Hey everyone! We are Kerry Shawcross and Chris Demarais from Rooster Teeth and we recently wrapped a series called A Simple Walk Into Mordor that documents our 130 mile trek across New Zealand from the set of Hobbiton to the filming location of Mount Doom. Our cameraman, guide and friend Nick is also here!

You can see the first video in the series here.

double proof

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We're here to answer any questions you guys might have about the series or about Rooster Teeth. Or you know, life.

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Grognak-gro-Gorbag786 karma

Kerry, of the original 151, which pokemon would you have sex with, other than Scyther of course?

roosterteeth1187 karma

Obviously Mr.Mime. Have you seen those hands?


roosterteeth779 karma

I'm gonna answer this too. Lickitung. -Chris

Azniac350 karma

Thanks for doing this! I'm a big Roosterteeth fan, and I though "A Simple Walk" was an absolutely great idea!

I don't have any real questions about RT or the video, but, I was wondering what your favorite place to eat in Austin is?

roosterteeth405 karma

I'm quite partial to Torcy's Tacos.


roosterteeth332 karma

I love Trudy's stuffed avocado. I want it served at my funeral. -Chris

thestig8329 karma

Chris and Nick: Did you want to kill Kerry when he lost the ring?

Kerry: What did you think when you lost the ring?

roosterteeth495 karma

I was just really mad at myself for wasting our time and energy more than anything else. Ring bearing is hard man.


roosterteeth293 karma

Not at all. Shit happens. That's why we filmed it. I mean, when things go wrong, it can often times make documentaries more intersting. And we found it in the end so Sauron didn't win. -Chris

penguin93257 karma

Kerry, Internet Box or Rooster Teeth Podcast?

roosterteeth686 karma



roosterteeth693 karma

Yeah, definitely boobs. -Chris

BraidedinEoin235 karma

Which day was the toughest??

roosterteeth450 karma

For me the last day was the hardest physically. My leg sort of stopped working and we had to stop every 20 or 30 minutes for a while so I could loosen my leg muscles by rubbing them. That being said we were the most motivated that day so it wasn't as bad mentally. Mentally, the 4th day was the hardest. We went sooo slowly because we hadn't figured out the blister popping method yet. We also didn't think we would be able to finish the trip so we were disheartened. -Chris

roosterteeth180 karma

Technically the 5th day was the toughest, but it felt much more rewarding because we made so much progress. The 4th day felt much worse just knowing that we didn't get as far as we wanted.


tcrouch198 karma

So how good did it feel to finally bury the ring?

roosterteeth551 karma

Better than sex. -Chris

Squeezymo275 karma

What does sex feel like?

roosterteeth1321 karma

Like burying a ring into the ground. Except not as good.


jsh365822182 karma

Did you guys encounter any crazy animals other than Chris.

roosterteeth447 karma

Just sheep and cows mostly. Though there was a time when an entire herd of cows just followed us around until we passed their field. It was surprisingly creepy. They just stared at us... Cows are scary, man. - Chris

roosterteeth258 karma

Does NZ have crazy animals? I thought everything was fluffy or edible.


j_ball13182 karma

This might not be A simple walk into Mordor related but Kerry on the podcast you said yours and Miles' desk had loads of action figures and collectibles, is there any chance of showing The People?

roosterteeth405 karma

Working on it now.

Edit: Op has delivered http://imgur.com/a/aYlXC


ManPris181 karma

Is what Gavin said about Kerry true? (We all know what I'm talking about)

roosterteeth297 karma



roosterteeth241 karma

I don't know personally, but Hobbits have unusually large feet... -Chris

SabCorps174 karma

Is there any chance that true RT Shorts may come back someday? I was a huge fan of seasons 1-3 (for the most part). I felt that season four felt too fake, even though I know that you guys played major parts in it (sorry :P )

The one off short series such as "A Simple Walk" are great, but I don't think any Rooster Teeth Production can compare to some of those earlier shorts except for parts of some AH stuff and some of Immersion.

roosterteeth217 karma

Rooster Teeth isn't the type of company to say never, or no. Or yes. We're very indecisive. You should take our survey though and tell us your favorite shorts:


kamberlin22158 karma

How did the others in the office react when you told them your idea for 'A Simple Walk'?

roosterteeth480 karma

Either thought it was the coolest idea or that we were insane/delusional. I think my favorite reaction was Geoff one day when we were trying out our costumes. He just sort of smiled and shook his head. He was in the army so I think he had a good idea of what we were in for. - Chris

roosterteeth186 karma

I'm pretty sure there were some bets going on. I'm still waiting for my cut.


GGxSam147 karma

how many times did you guys bang

roosterteeth475 karma

Over 9000. -Chris

Hughie7107 karma

Nick, are you a regular guide in New Zealand? Or how did you get involved with Chris and Kerry's adventure?

roosterteeth132 karma

When Kerry and I first started planning the trip, we realized we'd need help with transportation and supplies from someone in New Zealand. Then I remembered I'd met Nick a couple months earlier when he came to visit our office. And Nick was perfect: a talented film professional, a fan of Rooster Teeth, and physically able to do it. Plus he's just an awesome guy. And after realizing all of that, we decided to have a third person come with us on the walk. And that was the best decision we made. -Chris

Jackireland247106 karma

And what were your favourite Moments of the trip?

roosterteeth252 karma

As lame as it sounds, the first time we saw the Mountain was pretty spectacular for me. It made it feel like we actually had a chance of finishing.


roosterteeth180 karma

When we first saw the mountain I got chills. Also, when we got to the end of a 70km stretch of road on day 5 it was pretty awesome because that was when we knew we might actually have a chance at finishing. I also immensely enjoyed anytime we sat down. Especially when candy was involved. - Chris

thestig8102 karma

Charizard-, Blastoise- or are you a Venusaur-kind of guy?

roosterteeth333 karma

I love all my children equally. - Chris

roosterteeth322 karma

I don't know why but I almost always pick the grass type on my first play through. I realize that this will upset exactly 2/3 of you, but I've got to stick to my guns.


eighteenfeet102 karma

This was one of my favorite things Rooster Teeth has ever done! Are you guys planning to do anything similar in the future (maybe not on this big of a scale, but a similar series)?

roosterteeth601 karma

Never say never

-Justin Bieber

JPDrummer23484 karma

I can't think of any good questions but I'm a big fan and I wanted to take part in this somehow so… What is your favorite color?

roosterteeth178 karma



SomewhatHornyToad95 karma

I hope Chris says Red.

roosterteeth192 karma

Damn, now I feel pressured. - Chris

CodyTurcotte83 karma

Boobs or ass?

roosterteeth200 karma



roosterteeth194 karma

Boobs please -Chris

mubashir133779 karma

Who smelt the worst at the end?

roosterteeth241 karma

Turns out, chaffing smells just as bad as it hurts.


roosterteeth208 karma

Probably Kerry or me. We wore our Hobbit outfits the whole time without changing or showering and Nick at least changed clothes every once in a while. We were some pretty stinky hobbits. Just remembering the smell of our feet when we took off our shoes makes me want apologize to Nick again. -Chris

deshki72 karma

If you guys were to have a gay sex fantasy with each other set in the Lord of the Rings universe, which one of you would be the Balrog?

roosterteeth146 karma

We'd probably take turns.


_Liana_71 karma

Hi! I was wondering what your favorites kinds of cookies are.

roosterteeth205 karma

All of them. -Chris

roosterteeth182 karma

I'm a chocolate chip man myself.


DonyWonny70 karma

Since Kerry and Chris were carrying the Ring and were basically being Sam and Frodo, does that mean Nick was Gollum?

roosterteeth109 karma

We actually cut a bit from the first episode where we compare him to Aragorn. They actually look pretty damn similar. -Chris

Mr_Rippe63 karma

On your trip to Mount Doom: Who had the most injuries/blisters/wounds at the end of it?

On working at Roosterteeth: What does Nathan do?

roosterteeth106 karma

I would say that Nick had the worst blisters overall. His feet were destroyed all over. My pinky toe might have had the most concentrated blister on it though. -Chris

infiamme60 karma

Loved the series, thought it was a great idea, but also kind of felt bad for y'all and your gross blistery feet n stuff. Anyway. What was the first thing you guys did when you got home? (i.e. sleep for a year, cuddle with each other, play some halo)

roosterteeth123 karma

I wish we could have come back and relaxed but we pretty much started editing it immediately since we wanted to get the whole series out before Christmas. That meant working non-stop for 3 weeks and pretty much living in the office. I also developed Bronchitis during the trip so that plus no sleep made post-production almost as difficult as the actual walk. But thankfully editing doesn't require you to move your feet. -Chris

roosterteeth101 karma

Right before sleeping for a day I replied to all of the emails I had from family/friends/and co-workers letting them no that we didn't die.


alvinblack59 karma

How did you familys feel about you guys going?

roosterteeth136 karma

My parents were worried about me but felt much better once they found out Nick was going with us. They thought it was brilliant/dumb. Much like a lot of my ideas as a child. This one didn't end in a hospital trip so that was good.


BootRecognition64 karma

Which prior ideas of yours have resulted in hospital trips?

roosterteeth168 karma

Deciding that I wanted to use a chisel to make art when I was 4.


LarcusMywood65 karma

That can only end well.

roosterteeth166 karma

That's exactly what my 4 year old brain said.


roosterteeth109 karma

Well, you actually see my mom in it but after that skype session she told me how genuinely worried she was. My sister thought I was insane. And I don't think any of them thought we would finish but they were supportive. I mean, they kind of had to be because they knew I was going to do it regardless. - Chris

DunDunDuuun9357 karma

What was the hardest part of the trip?

roosterteeth116 karma

Walking through the cut-down forest was pretty rough. It was high noon and there was zero shade.


roosterteeth54 karma

Climbing up the mountain on the last day was the hardest part for me. My leg sort of stopped working. -Chris

fishanlers51 karma

If you ever do this again who would you eat first if push comes to shove?

nikz07223 karma

Whoever came up with the idea to do it a second time -Nick

roosterteeth121 karma



AH_AlphaOmega44 karma

What was it like working with Elijah Wood for season 10? Did you guys fangirl out when you saw him?

roosterteeth78 karma

I didn't get to work with him directly on Red vs Blue, but I was lucky enough to meet him once when he came to our office. I absolutely geeked out like a fangirl. -Chris

Lord_DarkHelmet42 karma

If given the opportunity, would all three of you do it again?

roosterteeth124 karma

I would definitely do it again if we had lost the footage or something like that before it got released, but if I'd much rather do a new walk than the same one again.


roosterteeth64 karma

I would do it again but take a lot more time with it so it wouldn't be as painful. New Zealand is absolutely beautiful and it was amazing just seeing the country while we walked. That being said, I'd rather attempt a different adventure in the future than do this one twice. -Chris

Is_Secretly_Welsh41 karma

Hey Kerry, how stupid is Chris?

roosterteeth159 karma

Stupid enough to go on this walk. Smart enough to edit it.


umadkroeger39 karma

What was your inspiration to do this?

roosterteeth175 karma

Fuckin love Lord of the Rings -Chris

roosterteeth68 karma

Knowing that it was remotely possible.


silverbackpie37 karma

What do you prefer about LOTR in the books and films? Like, what bits were skipped from the books that you liked, and what scenes were better in the films? Also, what do you think about the Hobbit being three movies?

roosterteeth80 karma

I love both the books and the movies. I read The Hobbit when I was 12 and then immediately went and bought LoTR (and a map of Middle Earth so I could follow along). When I finished the books and heard they were making movies, I was stoked. I still remember the first time I saw the trailer in theaters. I got goosebumps and my stomach dropped. I was sad the scouring of the shire wasn't in the movies, but as a filmmaker myself, I understand why it wasn't included. I thought it was ridiculous they were making The Hobbit into three movies when I first heard about it, but I also trust Peter Jackson so I'm excited to see the next two. Plus, it means two more movies of Middle Earth. -Chris

roosterteeth66 karma

I'm a big fan of both. My favorite scene out of the series is coming up, when Bilbo and Smaug first talk in his den. Pretty excited for that. I trust Peter Jackson and I feel like there is enough content to work with, so I'm excited that it's going to be 3 movies.


SomeBrownKid733 karma

Hey how did both of you get yours jobs at roosterteeth?

roosterteeth91 karma

I started as an intern and was lucky enough to be able to stick around.


roosterteeth53 karma

In college I started a comedy troupe called Lark the Beard, best known for our web-series The Wingmen and for Zach Anner's travel show videos.

We met Matt and Burnie after entering a short film contest where they were the judges. After seeing our stuff, they decided to hire us to help write and produce some projects for Rooster Teeth when they needed extra help. After about 8 months of working on a project-by-project basis, I was offered full time job at RT. -Chris

BootRecognition30 karma

What were your respective parents' reactions when they saw the videos?

I'm curious given that the Chris' mom was at one point afraid that the group would be mistaken for terrorists by New Zealanders.

For that matter: could you please try to explain your mother's logic behind that conclusion Chris? She obviously cares about you, but I'm a bit confused about how that was her major concern.

roosterteeth52 karma

My mother is a mom. So she has unrealistic and crazy concerns for her kids. -Chris

calmdownpaco28 karma

What is your favorite rossterteeth video?

BeastlyEuph6928 karma

For all three of you, what is your favorite movie and/or scene in the Trilogy?

roosterteeth31 karma

The 5 endings to Return of the King were all my favorite.


mrmcmole16 karma

Have you ever tried to suck your own dick?

roosterteeth17 karma

Watch this for your answer: http://roosterteeth.com/archive/?id=6737&v=more -Chris

Ashbrandicoot15 karma

What was your funniest experience during the creation of A Simple Walk (on or off camera)?

nikz07102 karma

The realisation that Chris has no idea that cars can run you over. Every time a car was coming Kerry had to tell him to get off the road. For the longest time I thought he was quoting Wanes World so after the car passed I would say "Game on" but after Chris nearly got run over I realized Kerry was telling Chis to get off. -Nick

roosterteeth61 karma

At times it was like he was testing the drivers to see if they would do it.


Jackinhisweenis15 karma

What would you rather fight, one Church sized duck or five duck sized Churchs?

roosterteeth52 karma

Gonna have to go with five duck sized Churches. And it'd be neat because I figure one of them might actually be yellow somehow. -Chris

roosterteeth16 karma

I would almost always rather fight one thing than multiple things.


Sip_That_Haterade10 karma

Kerry, Chris. No question here. Just go let everyone at The studio that they are amazing. And thank you for doing what you do.

roosterteeth11 karma

No, thank you for watching!