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Have you ever had an "OH SHIT" moment ?

Prisoner-65532118 karma

Do you prefer disposable or cloth diapers?

Only_Posts_Facts2 karma

Cloth is the most economic way to go.

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Work is never fun when there's a lot of wind. You will swa a bit and that's not the best feeling at 60 stories up. But my biggest oh shit moment was when my co-worker on the stage beside me's stage malfunctioned. We work with motorized scaffolds and it malfunctioned. The cables on the left side let loose and dropped 45 degrees. Watching it, I thought my buddy was about to die. Luckily nothing like that has happened to me.

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Do you ever scare the shit out of people in offices(etc.)?/Have you ever pulled pranks on people in offices(etc.)?

Only_Posts_Facts579 karma

No, my boss is really adamant about not messing with people working. But every halloween I dress up like spiderman.

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I don't think I could of expected a better "no" answer!

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It's good fun! I wish I could do it everyday. It really lightens up the office workers day.

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Maybe you could do it every day? Ask your boss, they may like it?

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Na I already know the answer lol. Plus it's not the most comfortable thing to wear for 8 hours.

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What does a job iike that pay?

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I get 33k a year. I know it's not a lot, but I earn enough to live comfortably and I enjoy my job! Not many jobs beat the view I have.

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glad to hear, i assume you are good at it. How dangerous is your job?

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Not very. I wouldn't call him a friend, but a man I met a couple of times broke a few bones and is now paralyzed from a 4 story fall he took. He didn't clip in his safety restraints properly and fell while reaching too far. What happened to him is exactly why I double check my safety equipment every time I go up.

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Do you look into the offices or do you just focus on the window?

If you look into the offices, what stories do you have? Anything weird / funny?

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The main building I clean has very tinted/reflective windows, so I can barely see anything. But one of the other two buildings I'm occasionally at I once saw a guy with a suit top but no pants on. Luckily he was wearing underwear. As soon as he saw me he ran to another room. I really hope there were other people in the room he ran into, and to this day I have no idea what he was doing. Most likely a mid-day jerk session.

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Maybe it was Marshall :o

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It WAS Marshall!

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Do you ever put on a costume?

Only_Posts_Facts83 karma

Yup! Only on halloween though. I dress up like spiderman.

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Has the weather ever quickly taken a turn for the worse while you were cleaning?

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Quite often. If the forecast calls for high wind or rain, we usually won't go up that day. But often a big gust of wind will hit us while we're 60 stories up, and that is a very sketchy feeling. Quite the adrenaline rush though.

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As a person who gets terrified when there is a chance I could fall to my death...what safety precautions are taken to make sure this doesn't happen?

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We're latched in with our harnesses, and the scaffolds we're on are very sturdy and safe.

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How do you live with your HUGE BALLS?

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It's a burden. Funny thing is I had a slight fear of heights when I started, but needed a job and overcame it. Now I love heights.

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Do you constantly listen to this song while you work? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfmAeijj5cM

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We're required to listen to that song twice a day, or else we don't get paid.

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Ever dropped anything?

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At least 100 towels lol. I blame the wind for most of those, and not tucking it far enough into my bag.

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What is the tallest building you have cleaned? What is the average height?

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I wash all different size buildings. Tallest was the Park Tower in Chicago at 68 stories I think it is.


How strong is the crane that supports your massive balls?

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They use it to build sports stadiums when I don't need it.

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Have you ever pissed from up there? I think it would be a ton of fun.

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You don't know how bad I've wanted to sometimes.

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Have you ever fallen off and died?

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Dude wasn't wearing pants in his office. When he saw me he freaked and ran into another room. I lost it.

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Thanks for the AMA, always wanted to ask someone in your line of work some questions.

How would someone get a job like yours?

Did you want to do this when you were a kid?

Are there any hidden downsides to your job?

Only_Posts_Facts2 karma

These days, just check out websites for the companies and see if they're taking applications. Even if not, send an email/call and say you're interested.

Nope, never even considered it. I kind of fell into the job and I love it.

Being a foot away from windows all day and being on a 10 foot long stage kind of makes me claustrophobic sometimes. It also gets old seeing your reflection. Seeing that beautiful face gets old after awhile.