Here I am: Proof. Ask Away!!

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Last Update: Here is my closing statement to my children of Reddit & the world! -- Thank you all for joining me today - I LOVE YOU ALL!

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JimmyRITDHP2142 karma

Good morning all! I want to ask YOU A question.. Did you eat breakfast? It's the most important meal of the day!

about_us784 karma

I tried to have a healthy meal, but the prices of vegetables are too damn high...

JimmyRITDHP1467 karma

No Cakeday Cake? ;}

The_Spaceman288 karma

The morning when I actually have time to eat breakfast you ask me. Thank you very much!! You've made my day :D

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Corythosaurian1180 karma

Could you elaborate on your plan to lower rent?

JimmyRITDHP1115 karma

Will be posting a YouTube video on this today!

Spamalot159330 karma

Could you link us to your YouTube channel?

babyslothspictures872 karma

Hey man! I was wondering about what do you think about the too damn high memes?

JimmyRITDHP1851 karma

I love it, and I love all you quick minded young people! You are the future!

D-Dino821 karma

Why do you think that people not affiliated with either the Democrats or Republicans (like yourself) don't get proper respect/coverage from the media? The first I heard about your campaign for governor was from Saturday Night Live.

JimmyRITDHP2419 karma

I was a Democrat, and I was A Republican... The reason I went from one to another to try and get my message out, but they are truly both the same. I want more people to be Independent of the two party system because they work together to make the smaller guys (us) disappear.

As a soldier, (Vietnam War Veteran) I know what it is, and I'm here to correct it. For my country!

Rent is too damn high means that the prices of everything have gone up while your wages and amount of available jobs have gone down. Some may think my metaphor is a comical joke.. But there ain't nothing to laugh about. RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH!!!!1

BioBrew639 karma

Can you write what else is too damn high? And then link us.

JimmyRITDHP2200 karma

No2mad2590 karma

Beautifully delivered.

yelnatz208 karma

A masterpiece!


I feel like either he's a redditor or there's a redditor helping him out with this AMA

JimmyRITDHP776 karma

Bingo sir with the latter

nomansland333571 karma

Jimmy, what is the first thing you would do as mayor of New York?

JimmyRITDHP852 karma

pocketknifeMT267 karma

Your main platform is basically one of rent control. Studies have shown that rent control actually makes housing less affordable for less than wealthy people, while in effect, subsidizing those who can afford it anyway.

If the goal is to lower average rent, why do you advocate a solution that does the exact opposite?

JimmyRITDHP269 karma

Watch me talk about Rent Control, Minimum Wage, & More! <3

lordweiner27132 karma

Do you have any sources apart from the Cato Institute?

EDIT: pocketknifeMT has provided some more sources below. I suggest people check them out. They convinced me.

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bjanos266 karma

Can you please teach me how to create such epic facial hair?

JimmyRITDHP521 karma

When I was a young man, I had no facial hair, so in the military, I got razor blades that the other guys threw out, started shaving even though nothing was there! I felt like a punk! I wanted to look like a man! So after some time has passed, I was finally accomplished that, so I had to make it memorable :)