Kevin and Steve here from Broken Lizard (you know the list; Super Troopers, Beerfest, SLAMMIN' SALMON- we went there, etc), you guys always prove to be a lot more fun than the people we typically answer questions from, so lay them on us. Anything, any where, any hole.

We've got a new comedy special on Netflix this month, Fat Man Little Boy. Watch it, you'll love it, MAKE love to it.

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revolut1onname39 karma

Just wanted to say thank you for Super Troopers, I still remember the day I saw it for the first time as one of the best days of my life, and it's also a film I've never tired of introducing others to.

So, thanks!

RealKevinHeffernan26 karma

Lemme here. Kevin has stepped away. - You're welcome. From time to time people tell us a story about one of our movies having special significance to them. It's always great to hear.

essextwo27 karma

I've been dying to ask this for years. In EVERY movie you guys do including the standup special you recently added to netflix... one of you always says "WHATS UP SOBEY" or something similar. Its usually kind of hidden in your other movies and I believe it started in puddle cruiser. Whats the story behind it? Thanks.

RealKevinHeffernan61 karma

Yeah. It's "what's up Soapy?" Soapy was a friend of ours from college. We gave him the nickname Soapy and he hated it so much we vowed to put it every movie we ever do.

RealKevinHeffernan21 karma

Plan is to shoot this year. Still negotiating with Studio but script is written. I think Steve wrote "I need wood." Which he does.

Hybeltiger4 karma

Will the blue feather be in it?

RealKevinHeffernan8 karma

Bigger budget. Maybe 3 or 4 feathers

Frajer19 karma

Did you just say meow?

RealKevinHeffernan41 karma

Before? or right meow?

ram_it_VA18 karma

Have you ever stopped having sex in the middle of it? If so what was the reason.

RealKevinHeffernan77 karma

Your Mom finished prematurely

JoyceBanicheque14 karma

I grew up in Hamilton, NY, any chance you guys will do any filming there for other movies?

RealKevinHeffernan13 karma

Puddle Cruiser 2: Still Cruisin'

DatKaz14 karma

Will we ever see the use of Erik's prosthetic leg in a Broken Lizard movie?

RealKevinHeffernan35 karma

Potfest. I think he is going to smoke out of it.

kuhndog512 karma

How was it to work with the late great Michael Clarke Duncan?

RealKevinHeffernan23 karma

The man was awesome. I miss him. A scaaaary dude but a very funny dude. We didn't know it but he was a great improvisor.

Hybeltiger12 karma

Who is your guys favorite comidian, and what is your favorite comedy movie or series?

RealKevinHeffernan58 karma

Denzel Washington. Favorite comedy movie: Flight

grrrtotes11 karma

I said this in your last (group) AMA, but Slammin' Salmon was a tight flick, and I'll cock-slap anyone that says otherwise.

RealKevinHeffernan15 karma

You cock slap. I'll ball slap.

RealKevinHeffernan11 karma

Okay everyone! Sorry about the delay. We'll try to do another, more organized one. Thanks to everyone who participated though.

Remember to watch our new comedy special "FAT MAN LITTLE BOY" now available on Netflix.

And we are launching our new podcast "CHEWIN' IT WITH KEVIN AND STEVE" tomorrow, March 6 on

See you soon!

Hybeltiger11 karma

What are the plans for Super Troopers 2?

RealKevinHeffernan45 karma

To make it hysterical. To have even bigger mustaches.

StewieBanana4 karma

Will there be any actual chicken fucking in this one?

RealKevinHeffernan50 karma

yes but tasteful chicken fucking. Very tasteful.

Jartresto9 karma

Hey Kevin, has your ass broken any more toilet seats?

RealKevinHeffernan39 karma

No more toilet seats. But it has broken a lot of hearts.

TheTeamCubed6 karma

Two questions: how the hell did you guys get Juergen Prochnow to be in Beerfest? And what was his reaction to having to do the requisite submarine scene/Das Boot jokes?

Can't wait for ST2!

RealKevinHeffernan10 karma

We sailed him over from Germany on a uboat and wined and dined him with Schnitzel und Becks. He was a great sport. Everyone likes to take the piss out of themselves!

ellafitz6 karma

Forwarded from your original post:

Hi guys! My boyfriend and I caught your show at the San Jose Improv a few month ago. You guys were awesome! Steve, you wrote "Matt, I need weed" on the poster we got. He went back to the car and brought you guys a little gift. That was one of his proudest moments.

When do we get to hear more about Super Troopers 2?

RealKevinHeffernan13 karma

Plan is to shoot this year. Still negotiating with Studio but script is written. I think Steve wrote "I need wood." Which he does.

kuhndog56 karma

Slammin Salmon is one of the most underrated comedies EVER! So Super Troopers 2 is a go? Are you two still working with the other three? Jay, Paul, and Erik?

RealKevinHeffernan8 karma

Hells yeah. We're all linked at the hip. 5 man bicycle and all. Love the Salmon. Would like more people to see it!

combing_kansas4 karma

what was your guys favorite movie to work far as best cast and crew behind the scenes

RealKevinHeffernan19 karma

Behind the scenes, best movie was Club Dread. Just for the setting. Tropical resort for 2 months! Can't beat it!

Predicts_Circlejerk4 karma

Are you aware that Kevin James is most famous for playing a character called Doug Heffernan? You guys are basically the same person.

RealKevinHeffernan5 karma

Lemme here. Kevin has stepped away. - And his first name is Kevin. It's weird. Kevin hates him because of it. But he also hated Jim Gaffigan and then Gaffigan was in ST and now they are friends. So there is hope.

WoodFloorLicker2 karma

I disagree. Kevin Heffernan > Kevin James any day.

RealKevinHeffernan6 karma

Lemme here. Kevin has stepped away. - I just told Kevin what you said. He's crying tears of joy.

RusJ3 karma

Do you ever just eat the creme filling and ditch the rest of the oreo?

RealKevinHeffernan10 karma

No. There are kids in third world countries who never get oreos.

RusJ2 karma

I think it's time to start #OperationOreo for the kids who never get to experience the fantastic pleasure of cookies with a creme filling.

RealKevinHeffernan6 karma

Lemme here: it's a good idea but apparently Nabisco is being investigated for misappropriation of oreos.

RusJ3 karma

Dang. I knew Nabisco was up to shady business when the regular stuffed are the same price as double stuffed. They must still be using them in terrorist negotiations.

RealKevinHeffernan9 karma

Nabisco is just a front for the IRA. Everyone knows it.

ellafitz3 karma

How did your parents feel about your nude scene in ST?

I bet they were proud

RealKevinHeffernan20 karma

Lemme here. Kevin has stepped away. - Kevin's parents could not have been proud for people to see that little tuna can dick of his.

My parents were very excited to see my taut behind. As were millions of screaming teenagers.

StewieBanana3 karma

Who would win in a fight, Mac or Freaky Reaky?

RealKevinHeffernan6 karma

Freaky would make love not war. Mac would just jerk off.

nbade3 karma

What do you guys prefer doing, the live stand up shows or making movies?

RealKevinHeffernan11 karma

When not making movies, the live stand up.

PaulKelly12343 karma

Irish fan here, huge fan of everything you guys have done. Thanks for the Ireland mention in Beerfest! What's the weirdest country you've heard of having a fan base in?

RealKevinHeffernan14 karma

Kevin: North Korea. Rodman is a big fan. Steve: Antarctica bc they dont need to use fans there.

LulaWho132 karma

Are you aware that many moons ago your crazy fan base had a large gathering in the Mid-West, where we chugged syrup, made t-shirts, and drank so much my liver is still recovering? What I'm trying to say is, IF WE DO IT AGAIN WILL YOU COME?!

Edit- LizardPalooza was in 2004 - was anyone else on here there?

RealKevinHeffernan7 karma

Only if you remove the syrup. We now cant go within 50 yds of syrup.

LulaWho132 karma

Also, thanks for always being so goddamn awesome. Back when the old website was up and you guys personally answered/responded things (as you still obviously do), I seriously made life-long friends from those message boards.

(Lemme is my P. Swayze)

RealKevinHeffernan4 karma

Lemme here. Kevin has stepped away. - I just saw a Lizardpalooza t-shirt. I might tweet it. I heard it was a very sexual weekend.

beerorkid2 karma

Will there be any full frontal?

RealKevinHeffernan18 karma

Always. We love to give something back to the ladies. Esp as we get older.

RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

Check out our stand up special bitches! On Netfilx. Fat Man Little Boy. Also have a podcast launching on TOMORROW!!!

nbade1 karma

name of the podcast?

RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

Chewin' it w/ Kevin & Steve. or on itunes. Every Wednesday!

WoodFloorLicker1 karma

Speaking of podcasts, I heard that you guys are doing the super cool and awesome podcast known as The Radio Freaks tomorrow night at 9pm ET. Is that true? What's the name of your podcast?

RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

Wait a minute. You look familiar!

jdi_nit2 karma

When you guys are writing your movies do you kinda have it laid out as to who's going to be what character or do you figure that out after the writing process is over? Also, how do you decide who is who?

Thanks, you guys are awesome!!!!

RealKevinHeffernan3 karma

We've done it a bunch of ways. For ST we wrote it first and then auditioned. For Club Dread, we had more of an idea ahead of time. Cool to not know then everyone writes jokes for everyone.

rhalifax2 karma

You guys are the best! Can't wait for Super Troopers 2! Is Potfest still going to be made?

RealKevinHeffernan20 karma

Yes. We keep getting distracted while doing our research but ST2 first.

gtrmu232 karma

You answered my chickenfucker question in the last AMA you did with Jay (thank you for that so much by the way. It made my day). So, I have to ask, do you plan on bringing that line back for Super Troopers 2?

RealKevinHeffernan8 karma

I think we'll be fucking a lot of stuff. Not just chickens.

RusJ2 karma

If you guys had to choose a regular career, what would it be?

RealKevinHeffernan9 karma

Pizza delivery guy. I ... fucking... love... pizza.

bo-badrinath2 karma

Is it intentional that Heffernan often plays the guy who "saves the day"??

RealKevinHeffernan6 karma

True to life

RealKevinHeffernan4 karma

Lemme here: what has he saved the day in? let's start with that.

javert012 karma

Hey guys, my friend and I saw you live when you all did the Broken Lizard tour and stopped in Raleigh. We absolutely loved that you ended with a Beerfest homage and challenged members of the audience to a Beer Race. If anyone has ever wondered if they really did the drinking in Beerfest, I can definitely attest that they are the real deal.

Speaking of Beerfest, how is Potfest coming along?

RealKevinHeffernan10 karma


RusJ1 karma

How high are your expectations going into this film? Also do you guys keep a lot of the improved material in the final cut of the film?

RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

ST2? Sky's the limit!

iamaredditer1 karma

What movie are you the proudest to have made? Do you ever find yourself just laughing your ass off at some of your scenes even though you know what is going to happen?

RealKevinHeffernan4 karma

Kevin: Slammin Salmon bc I was lucky enough to direct. Steve: Hot Black Buns 8

Kevin: I dont have an ass.

fap-on-fap-off1 karma

What was the suckiest line from one of your own films that you used more successfully in another context, and what was it?

RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

We don't have sucky lines. But one that I use all the time is from Slammin Salmon. Vivica Fox has the line re: her character "Nutella is hungry." I say that all the time when... I'm hungry.

ProfessorDoctorMD1 karma


RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

We've often been described as heavenly. Come back down bro. We'll talk you thru it.

LulaWho131 karma

Hey guys! Huge fan and former stalker from the old website days - Was wondering if there are any plans for the whole of Broken Lizard to do a tour? Also, you two, come to NW Arkansas, we need some good comedy. (Thank you for doing Doug Loves Movies, too! Again please!)

RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

Oh you're the stalker. No plans rt now for BL tour. Guys doing their own thing. But will happen again at some time. Probably around next movie. Doug Benson is cool. Go razorbacks!

LulaWho131 karma

THE stalker, yes. Safely, from a distance though.

RealKevinHeffernan3 karma

Lemme here: What up sassy stalker?

WoodFloorLicker1 karma

Do you guys get tired of people quoting lines from your movies to you? How often do they get them misquote them and get them wrong?

RealKevinHeffernan5 karma

I always take great pleasure in correcting them. I like when they quote Heffernan's lines at Lemme.

ProfessorDoctorMD1 karma


RealKevinHeffernan5 karma

Best present we ever got? After shaking hands with everyone in the crowd one night, a girl gave us a case of Purell. So thoughtful

kuhndog51 karma

Thanks a lot for answering my questions! My best friend is a film guy (Super Troopers is what made him do film, his favorite movie ever). He is working on a stop motion animated show about dolls running a porn shop. If you guys wanted to check it out, would be absolutely amazing when you have the time. The pilot is on the site

RealKevinHeffernan9 karma

Cool. I like dolls and porn. Ursula!!

marcust7191 karma

What has been your favorite project to work on?

RealKevinHeffernan2 karma

All great. Slammin Salmon was different for me bc of directing.