that if memes affect foreign policy, we're in a bad place

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I hope you sleep with your MOPP gear at hand.

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There is SO not enough room in my bed for that

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What is the general attitude of the South Koreans you interact with?

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They're not worrying about it. Even if they did, would it change anything?

I think that's the point they've gotten to after all these years.

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Are people in SK leaving the country in case something happens?

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Nope. If they were I'm sure /r/worldnews would be all over that XD

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How do you see this whole situation playing out? Do you think open conflict will happen or do you think some sort of resolution will come out of this??

Also, kind of an unrelated question but out of curiousity how exactly do you test missile defense systems?? Do you think the current ones we use (like the ones you listed) are reliable in defending us from a missile strike in Guam for example?

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Im surprised that you said SK would flinch first. Why so?

thanks for your time, all that you do, and this AMA!

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The new gal in charge is pretty pro military like her father. I don't think she'll want to be punk'd out like the last guy