Dad here, I will ask my son the questions and type his responses.

He underwent a long transplant surgery in early January. We have hit a few bumps along the way of recovery but he is doing very well. After his birthday party tomorrow we are scheduled for a liver biopsy Monday because his liver numbers were high. This is somewhat common early on, the biopsy will give the doctors a good idea of what is going on.

Reddit helped me reach out to Bungie Studios to get him smiling early on in the recovery. You can the result here

His first AMA before the liver transplant, here

Some volunteers from the 501st Legion and The Rebel Alliance are graciously making an appearance at his birthday party tomorrow. I can't wait to see his reaction, he watched the original trilogy on repeat in the hospital. Huge fan, now!

So, ask away. I'll write out his responses.

EDIT: Wow, it's past 10 on the west coast. We have to get in bed so we will be prepared for the party tomorrow. Maybe we can start earlier next time. This kid can talk about Star Wars for hours. Thanks, reddit!

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