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And I doubt the family would perfectly frame the logo in the background.

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I had doubts also when the address of the restaurant was not listed and the account history for the OP was relatively new. Can you say what ad agency was behind it? That give some credibility to your assertion.

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Grey Worldwide, which is Olive Garden's AOR.

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Agency of Record.

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Have you ever considered doing a less hostile AMA?

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I apologize for my hostility; the bratty behavior of 20something Redditors generally annoys the fuck out of me.

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What else have you seen here that you call BS on?

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Most of the taco bell and doritos content is bullshit.

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Fact is you are probably right.

But then again with zero proof of who you are I think you might just be some bitter guy who got bad service at his local Olive Garden.

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I'm working on the mods. Bear with me.

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Also, look at my comment history--I first complained about this about 3 weeks ago, long before Olive Garden pulled this stunt.

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Whilst I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you but OP has been a redditor for 7 months and hasn't posted such propaganda in the past. What makes a fairly inactive user suddenly become a pawn in some marketing agenda?

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The agencies regularly maintain accounts on Reddit to justify that exact reasoning.

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I am guessing you think this Cheesecake Factory picture is bogus too? http://i.imgur.com/btRHDRa.jpg

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Didn't see that; yes, probably.