In light of recent events and general Reddit hostility towards the LAPD/police in general, I figured an AMA would be good for the curious and good for me to see other perspectives. I've been on patrol for a little over 5 years, ask me anything!

Thanks for the questions and information everyone. I certainly learned some shit from this. Thank you all very much for the opportunity. I have to go put my son to bed. GOODNIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Is it more difficult to start working in law enforcement without a military background? It seems to me that the majority of the officers I have met are veterans and I just wanted to know If being a veteran had any advantages in pursuing a career in law enforcement (aside from combat training experience).

Edit: Also, although I'm unaware of the circumstances that lead to this incident, there was something of a scandal recently in my home state of CT surrounding police brutality. What is your professional opinion of the conduct of the officers in this video?

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Military experience helps but a college degree also helps in different ways. Do both if you can.