Here we are.... We are Project 46 Proof and this includes Thomas from Vancouver, BC, Canada & Ryan Henderson from Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. We make pancakes which most people like to refer to as music! Our fans are really an amazing bunch and we thought it would be cool to spend some time answering your questions!

We have so many cool things happening, including an upcoming collabration with Kaskade and some amazing shows on the Horizon! However right now we are super excited about our new release "No One" on Monstercat! In 1 day it jumped to the Top 25 on Beatport!

Please consider helping us get this track to the top of Beatport by sparing $2! Would mean the world to us .....

Every other song we have ever done can be found FREE at and on our facebook page at under the downloads section!

Thanks to /r/Monstercat for setting this up!

[UPDATE] Taking a quick break, will be back in a bit to answer more questions!

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varienscissorhands45 karma

Monstercat represent!!

TheReal_Project4618 karma

yeee! [tman]

jkernan755326 karma

What's your favorite plugin for mastering? Any general tips thereof?

Also, you guys should think about doing an AMA on /r/edmproduction soon!

TheReal_Project4620 karma

Izotope, Izotope, Izotope. I absolutly love izotope haha. The most important part of mastering however is your mixdown IMO. That is what will determine how muddy your mix is. [tman]

icemysta3020 karma

I was there for your (Ryan) first ever DJ set two summers ago during the daytime at Beta. Me and a few buddies showed up to see if you could spin, and stayed because you sure could. Don't have a question but just wanna say keep up the good work, especially those bomb ass mashups.

TheReal_Project465 karma

Thanks [Ryan]

I_Worship_Stalin17 karma

Would you rather play a concert for 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck

TheReal_Project4624 karma

Def 1 horse sized duck [tman]

iBMCi4 karma

But those Cute ponies D:

TheReal_Project464 karma

the large duck ate all the ponies :( [tman]

TheReal_Project461 karma

damn ducks....[tman]

DubzMC15 karma

Do u even compress m8?

epin3phrine9 karma

how did the compressor get 2 school?

gkappz14 karma

It took the master bus m8

TheReal_Project465 karma

hahahah [tman]

TheReal_Project463 karma

i dont know lol [tman]

TheReal_Project466 karma

yep.. at least 30 db a track haha [tman]

sharkf3ng15 karma


TheReal_Project4624 karma

FL studio! Massive, sylenth, Izotope

NovemberWinds13 karma

Is there a story behind "pancakes"?

TheReal_Project4620 karma

ryan wanted to do a "freebie friday" I said if your going to call it something stupid might aswell call it "pancake friday" [tman]

brunothestar12 karma

tits or ass?

TheReal_Project4632 karma

a$$ o.0

Booshay11 karma

Ryan whats your plan for Beta? You going to keep it or sell it?

TheReal_Project466 karma

I always hope to be involved with BETA, its a creation I am very proud of. Sometimes it kinda sucks that I can not spend as much time there but we have an awesome team there [Ryan]

atticus18244fsas4 karma

Not hating but I would like to suggest bringing more quality acts in. You guys have gone from a well deserved Top 100 club to a typical University city club with the occasional Top 100 DJ who plays the same shit as everyone else. I know you do bring in some decent acts but nothing like you used to at all. Also, I know prices for decent acts have gone up substantially but I think I speak on behalf of everyone in Waterloo by saying we would happily pay $30 a ticket for a worthwhile show rather than $5 for a meh show. Many tours have been bypassing Waterloo in exchange for London whereas Waterloo used to be the place to be. Just my 2 cents.

TheReal_Project466 karma

$30 x 700 = $21,000 minus HST leaves us with about $18,000. Throw me some suggestions of who we can bring in for $18,000 that people will pay $30 for! The problem with EDM is the acts are very very expensive now, esp when the artists we want to see are signing multi million dollar deals in Vegas!

We are having trouble selling $10 tickets to see Max Vangelli and that show is a $20+ show!

Even London has slowed down ALOT, and things like the Alesso party is a high capacity tent party!

Bermuda39310 karma

I know Halifax wasn't exactly the best show but any plans to come back? Because I was literally pumped when you guys came If you remember the black guy at the front haha

TheReal_Project465 karma

Halifax was not bad! It was a really cold night and we really have never played there before. We are in a really weird spot right now. We are getting popular but sometimes that does not reach the smaller cities for a while! I hope to come back one day and sell out that room :)

And yes I do remember you, you killed it! :D [Ryan]

DJCategory510 karma

What is the best way for self-promotion?

What is your biggest advice to aspiring house artists?

TheReal_Project4612 karma

Blogs are amazing. Send out your music to blogs! [tman]

wolf_spanky9 karma

Hey I ran into your personal youtube channel the other day. You showed some pretty neat tips on songs. I lost the channel. Mind telling me the name of the channel? I'm totally interested. Keep up the sweet tunes.

TheReal_Project467 karma

djtmanmusic :) [tman]

jkernan75539 karma

What do you start with in a new song? The main melody/lead? Percussion?

TheReal_Project466 karma

melody normally [Ryan]

noonelikesonions9 karma

I thought the way that Nicky Romero handled that whole track release incident was completely uncalled for and he came across as a huge douche. Was there any behind the scenes stuff that went on with that that would change my mind about him being a total asshole?

Keep up the great work guys!

TheReal_Project465 karma

everything was pretty transparent! In the end he did not like our use of his song in a mashup and we wont use one of his tracks again! There was better ways for both of us to handle it but its over now! [Ryan]

Sefaro9 karma

If you could collab with any other monstercat artist who would it be

TheReal_Project4634 karma

pegboard nerds! [tman]

Ajama118 karma

What's the largest amount of pancakes you've ever had in one sitting, and, if you remember, what did you think while eating said pancakes?

TheReal_Project4612 karma

at least 7... cant remember.. fell asleep after haha

parion8 karma

Who is your biggest inspiration? And what got you into music?

Big fan since your first Monstercat release!

TheReal_Project465 karma

avicii was a really good inspiration, SHM, kaskade. Ive been doing music since I was really young. always have loved it :) [tman]

BizMackie6 karma

What are your opinions on the drug scene in EDM? Love everything you guys produce and I hope to see you guys in NYC soon. Keep up the good work!

TheReal_Project4612 karma

I have never done drugs and never plan to. It exists in the scene and some people are into it. Doesnt matter to me either way, as long as people are safe and having fun!

sunshineraf6 karma

Huge fan and I love pancake fridays!!!!!! Two questions:

  1. Who is/are your biggest musical inspirations?

  2. Will you be at EDC? (please say yes!)

p.s. I signed up for the extra 100 signed CD's but never got the email, not even in spam. Will you guys be doing another one of these. REALLY wanted that album and was on watch the whole day :(

TheReal_Project469 karma

  1. SHM, Avicii, Alesso to name a few
  2. I dont know and I hope we are!

Sorry to hear about the email :( .... Its really hard making sure we reach everyone with giveaways... we do our best! [Ryan]

TheReal_Project461 karma

SHM, avicii, kaskade. I have no idea if we will be at edc :S. thanks for the support!! :) [tman]

FrozenBlast5 karma

Do you guys have any regrets from forming the duo or joining Monstercat?

TheReal_Project464 karma

We owe a lot to where we are from the people we have worked with! No regrets at all and would do it all over again [Ryan]

GGOmedius5 karma

Any plans to come to California? Northern Cali specifically? :D

TheReal_Project463 karma

We are in Sana Ana soon and San Fran.... Not sure if thats close? [Ryan]

April 12 - Santa Ana - Yost April 13 - San Fran - Ruby Syke

Thepappas5 karma

How are the DubVision guys?

Did you feel you had accomplished something big with the release of You & I?

TheReal_Project462 karma

DubVision is awesome and super talented! We were very happy with how you and I turned out!

i_am_d_law5 karma

how do you guys feel about making it to the big show next week at ultra?! i'm going week 2 and i'm super bummed i won't get to see you perform!

TheReal_Project465 karma

It was deff a feel good moment, Obviously it felt like we accomplished something, excited about playing our smaller shows in Miami just as much. Esp Story w/ Kaskade [Ryan]

a_wild_p0tat05 karma

What are your favorite kind of pancakes? (plain, banana, chocolate chip, etc...) :3

TheReal_Project4612 karma

chocolate chip [Ryan & Thomas]

ferrari68915 karma

toilet paper set up over or under?

TheReal_Project467 karma

over lol [tman]

NeedleTongue4 karma

If you had to choose; would you rather give up music, or pancakes?

TheReal_Project467 karma

Pancakes of course [Ryan]

Fabrikk4 karma

Where do you usually make music? Cafe, outside, studio, etc...

TheReal_Project465 karma

home studio or on the road! In a basement haha. [tman]

Dubsgalore4 karma

Is Monstercat ever going to have a concert? will you guys ever come to the US?

TheReal_Project464 karma

we play in the Us a decent amount accually. check our Fbook! Im not sure if mcat will do a concert. [tman]

DavidLyme4 karma

First song I heard from you guys was Dreaming and I've been hooked ever since, keep it up! Any plans on coming down to Australia?

TheReal_Project466 karma

Really really want to go to aussie, I hope we get booked there soon [ryan]

ralexh113 karma

Do you lose much money releasing most of your stuff for free? You guys are awesome, thanks.

TheReal_Project467 karma

I dont know if we lose money, I think the exposure might outweigh the money coming in . . . Plus we are both still eating so we are happy! :D [Ryan]

mookahmookah3 karma

What is your opinion of your "rival" (more like a bro friendship lol" of Hellberg. You two are the most long term house producers in Monstercat and what do you think of him? Favorite song by him?

TheReal_Project463 karma

hellberg is a great producer! I accually talk to him and we go back and forth on skype from time to time! [tman]

Kernerfahrks3 karma

Favourite pancake topping?

TheReal_Project464 karma

syrup and chocolate chips :D [Ryan]

Parrismusic3 karma

How did you guys first get on monstercat, and go about getting booking agents and all that?

TheReal_Project464 karma

Monstercat was simply a demo to an AR I knew there and the rest of the people like agents, managers, lawyers found us! Its really about building a fan base first and having good music and a demand for it... Then the suits will find you LOL [Ryan]

techman993 karma

Do you have facial hair?

TheReal_Project464 karma

negative. [tman]

Oliver_the_Owl3 karma

When are we going to get Project 46 shirts?

On a side note, life's been really shitty the past few weeks. My grandmother had a stroke, and my dad lost his job. Listening to Monstercat really helps get me through the day. Keep up the great work guys and stay awesome!

TheReal_Project463 karma

really sorry to hear about your family issues! Really sucks! I am happy our music is able to help you through it!

We hope to have some merchandise online soon [Ryan]

gbwlerner3 karma

Huge fan here! You guys rock! What kind of music/artists do you guys like to listen to when you are not making your own?

TheReal_Project464 karma

I personally like throwing on a slow jam station when I am in the car, normally I am always listening to other EDM music that its nice to slow things down. Plus as you can tell from our productions we love great vocals as well [Ryan]

FrozenBlast3 karma

What do you guys think about the other genres of EDM, like Dubstep and Moombahton? Do you guys ever plan on creating a track with these type of genres?

TheReal_Project463 karma

I have made a couple elctro tracks for fun haha... Im not really a dubstep of moombahton fan though. :S [tman]

Venerable3 karma

Any plans for remixing your own stuff? And what keeps you trapped inside? + I'm really loving Reasons with Andrew A. EDIT: Cinema or a Streaming service such as Netflix?

TheReal_Project464 karma

We might rework some older stuff for our live sets and thanks for the kind words about reasons! Cinema fosho [Ryan]

TheReal_Project463 karma

mm never really thought about it.. maybe a chill version of you and i? [tman]

lushbass2 karma

are you guys going to ever come to new york and dj??

TheReal_Project464 karma

We have played in NYC more than any other city thus far! In New Jersey in April and hoping to be back in NYC soon as well [Ryan]

hiddentemp2 karma

How has being a music artist changed your life and did you always have an interest in creating music?

TheReal_Project461 karma

always! Ive found my life now is focusd around inspiration and staying on track! Also alot of flying haha. [tman]

mookahmookah2 karma

How long do you plan to stay with Monstercat? Why did guys choose to start out with Monstercat?

TheReal_Project463 karma

forever. Mcat is amazing and I love them. They are a phenomenal label that has been growing in size and legitamacay since day 1. They are amazing to their artists aswell! [tman]

vidman2 karma

Just want to thank Ryan for his contribution to Beta and Waterloo's EDM scene. Thanks for so many good parties, man! <3

TheReal_Project464 karma

Glad to be able to help introduce EDM to Waterloo :D Such an amazing city [Ryan]

BeardCore192 karma

How did you get your name and what inspires you to think of new songs? Are they just put together or do you spark up song ideas?

TheReal_Project462 karma

I get alot of inspiration int he shower and just randomly riffs will pop in my head haha. Sometimes we build songs off of vocals too. [tman]

kinderfall12 karma

Hey guys! Great music, keep it up! My question is: It seems that house music can be rather formulaic at times, how do you mix it up? How do you make sure that each song of yours stands out? How do you go about trying to achieve a unique sound in a genre where a lot of people sound the same? Thanks a million and, since I'm here, shameless plug:

But really, you guys are great producers and you always manage to deliver great music. Keep up the amazing work :D

TheReal_Project465 karma

Im a huge fan of vocals, slight modifications in arrangement, and sound design. Make the track a "song" that has meaning, [tman]

TheReal_Project466 karma

100%. Make a track a song... Something timeless! I think thats what separates a lot of music that lasts forever [Ryan]

knucklesmatt2 karma

Would you ever consider doing a collab with deadmau5?

TheReal_Project464 karma

of course! he makes great music. [tman]

TheReal_Project462 karma

My answer is No [Ryan] but I probably would hahaha

15jminnick2 karma

What is it like being with Monstercat? (IMO great guys, I got a free lanyard and a CD from you because of their giveaways)

TheReal_Project4610 karma

Truth be told they are our giveaways :) , however monstercat is an amazing label and does a great job supporting and developing artists!

Kyro1222 karma

Favorite hangout spot in Vancouver?

TheReal_Project463 karma

I was at celebrities yesterady! looks great in there. and cafe crepe haha [tman]

Zenith1592 karma

Have you guys ever thought about going outside of your normal productions as a duo and release something completely different?

TheReal_Project463 karma

We do make a lot of stuff that never gets heard that is a lot different. I think you might see an album soon that has a lot of these sounds [Ryan]

NovemberWinds2 karma

You guys are way too nice for giving away so many freebies :)

Who are some artists you would want to do a collab with?

TheReal_Project463 karma

kaskade was a huge one. I really like emma hewitt aswell! [tman]

IAteACake2 karma

How was working with avicii?

TheReal_Project462 karma

never worked with Tim. It was a bootleg. We used the stems of Avicii x U and created a track with them! We added a lot of our own elements including a vocal! Thought it would be a cool thing to do since it was an open collaboration [Ryan]

Spenny6472 karma

Hey there Project 46 ! Been a huge fan ever since you first released slide on monstercat about a year ago ! Was just wondering what tips you had for a 15 year producer ? When do you guys start ?

TheReal_Project463 karma

I started with guitar piano etc when i was in highschool, production around 4 years ago. Just keep working at it, following tutorials online etc. youtube is your best friend for that kind of thing. [tman]

TheReal_Project463 karma

Your 15 man, you have all the time in the world! If you love making music, keep doing it and have fun doing it. The more time you spend in the studio the better you will get! Watch lots of tutorials online and just have fun while working hard and in a few years you will be a force to reckon with [Ryan]

thetommy12222 karma

music guilty pleasure? love you guys!

TheReal_Project466 karma

I like Taylor Swift [Ryan]

blackops2circlejerk2 karma


TheReal_Project465 karma

takes along time to get good! put the time in!

housenerds2 karma

Huge fan of your work!!! Saw you guys at Vessel couple weeks ago, you guys killed it!

TheReal_Project466 karma

Hey thanks so much!

SuperSpyXT2 karma

What is it like producing as a duo? I never imagined anything like it (maybe one does a part of the track and the other doing another part)?

TheReal_Project462 karma

Its all about bouncing ideas off each other and just listening to eachother [Ryan]

johnnav2 karma

Now that you guys have started to take off in the EDM community, are you gonna go on a North American tour or anything of that sort?

TheReal_Project462 karma

We are playing alot of shows across NA. We might do a full on constant tour in the future, [tman]

prcoopa2 karma

What has been your favorite venue to play at? Side note, I loved your performance at New City Gas! Keep up the great work on those phat pancakes!

TheReal_Project461 karma

New city gas was a really fun show! Avalon hollywood and beta waterloo were also really good... and that one show in taiwan haha [tman]

Chanz00002 karma

What would you guys do as a profession if you were not music producers? Btw, thanks for shipping out the 100 albums! I got lucky!

TheReal_Project464 karma

I used to work at costco! that is where i saved up money for my home studio. I also dj'd at a pub. [tman]

GenesisMusic2 karma

Communism or liberalism?

TheReal_Project4612 karma

Pancakeism. [tman]

Slap-The-Bass1 karma

Are you continually thinking of new songs to create or do you normally sit down in the studio and try to hammer something out and turn it into something of substance and worth?

TheReal_Project462 karma

yeah all the tiem for sure. Sometimes Ill be out somewhere and sing a riff into my phone to record later.... the usually suck.. but sometimes they are gold! [tman]

TheReal_Project462 karma

both to be honest! We literally have an album or 2 of music just sitting around. Deciding what to do with it all! Maybe an album release or just keep picking singles! [Ryan]

Ron_Artesticles1 karma

Who are you?

TheReal_Project462 karma

Why are we. [tman]

Alecohol1 karma

Are you guys open to collabs with vocalists/producers not on a label or with management? See you guys tomorrow night in Calgs!!

TheReal_Project462 karma

of course. We judge vocals purely by talent and not by politics. [tman]

blankreflection1 karma

What program do you guys use when performing live?

TheReal_Project462 karma

cdj 2000's + USB

Serantir1 karma

Big Fan of your music! Thanks for the AMA!

1) Who is your favorite electronic music producer right now, and who is your favorite non-electronic music producer?

2) How did you like working with DubVision? How did you guys get together with them in the first place?

3) If you could pick any producer to collab with, who would it be?

4) Did Reasons ever hit #1 on Beatport? I can't remember.

Thanks again!

TheReal_Project461 karma

Fav electronic is really tough.. pegboard nerds are sick though haha. Non electronic i really like rise against and shinedown and james blunt. 2. dubvision is amazing. spinnin hooked us up with the guys and the track went great 3. kaskade was an amazing collab... i think i always wanted to work with him. 4. yep! thanks! :) [tman]

Shirosakihichigo1 karma

I haven't listened to much of your music, but i will definitely listen to it more often now! :3 My question.... hm.. How did you guys meet up with eachother and/or Monstercat? Out of all the other musicians in Monstercat, who's your favorite? Do you plan on performing in Buffalo, NY any time soon?

-Shiro :D

(PS: You're gonna need a LOT more pancakes... the fans eat dem all very quickly :c)

TheReal_Project461 karma

we met through a mutual friend! fav monstercat artist.. pegboard nerds? they are all so good haha. [tman]

PirationTV1 karma

How are you feeling about your new track release? Did it come out exactly as you planned? Anything you wished that you would have tweaked up to your desire?

TheReal_Project461 karma

def my fav track weve ever made. Im super happy with the release and hope to see it do well in the charts! [tman]

Kolny1 karma

Hi! Im from Portugal and im a fan of your music and i saw that you guys are going to Ultra fest in Miami, im going too! Can I meet you guys!? :D

TheReal_Project461 karma

We will spend some time after the set saying hi to people! So fore sure! Excited to meet you! [Ryan]

TheReal_Project461 karma

If you see us around say hi! should be a great time [tman]

NOSDuco1 karma

What is your most used and favorite VST?

TheReal_Project461 karma

Paramateric EQ2 FL studio haha [tman]

mandiiijane1 karma

when are you guys going to play Beta Waterloo again ? :)

TheReal_Project461 karma

I dont know, maybe September or Jan 2014. [Ryan]

HawaiianEDMfan1 karma

Would you ever come to Hawaii?

TheReal_Project461 karma

Sounds like a dream, sign me up! [ryan]

Newfwombatman1 karma

I've been a huge fan or a while ! Been a sub of Monstercat since launch week. Enough of the fanboying; If you could live on one food for the rest of your life, what would it be ? And cats.... Or dogs ?

TheReal_Project461 karma

Chinese Food and Cats.... LOL joking! I am a dog fan and would have to say chicken! [Ryan]

TheGGongShow1 karma

Hey Project 46! Love you guys, gotta ask, how were you feeling when you came up with Reasons? Love that song, always gets me so happy.

TheReal_Project461 karma

Reasons kinda happened by accident. A skype session that was very short. I thin Reasons (prevox) took 3-4 hours and than the first vox we received for it from Andrew was perfect! [Ryan]

TheReal_Project461 karma

We were super excited because we just got andrew allens vocal and it was amazing! [tman]

Tiggss1 karma

Why are you so cute? :3 But really love your stuff since the beginning keep er up eh!

TheReal_Project461 karma

Thanks :D [Ryan]

TheReal_Project461 karma

haha, thanks :) [tman]

togawe1 karma

How did you guys start making EDM? There seems to be this big intimidating wall preventing people from starting

TheReal_Project461 karma

I transferred from acoustic style music (piano guitar singing) into EDM. I was introduced through a friend at school and one i worked with [tman]

Myperson541 karma

Who would you say are your inspirations, musically and otherwise?

TheReal_Project461 karma

Personally I like personal fitness I find it clears my head and when i sit down in the studio i am full of inspiration. Musically just listening to different genres (country, acoustic, jazz) really broadens the musical arsenal [tman]

HybridMuffin1 karma

Do you think if you guys ever make it to Maine we could chill together? :) Would be a dream come true.

TheReal_Project461 karma

If we come to Maine, be sick to meet at a show! We normally like to hang out before or after our set and meet people [Ryan]

NemectroandComatose1 karma

What is your goal for music?

For example: ours is to synchronize the emotions we emit though our records using sounds and pattern organization with the emotions felt by the audience when they hear each track.

TheReal_Project461 karma

Depends on the song. usually we approach our goals lyrically and try and relate the lyrics to how we feel at a given point in time. [tman]

sln0971 karma

Been following you guys for over a year, and have been sharing your music ever since! Keep up the good work!

My question is...are you guys ever going to finish and release that Can't Sleep remix? (The 'so far' edit sounded good!)

TheReal_Project461 karma

there is a very small chance we will.. we have so much new stuff in the works [tman]

Burritobrett1 karma

Why aren't EDM, Electro and other similar genres played on the radio much? It's probably the fastest growing genre out there!

TheReal_Project461 karma

hmm... my guess is more ppl are still on to top 40 music? it prob sells better still too.. one day edm might take over! [tman]

pdat1 karma

Ryan - I met you at Guv once and you were like, go see this guy named Avicii at Skybar he's gonna be huge, and I was like, pfft whatever man.

TheReal_Project461 karma

i lol'd [tman]

TheReal_Project461 karma

Ha ha... Well I was right I guess [Ryan]

Lets_a_Go1 karma

KFM- Going Quantum, ephixa, stephen walking. GO

TheReal_Project461 karma

haha... i cannnnt [tman]

FAINTgames1 karma

To you personally, when you take a shit, what constitutes a great shit?

TheReal_Project461 karma

not being in an airport lol [tman]

TheReal_Project461 karma

or airplane [tman]

neyus1 karma

a question in regards to writing music and arrangements.. would you say its much easier to work on something that already has a hook or main melody? Is it ever a good idea to make music when you have no idea what the main melody is?

TheReal_Project461 karma

depends. once you have a hook you can easily form a song around it. Sometimes its nice to just build from nowhere and see where it goes. [tman]

hongrykitteh1 karma

Have you ever got inspiration for a song from something in nature, like a sloth?

TheReal_Project462 karma

The athabascan water pheasant. [tman]

lukemacd1 karma

where can we send you demos?

TheReal_Project463 karma

info@project46 dot com

naicher1 karma

Not much to ask, just sayin' you guys are chill as hell. Keep up the gorgeous work.

TheReal_Project462 karma

Thanks so much [Ryan]

munchauzen1 karma

Are you writing any non-house tracks?

TheReal_Project462 karma

we are always experimenting with different genres. I personally love trance! [tman]

insertname4011 karma

Do you guys ever hangout with anyone else in the edm industry. not to make amazing songs but just to eat some pancakes or somthing?

TheReal_Project462 karma

yeah of course. its always cool hanging out with ppl we are working on tracks with or have run into at shows etc. [tman]

phinix11 karma

Do you guys ever think you will do a concert in Phoenix, Arizona?

TheReal_Project462 karma

I think so! refer to fbook events! [tman]

phinix11 karma

Will you guys ever release an album which people could buy, instead of just give aways?

TheReal_Project463 karma

Yeah we are talking about a really cool album idea .... Its gonna be cool [Ryan]

phinix11 karma

How did you two meet?

TheReal_Project464 karma

a mutual friend introduced us and skype did the rest [ryan]

SilicoJack1 karma

If you could tour a country, which would you choose?

TheReal_Project462 karma

canada or US [tman]

danemile1 karma

Thanks for your 1 in 100 signed album!! :D :D

Excited to play in Calgary on Friday?

What kind of hardware do you guys bring to your sets?

TheReal_Project464 karma

Yes I am excited about Friday. Literally just got my Air Canada email to check in! Going to be a lot of fun! Headphones and a USB stick :D

We rely on the club having CDJ2000s and a DJM900 Nexus

villitriex1 karma

What advice would you give a fellow house-producer starting out? I have the basics (nexus 2 + dance volume 1, FLS10 producer, a couple sample packs from vengeance) where do I go from there?

TheReal_Project462 karma

Its all about composition once you get the basics.. then combining that with interesting sound design. [tman]

Joshfromottawa1 karma

Does playing at Beta feel like playing at home for you guys?

TheReal_Project462 karma

For me yes [Ryan]

However I am sure Thomas has a slight home feeling being there even though playing Vancouver is prob his fav

TehKaramelo1 karma

Just came to say hi... love monstercat :)

TheReal_Project462 karma

hi :) [Ryan]

nira007pwnz1 karma

What would you say was your "climax" for popularity so far? And how did you feel when it happened?

TheReal_Project462 karma

I think its kinda all been a snowball effect, nothing just happens fast and we put out a lot of material and work really hard! [Ryan]

I do think when the Kaskade collab comes out it might help some of our stuff go a bit more viral

pdat1 karma

How does it feel to have your club burned down by crackheads?

TheReal_Project463 karma

It was a blessing in the end! Got out of a crappy business partnership and would not have had BETA or met Thomas if that did not happen! Some things happen for a reason! [Ryan]

What appears to be Chaos now may be the change you need in your life!

uberscoober1 karma

As a person who is interested in producing music on his spare time, how would I get my start? How did you guys get your start (programs, equipment etc..)?

Thanks for doing this! :)

TheReal_Project462 karma

Id say pick your program and get to know it as well as you can. we started on FL and still use it. Its great. a fast computer really helps too [tman]

Avecks1 karma

What gave you the enthusiasm to begin a hobby/career in music?

TheReal_Project462 karma

Just the straight up love for music. Something that has always been a part of me and I have always enjoyed and loved doing :) [tman]

KalebKJC941 karma

What has been the best thing to happen to you guys since you started producing and what's your personal favorite P46 track? I'm partial to "Reasons" myself. Anyway, thanks for doing this AMA! I love you guys. You are my personal kings of House on Monstercat.

TheReal_Project463 karma

My personal fav tracks are No One and One Last Chance with Kaskade! Also have an amazing piece in the works with Swanky Tunes [Ryan]

dtfgator1 karma

Next time you come to Boston, mind doing it at a club that allows entry to 21 and under? Pretty please? Your music is awesome and it sucks to not be able to come see you guys spin.

TheReal_Project462 karma

its all up to the promoters :S Canada is 19+ though! road trip? [tman]

mattysterling1 karma


TheReal_Project462 karma

Avery is a bitch for everyone! [Ryan] :D

TheReal_Project462 karma

done. [tman]

astronautz0r1 karma

what was it like to work with Kaskade and do you have plans to work with anyone in the future? Also, <3 you guys!

TheReal_Project462 karma

Kaskade was amazing to work with, such a nice guy and super talented! Working with some people now that you will find out about soon =D [Ryan]

cheeseispower1 karma

Huge fan here, there isn't a single song you guys have made that I don't love :) i thoroughly enjoy studio tours, if you guys could do one, that would be awesome!

TheReal_Project462 karma

nice! glad to hear! hopefully we will do one soon [tman]

nowa900 karma

How many blunts do you guys smoke a day?

TheReal_Project464 karma

its not really my thing! nothing agaist it esp in Colorado but not something I choose to partake in! [Ryan]

TheReal_Project464 karma

We dont do drugs of any kind. [tman]