Hey Reddit, I'm Dave Grohl, I'm musician and umm... holy shit I made a movie. AMA in 45 minutes.

Update 1: Twitter Proof

Update 2: Guess what? You can use the code REDDIT to get Sound City for only $10. Okay, back to the questions!

Update 3: Oh, and.. It's also available on iTunes to Rent / Buy.

Update 4: Pee break! Here's some Mexican music while waiting.

Thank You Reddit!

Thanks again you guys. That was a lot of fun! Some pics from last night:







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squigglepoo3019 karma

Hey Dave, you are known as the nicest man in rock, but if you could pass that title onto anyone else, who would you choose? :)

totallynotdavegrohl4446 karma

Fuck you.

AssociateSportEditor2596 karma

Hey Dave! My roommate is in love with you and all your work and he would DIE if i could tell him that i got you to listen to his music!! What do you say, can you take a listen? Thanks!

Edit: here's a link to their facebook page! There's a link to their bandcamp on there as well to download

totallynotdavegrohl2849 karma

We just blasted it in 606!

LegoDaveGrohl2585 karma

I asked my 6 year old Son if he had a question for Dave and he came up with this:


TheLastOneOut2456 karma

Hey Dave. 

I met you backstage after the show you guys played at the Izod Center in New Jersey back in September 2011. I handed you a CD of original songs and you were a great guy about it. You opened it up and read the song titles and told me you'd check it out. It was really awesome of you to show so much interest. 

I also started chemo two days after we met. You wished me good luck and every day in the hospital when I was down I thought, "I can do this, DAVE FUCKING GROHL wished me good luck." And sure enough, here I am. 

It's a long shot but my question is do you remember me and did you ever listen to my CD? Thank you for doing the AMA and for supplying the world with copious amounts of amazing music. 

You're my hero. 


Also, here's the badass picture we took: http://imgur.com/QpnJDCV

totallynotdavegrohl2479 karma

Eric, where have you been man? Yes, I listened to your CD! I always listen to CDs bands give me. My question to you is how's the music coming along?

totallynotdavegrohl1556 karma

** Laughs **

nosleeptilldeath2016 karma

How was working with Jack Black and Kyle Gass? Will you be working on more Tenacious D records with them in the future?

totallynotdavegrohl2824 karma

So hard to play the drums when you're laughing hysterically and tears are rolling down you cheeks. Maybe the hardest gig ever. And: YES

FooArchive1925 karma

In a Yahoo Music chat in 1999 I asked:

If Foo Fighters had to have Spice Girl-like nicknames what 'Foo' would you be?

At the time you said 'Scary Foo' what about 14 years later?

totallynotdavegrohl2433 karma

Probably, Posh Foo..

apostrophie1891 karma

What moment made you realize you had made it?

totallynotdavegrohl3486 karma

Fuckin AMA on Reddit, baby.

ToastedAsparagus1860 karma

Remember Thomas Jefferson High? The school that you attended and where you started the still continuing tradition of blasting music in the morning? Would you like to visit us? I will give you a tour and if you get lucky we'll take you out to 5 Guys.

totallynotdavegrohl2122 karma

I would love to! There's a pic of me there.. anybody have it?

lepetitmousse1822 karma



Edit: Uhhh If you could assemble a band to play with using any musicians from the past or present who would be in it and what would be your role?


CastawayOnTheMoon1805 karma

What's your most simple pleasure in life?

totallynotdavegrohl2750 karma

Being a father

Novel_Tie1786 karma

Will you acknowledge my existence?

totallynotdavegrohl2677 karma


Nigey_Nige1764 karma


totallynotdavegrohl2483 karma


johnnyfresno1707 karma

2 Questions, one from me and one from my son. First my son. He is 5 and he loves 2 things in this world - Indiana Jones, and the Foo Fighters. He has been going to bed every night listening to “Wasting Light” and refuses to listen to anything else. When I found out you were doing an AMA, I asked him to think about what he would want to know from his favorite musician, and this was what he came up with:

Michael asks Dave anything

"What is your favorite Indiana Jones movie?"

Second question: Rock music is constantly evolving, and the Foo Fighters have found a way to stay at the leading edge of what defines rock. With all of the different styles of rock these days, what up and coming band do you think really represents rock and roll, and who do you hope to see carry the torch when you decide to pass it along?

totallynotdavegrohl2652 karma

Thanks for the question Michael! My favorite Indiana Jones movie has to be Raiders of the Lost Ark because of the drinking scene.

fonzooo1231621 karma


totallynotdavegrohl2642 karma

Auckland, New Zealand. We triggered a seismic event with our show.

pooch06241585 karma

You should play Wheels more often, It's too good of a song to not be played. Anyways, enjoy a picture of you with a cat


[x-post from r/foofighters]

totallynotdavegrohl2133 karma

What are you German? (The song is huge is Germany) (and only Germany)

lp23151545 karma

Do you have a "Creep" - a song that is really popular but you hate to play?

St-Moustache1971 karma

Do you have a "Crepe" - a food that's really good but halfway through a plate of them you hate to eat?

totallynotdavegrohl2339 karma

any salad.

SuperPowers971492 karma

Hey Dave,

16-year-old here, how can I convince my mother to let me go see the Sound City Players in NYC next week?

totallynotdavegrohl2656 karma

Tell her Stevie Nicks will be there!

alexmbrown1392 karma

My mom met you and said her favorite song of yours was "Geek Stink Breath". I sincerely apologize on behalf of my family.

totallynotdavegrohl2106 karma

that's ok... let moms be moms, tell her i say Hi..

Payne0521328 karma

Thank you for taking the time to do this AMA Dave. Huge fan.

What is more fun for you: playing guitar, drums, or singing?

totallynotdavegrohl2421 karma


ThePancakeMan1320 karma

After the infamous FRESH POTS! incident when recording with Them Crooked Vultures, how much was your coffee intake reduced by?

totallynotdavegrohl2404 karma

I went decaf for one month, and then went back to regular coffee in moderation, and I've now developed a tolerance to caffeine so that I can drink even more fresh pots.

BWayne421285 karma

If you were president what are the first 3 things you'd do?

totallynotdavegrohl3051 karma

  1. change the way people decide who is president.
  2. resign.

MBrennan101225 karma

You're one of the most hilarious people I know. When will you host SNL / have your own comedy show / take over the word with your comedic wit?

I saw Foo Fighters perform in ATL Nov of 2011. Hands down the best concert I've ever been to. 3 hours of pure rock joy. I live in San Diego now; I hope to see you guys perform here in the future. Mad respect.

totallynotdavegrohl1997 karma

Hosting SNL is the last item on my bucket list - so we'll see what happens

MexicanSeaf00d1211 karma

What's the best advice to give to a 17 year old drummer?

totallynotdavegrohl2489 karma

Listen to Back in Black

fishinadish1183 karma

What was it like to counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church? You guys did a kickass job with your delivery. Why the fuck were they even protesting in the first place?

totallynotdavegrohl2179 karma

Look. I'm going to hell anyway, might as well go out in style...

ConundrumSteve1161 karma


totallynotdavegrohl2823 karma

If you mean loud ass guitars, loud ass drums, and screaming ass vocals? That never went away ding dong.

kCchief2071153 karma

My friends made a band and can't think of a name, any suggestions?

totallynotdavegrohl2410 karma

How about The Uninspired?

Garfalo1137 karma

What does it feel like to hear a crowd screaming and cheering because of YOUR music? I imagine it must feel so good...

totallynotdavegrohl1761 karma

It's the best feeling in the world. We have a theory in the Foo Fighters that if you've ever taken an 8 x 10 photo, you want to be famous. So all that "I don't want to be famous BS can kiss my ass."

yesterday_tomorrow1104 karma

Do you think "Pretender" sounds like the kid song, "One of these things is not like the other"?

totallynotdavegrohl1761 karma

I have no idea what you're talking about... ;-)

tiguebot1009 karma

Dave, how unreal was it to jam with Paul the first time? I know if i could jam with you i would absolutely play the hardest i ever have. Thanks for the opportunity to ask my hero a question.

totallynotdavegrohl1679 karma

The first time I jammed with Paul was at a stadium in Liverpool, I played Back in the USSR, Band on the Run, and I Saw Her Standing There and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.

vickychapa1003 karma

If you could eat one thing and only ONE thing, what would it be?

totallynotdavegrohl2333 karma

Fried fucking chicken.

ScottBrennan991 karma

When you're at a concert, what's the first thing that goes on your mind?

totallynotdavegrohl2291 karma

If it's my concert - where's catering. If it's a Sound Garden concert - where' the tequila.

joecarst930 karma

What would you normally be doing on a Friday night?

totallynotdavegrohl2069 karma

Probably lying in bed with a laptop in front of me and a beer

Ravensfan967904 karma

Weirdest thing you have owned or own currently? Love you and your music man. Don't stop anytime soon.

totallynotdavegrohl1673 karma

Brian Mayes underpants

hakunamatata93886 karma

Hey Dave, I've seen the band twice and you guys are by far my favourite live band. My question is, what is your favourite smoothie to make? Also, how skilled are you at drawing? Thanks!

totallynotdavegrohl2207 karma

I serve my kids something from a cup - I don't exactly smash bananas, and I'm really good at drawing dicks.

absurdapple734 karma

Do you have a lunch box full of dick drawings?

totallynotdavegrohl1297 karma

Ask Butch Vig if he kept all of his

emersonreed853 karma

What if one of your daughters came to you and said they want to do what you did and drop out of high school to join and tour in a band?

totallynotdavegrohl1629 karma

Haha we'll cross that bridge when we come to it

AxYoung849 karma

Want to play an acoustic set at our SXSW party?

(This is Consequence of Sound)

totallynotdavegrohl1251 karma

Call me

thumby_valentine844 karma

Hi Mr Grohl, I'm - like most others here - a huge fan!

I have a few questions for you:

1) Now the Foos are on hiatus for a while, Sound City is out and ready to buy (which I plan to do soon) and QOTSA are working away, will there be room for, maybe, another Them Crooked Vultures outing? If not, then what can you tell us about the new Queens album?

2) What's your favourite album to chill/drink/work to?

3) After having a cameo role in The Muppets, how does it feel to be Animal's equal, given the pedigree of that character's origin?

totallynotdavegrohl1537 karma

1) I don't know Ask Al. 2) Paris Texas Soundtrack 3) Animal has no equal, I was merely an impostor

LibraryDrone841 karma

What was your experience like playing Satan in Pick of Destiny?

totallynotdavegrohl2876 karma

It was easy. All I had to do was take of my Dave Grohl mask.

zzp797 karma

Is All My Life really about what everyone thinks it's about?

totallynotdavegrohl1204 karma


threedowg785 karma

Which one of your songs means the most to you and why?

totallynotdavegrohl1839 karma

Probably "Walk" - which i wrote for my daughter as I was teaching her to walk.

Oriolefan44763 karma

Hey Dave, I’m from Northern Virginia, and you’re my hero. You’ve had such a huge impact and been a role model to me and others, which got me wondering: Who was your hero? I know in My Hero you refer to the ordinary heroes out there, but was there any specific person, musical or not, who made you a significantly better man?

totallynotdavegrohl1446 karma

i think my biggest musical hero growing up was probably Ian MacKaye he set a great example for all of us local musicians. still to this day i see him as the best example of a right-on musician.

cluster_1643 karma

Do you remember Roll's Music in Falls Church? I think they're gone now, but I bought my first electric there and would constantly be there poking around as a kid. They'd always proudly brag that Nirvana's drummer used to shop there just a few years prior. Always wondered if it was true.

totallynotdavegrohl1374 karma

It is true, but when i applied for a job there at 16, they turned me down..

dannytruscott588 karma

Hey Dave, I saw you live at Leeds in August and you fucking rocked! I just wanted to know...what was it like making out with a sex doll on stage?It was fucking awesome!!

totallynotdavegrohl1794 karma

Same as always.

stubbs7570 karma

1) Are there any plans for a follow up to Probot or Them Crooked Vultures?

2) If QoTSA are touring for their upcoming album, are you planning on touring with them?

3) Are there any artists you'd like to work with who you haven't had a chance to yet?

4) Can I hang out with you and Lemmy sometime?

totallynotdavegrohl812 karma

1) No Probot plans yet, but never say never 2) Nope 3) Yes 4) Absolutely, see you at the Rainbow

Kredns518 karma

Dave are there any bands that you feel like don't get enough recognition and if so who?

totallynotdavegrohl997 karma

That list is too long to write today. There's so many.

KellyP123483 karma

Dave!! I would love to know what your favorite book is (or what you are currently reading). You rock!!! (and reading rocks, too!) :P

totallynotdavegrohl1765 karma

Reading does rock! ive played that festival like 10 times!! waitt.. wat?

DrWangDan474 karma

What has been your best experience whilst making the movie?

totallynotdavegrohl1039 karma

Getting accepted into the Sundance Film Festival. That was huge.

LondonFletcher433 karma

What's your favorite venue that you've ever played at?

totallynotdavegrohl1204 karma

That would be probably be Wembley.

SomethingTurtle359 karma

My husband asked, "If Dave Grohl walked in the the door right now, what would you ask him?" I replied, "What kind of salad dressing do you like?" Because we're about to have dinner.

So there's my question: What kind of salad dressing do you like?
P.S. Thanks for all that you do!

totallynotdavegrohl741 karma

im just gonna have to say - blue cheese

tackleberry100310 karma

Sith or Jedi?

totallynotdavegrohl820 karma


El_Draque292 karma

Hey Dave, do you think Seattle will have another chance at influencing American and world music like it did in the 90s?

totallynotdavegrohl555 karma

I hope so. It will never be the same, but we'll see...

Lacanyon281 karma

Just curious Dave. How do you stay so humble, being that you are like the biggest rock star (in my book anyway) right now? And when will you tour again? And I cant wait for my copy of Sound City. Love you and all you do!!!

totallynotdavegrohl1756 karma

How do I stay humble? Because I'm the best at being humble.

Haystack-Charm278 karma

Hey Dave,

I caught a screening of Sound City and loved it. Totally inspired me to get back into creating music. It's a dream of mine to record to tape but I just don't have the funds. What would you say about artists who record at home on their laptops due to funds?

totallynotdavegrohl871 karma

There's nothing wrong with digital recording - just make sure it sounds like YOU.

Framedd266 karma

Dave I've been wondering this forever... What was with the square tattoo you used to have on your left arm???

totallynotdavegrohl639 karma

It was a homemade John Bonham three circles logo

csislander251 karma

Dear Dave Grohl,

If I were at a Foo Fighters show and wished to propose to my special someone, would you help me out?

(Also, any chance that the Foos may come to Halifax, Nova Scotia someday?)

totallynotdavegrohl526 karma

You're on your own, pal. And yes, we'd love to come to Halifax.

LandingFeetFirst242 karma

Dave, first of all, loved you in The Moopets man. Two questions,

  1. What is your guilty pleasure?
  2. If you could form a super group of artists, who would it be?

totallynotdavegrohl787 karma

1.) I don't believe in guilty pleasures. I think you should like what you like, and like it. 2.) And my super duper group would be Them Crooked Vultures.

surchin4truth231 karma

What is one piece of advice you can give to people on their 20s trying to find a career that will support themselves without sacrificing their passions

totallynotdavegrohl824 karma

You will only be great at the things you love to do. Don't pursue a career in something you hate to do.

haikyoboy219 karma

Weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

totallynotdavegrohl688 karma

Probably fish intestines. I made the mistake of telling the head of our Japanese label "I eat anything"

Kpony215 karma

Hey Dave, the Almighty Rock God and King of Reddit,

At the Forum back in 2011, I remember you stopping at the beginning of "these days" to tell the audience that this was your most favorite song that you've ever written. I also got the chance to see the Foo's perform at Pukkelpop last year. You guys chose to dedicate "these days" to the victims of the Pukkelpop storm, so it obviously has great meaning.

1. What personal experiences led you to write "these days"?

2. How the hell did you end up hosting Chelsea Lately for a week?! I mean it was totally awesome, especially with Elton John and the D, but I never would have guessed to see you there. By the way, you rocked and need your own Dave Lately show!

3. Can you give us any tips on what awesome things might happen at SXSW since you are the keynote speaker this year?

4. Have you ever swallowed your gum while performing?

totallynotdavegrohl440 karma

Chelsea needed a week of binge drinking in London. So they called the second best binge drinker in town to fill in.

totallynotdavegrohl266 karma

  1. No, but it's been stuck in my hair a thousand times.

ChicoKush182 karma

I got a plane, wanna fly it?

totallynotdavegrohl419 karma

I don't know how to fly, but I have flying dreams all the time... like last night.

adamsawesome10164 karma

Testicles. That is all.

totallynotdavegrohl388 karma


Jorup154 karma

So are we ever going to see a Dave Grohl reggae album?

totallynotdavegrohl1007 karma

I use to have to play reggae in my band Scream and I was never very good at it. - Dave Grohlion

pauler94136 karma

Dave, I really, truly admire all of your work. I mean, you were the drummer of arguably the biggest rock band of the 90s and are the guitar player/lead singer of one of the biggest bands of the 21st century, yet you still do good deeds for people, such as give a bartender a $1,000 tip after only one drink. Honestly, Dave, what keeps you grounded?

Also, what is your personal favorite Foos video?

totallynotdavegrohl310 karma

Foos video? White Limo

Tea4ever132 karma

Is there a question u realy want to get asked but noone ever asked you that?

totallynotdavegrohl365 karma

Is Dave Grohl my real name?

heyjohnnyp123 karma

How did you quit smoking?

totallynotdavegrohl470 karma

I stopped .. I just stopped.

Sharkbait_ooh_ah_ah114 karma

First off, thanks for being fucking amazing. I bought/downloaded Sound city and it was everything I'd thought it would be. It gave me hope for the future of music and more appreciation for its past. My girlfriend and I each have a question:

Me: Elton John commented that you are one of the most respected musicians out there, which I agree with. Does the pressure to keep the bar high ever get to you? Do you think about the opinions of millions of fans when you make a new album or do you just kind of say "fuck it" and do what you do?

Girlfriend: You were a great host on Chelsea Lately this week. Is that something you would ever consider doing permanently?

Thanks for being you.

totallynotdavegrohl229 karma

you: i do both. There is a lot of pressure for Foo Fighters to do well but it's one of the things that drives us to make great records. We still make each record like its our first or last.

daafe95 karma

DO you ever get to jam Kyuss songs with Homme?!??! Id lose it!! Cant wait for new QOTSA esp after working with sir elton? HOW WAS THAT!?!

totallynotdavegrohl194 karma

Nope. :( - Elton is great and works very hard in the studio. Check out what he had to say! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y2-LKSHt0Uk

WhoSaysRollicking89 karma

Can we expect to see more Dave Grohl films in the future?

totallynotdavegrohl201 karma

Maaaybe. It depends on wether I find something as inspiring as the story of Sound City

PBCAndrew87 karma

Is there any food that you wouldn't put bacon on?

Righteous hair, by the way.

totallynotdavegrohl172 karma


Vagabond2171 karma

Whose idea was it to have a food/coloring book on how to properly cater for the Foo Fighters?


totallynotdavegrohl113 karma

Our genius award winning tour manager Gus https://twitter.com/tourmanagergus

dotslashmenu50 karma

Hi Dave, what was it like working with Killing Joke in 2003, and is Jaz Coleman really as crazy as people and the media make him out to be? BTW great drumming on the album.

totallynotdavegrohl127 karma

That was an incredible experience, they have always been one of my favorite bands of all time Jaz isn't crazy... he's just 1000 times smarter than anyone else.

iansaltman49 karma

What is your opinion on modern music? What artists do you find being worthwhile listening to that have come out recently?

ajjordan2742 karma

What are your favorite qualities in a bass player?

totallynotdavegrohl99 karma

Patience. Timing. And volume.

dephtones39 karma

what's your favorite venue to play? smaller clubs like the metro in chicago, stadiums, or huge outdoor festivals?

totallynotdavegrohl86 karma

Paladinos in Reseda

christyrose33 karma


So many awesome people were featured in Sound City. Everyone who saw the first showing at the Belcourt in Nashville just loved it! Who do you wish could have been in Sound City Movie that wasn't? Perhaps someone that is no longer with us?

totallynotdavegrohl108 karma

i would have to say Pat Benatar. There weren't enough women in the Sound City movie and she's one of the greatest female rock singers of all time.

kcmnews28 karma

How many mentos did you eat filming big me?

totallynotdavegrohl84 karma

None, those things are gross.

The_Narwhal_King27 karma

Do you prefer chocolate milk or hot chocolate?

totallynotdavegrohl105 karma

hot chocolate!

aqlpswkodejifrhugty27 karma

What is your favorite Fleetwood Mac song?

totallynotdavegrohl87 karma


Jennah12825 karma

What's your favorite tattoo and why did you get it? What does it symbolize?

totallynotdavegrohl79 karma

My favorite tattoos are the feathers on my forearms. Kat Von D talked me into it.

cglo22 karma

If you could choose between flying and turning invisible which power would it be? Oh, and it only happens while you're peeing.

totallynotdavegrohl67 karma

peeing while flying sounds messy...and if you're invisible, your pee is gonna give you away. so...huh?