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NYCmichael1 karma

I may have missed it as I just did a quick skim of this but, proof please.

djambates752 karma

I dont have a problem providing proof, I just need to know who im proving it to.

djambates752 karma

R u the moderator?

imnotlegolas0 karma

The thing with stuff like these AMA's is that it's a story. You tell your story, and so we know. The end. Why does it have to be an AMA, just tell your story and be done with it.

djambates751 karma

Um sorry I guess, ...may the force be with you.

TyrionTheDwarf-1 karma

Where do whores go?

djambates756 karma

Ask your mom

ahhhhfuckmypenis2 karma

dude, his mom's dead.

djambates753 karma

She was a whore anyway