Like the title says. I know some of you must be curious! Give me your best, Reddit.


This is what I'm looking at right now ;)

Edit: if it starts taking me awhile to respond it's because I'm working to make sure all the riders don't die and I'm on my phone. I'm doing my best!

Edit 2: gotta go fix my ramp for the end of the day. Thanks for all the questions and ill try and answer some more when I get home!

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Romechild3 karma

Dude do u give a shit if I hammered and high? I'm not a complete asshole but I get a little chippy!

Red5now5 karma

If you're "hammered" then yes I do mind. If you're crossfaded, its even worse, I know from quite a bit of experience. There is a fine line between drunk and having a good time and being a danger not only to yourself, but the rest of the mountain. If I think you are too intoxicated or have a poor attitude, I am fully within my rights to refuse you service and I'll let patrol deal with you. Everyone needs to share the mountain safely, responsibly, and most important, considerately.

RedBeardYarr1 karma

Does your resort allow ski bikes?

Red5now1 karma

Can you strap into it?