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Fimm1 karma

I'm sorry for your loss, reading through this and your comments has made me well up. I was just wondering what your views on violence are, from reading the articles it mentions punching and kicking, do you feel people underestimate the damage and potentially life-threatening consequences this type of violence can have?

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

I certainly feel people underestimate the mental and physical damage one can inflict upon another human being even with a simple assault. Unless you directly give someone a reason to violently act upon you there is no reason why violence should ever be used. I wish I could expand upon my thinking because I believe your question is extremely important it's just hard for me to put it into words.

Ghost170881 karma

Few questions:

Do you consider yourself religious? Did this event shape your views on your faith or lack thereof?

How do you feel about gun control? I ask this because I see and hear about stuff like this and can't help but feel that a lot of it could be prevented if more law abiding citizens were armed.

I understand that these topics can get heated on Reddit, so feel free to ignore them.

Other than that, based on your answers, you sound like you honor your brother well and he would be proud of you.

TakeItSleazyBro9 karma

Jeez a religious and gun control question all in one post, you got BALLS haha.

Immediately following the event I stayed strong to my faith in Jesus (I was raised Roman Catholic) and found salvation in the idea of heaven (being able to see my brother again) and hell (knowing my attackers will be punished for what they did even if not caught in this immediate life). Those beliefs basically fell apart in college when I became very open-minded and ended up taking a religion course which explored many faiths and beliefs. I realize that religion is put into place in order to provide some sort of salvation to its' followers (I have a sixteen page paper written on the topic) and eventually the idea of religion felt to single-dimensional for me. I slowly turned away from catholicism and adopted a more atheist approach to life. Although some people can't believe I've done so (they are very surprised that I don't believe my brother is in heaven) I can't help but follow my true feelings and continue to develop my perspective on the world

As with gun control I believe that it is an alienable right to own and protect yourself with firearms. But the second you attempt to harm another human with said firearm your punishment should be severe and swift. I still have mixed opinions about open carry laws but personally feel comfortable around people I know who are armed.

Thank you for your questions and your support and hope my answers were what you were looking to gain from me.

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i didnt read anything you said here im sorry but i just dont want to consider my brothers' mortality. i couldnt imagine life without either of them and i cant even begin to imagine how that mustve been for you.

TakeItSleazyBro13 karma

have you told them that lately? because you should cherish every moment you have with them

mac_miller_fan1 karma

Sorry for your brother man.

Not sure if this question is appropriate but if you were in a room with your brothers killers and they were tied up how would you respond?

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

haha I made it an AMA not an AMAA. And trust me, my mind has developed literally thousands of different torture scenarios I would inflict upon them. Although the content of them is far too gruesome to share online I can tell you that it involves the number of days I have had to survive since the incident... use your imagination

mac_miller_fan2 karma

Follow up haha was your brother involved in any gang/drug related violence?

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

No, he was your typical "popular" kid who dabbled with drinking and smoking. Not trying to make him look like a perfect kid, he fucked up... alot

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Far too gruesome to share online?? You serious?

TakeItSleazyBro2 karma

FINALLY someone picked up on that tidbit I threw in there, was waiting for someone to say that exact comment

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As everyone has already stated, I am also very sorry for your loss. I am interested in a few things though - Did you have nightmares after the event?

If you knew who his killers were, and had the opportunity to do anything to them, what would you do?

TakeItSleazyBro1 karma

To this day I still am haunted by the image of him on his deathbed hooked up to the hospital machines shortly before he passed away. As a fifteen year old seeing your brother in that condition that is something I will have to endure for the rest of my life, although I have learned ways to cope with the image when it gets stuck in my head.

and this seems to be a popular question...

And trust me, my mind has developed literally thousands of different torture scenarios I would inflict upon them. Although the content of them is far too gruesome to share online I can tell you that it involves the number of days I have had to survive since the incident... use your imagination

catsrule3621 karma

As to your second response, I want to know if you discussed these fantasies with a therapist. You clearly have not moved on yet, and you will have to at some point. Starting there is important.

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

I have discussed them in full detail to my therapist, the ideas of what I would do occur very rarely anymore so my therapist doesn't seem too concerned as my grieving process which includes sadness, anger, grief, etc... is occurring in different stages. But I understand with what you're saying, inevitably I have to come to terms with what happened.

DerpMatt1 karma

Ever think of getting revenge?

TakeItSleazyBro6 karma

have to find them first, right?

DerpMatt1 karma

I have one more question...

Are you 'The night'?

TakeItSleazyBro1 karma

What is 'The night'?

DerpMatt2 karma

Batman joke

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

Is this what you are referring to? Because that is actually pretty accurate...

Ghost170881 karma

Would your brother want you to seek revenge, or do you think he would want you to move on with your life?

TakeItSleazyBro1 karma

He would want me to move on with my life for sure, he never really was the kind of person who ever sought revenge for people who wronged him. Although one time he beat me up because I beat him in a game of lacrosse... sore loser

Iheartmypleco1 karma

what was their motive?

TakeItSleazyBro1 karma

Possibilities include simple robbery, gang initiation, or a hate crime although it is impossible to tell unless the guilty party is found.

Dark_smile1 karma

Did you go to college?

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

Yup, I have fatal food allergies so doctors recommended that I go to school close by but I said fuck that and went to High Point University which was ten hours away from home. It was hard during my freshmen year because I was totally in charge of my well-being and had to cook every meal for myself. Then the same year my roommate passed away one night from epilepsy right before Christmas. It was hard for me but once again I had a good support system to help keep me going. I then joined a fraternity, Pi Kappa Phi, and continued to live it up in college. I met some of the most amazing people there and still talk to them to this day but after my sophomore year I made the decision to move back home and go to Montclair State University in order to focus more on my academics and not spend as much on tuition. I'm finishing up my degree in accounting which has been a dream for me since I was young.

Simple question, long ass answer....

InnerBattle1 karma

Well if I was you I would be on a lifelong revenge investigation.

TakeItSleazyBro4 karma

I can't get my mind wrapped up into those negative thoughts. I'm determined to live my life and it gives me peace of mind to know that they'll get theirs, somehow someway.

Canada-USAsFreezer0 karma

You're going to have to adopt an alias w/a costume and avenge his death...

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

I'll pass, I don't look good in tights...

Therainbowbeast0 karma

If you Don't mind me asking, but what happened?

TakeItSleazyBro3 karma

Essentially my brother was with a small group of his friends when they were approached by multiple men asking a simple question. In a split second my brother's friends were pushed away and my brother was targeted for the attack.

Draculas_teabag1 karma

What were their motives if any?

TakeItSleazyBro2 karma

money? gang initiation? hate crime? its almost impossible to find out without first finding the guilty party

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are you going to become a super hero?

TakeItSleazyBro4 karma

I'm working on it but this toxic sludge tastes like shit

yukerboy-5 karma

What race are you? Please don't be please don't be...

TakeItSleazyBro8 karma

Caucasian, irish and italian