My name is Vijay Dewan, and I am the executive producer of The Revisionaries. Scott Thurman (ScottLaDoc) is the director, and we have been working on The Revisionaries for nearly four years now.

The main subjects of the film are also with us. Don McLeroy (donmcleroy) is a dentist, young earth creationist, and former chair of the State Board of Education. Ron Wetherington (rwetheri) is an anthropology professor at SMU and pro-evolution expert who helped develop the science standards. Finally, Kathy Miller (kmillertfn), is the president of the Texas Freedom Network, whose mission is to "advance a mainstream agenda of religious freedom and individual liberties to counter the religious right."

The Revisionaries will be premiering at 10 PM EST on PBS's Independent Lens. You can put in your zip code on the following link and it will let you know when it's showing locally: Please note that if you search your DVR, the film may just come up as "Independent Lens" and not "The Revisionaries."

We hope you check out the film, and while you're at it, ask us anything!


For those of you who missed The Revisionaries on TV last night (or would like to watch it again), it is streaming on the PBS website for free until February 27:

Thanks again for checking out the film!

Here's a brief trailer for the film:

Here are some reviews of the film:

Here's Don's Colbert Report interview:

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kmillertfn7 karma

What happened to the Hip Hop amendment?

vdewan3 karma

Actually, I do believe hip-hop was removed. We had to cut 30 minutes for the TV edit, so the initial history sequence was unfortunately left on the cutting room floor.

rwetheri3 karma

As I recall, Craig's amendment to include both hip-hop and country-western passed. It is largely moot, however, as thegreat majority of these heat-seeking amendments listing names to be included in lessons were prefaced by "such as...." rather than "including...." That means the inclusions are only suggested, not mandated. Much ado about.....!

vdewan1 karma

Actually, I do believe hip-hop was removed. We had to cut 30 minutes for the TV edit, so the initial history sequence was unfortunately left on the cutting room floor.

rcproman6 karma

What did you guys feel was more controversial, the revision of the science or social studies standards?

rwetheri9 karma

As Kathy says in the movie, we were all blindsided (including moderate Board members) by the scattershooting in the social studies TEKS--all over the spectrum came the revisions. Certainly in my mind these were the more controversial TEKS revisions. The science revisions were on evolution alone--I mean not even the global warming standards received (much) attention, after all! Very predictable.

WiseCynic3 karma

Ron, have you reviewed the case of "Kitzmiller v Dover" for legal foundations which would deny people like McLeroy and Dunbar the ability to pull these kind of shenanigans in the future?

rwetheri8 karma

Yes; I've discussed this with Judge Jones over lunch, in fact, and it's obvious that Boards and school districts and classrooms can get away with violating the law--that creationism/intelligent design is religion rather than science--as long as the practice is not challenged in court. Today dozens of Bible courses in Texas public schools are violating the 1st Amendment, because it's expensive to challenge them legally.

WiseCynic3 karma

As you can see, I'm not new to the battle over keeping faith-based beliefs out of the public schools. In fact, I live in PA. Here, I thought I might have been helping you out with the Kitzmiller thing, but you've already met Judge Jones! Wow!

Today dozens of Bible courses in Texas public schools are violating the 1st Amendment . . .

They're teaching Bible courses in public schools? That's not legal! Then again, you already know that. There is a thing called the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster that was used in Kansas to rid their schools of religious teaching. I'm a member. So are thousands of PhD's, biologists, scientists from every discipline, college professors, etc. have you happened upon that little gem?

vdewan7 karma

There was actually an article on Reddit about this today:

Funnily enough, it cites reports by the TFN (Kathy Miller's organization) and SMU (where Ron Wetherington teaches).

rigel21004 karma

Hi Vijay and Scott,

I've been looking forward to seeing this film since I gave a little to your Kickstarter.

I'm fascinated by the access you had to everyone and the openness with which they discuss matters with you. I get the sense that they really believe they are not committing any wrongdoing. Did getting this access to people require a lot of convincing or were they very willing?

Thanks for working on this film.

vdewan1 karma

I just wanted to say, thanks for the Kickstarter support! We were at a pretty critical stage in our production at that point and couldn't have gotten the film done without your help. It took us some time, but we wanted to make sure we got out the best possible film we could. We'll be sending out the Kickstarter rewards (DVDs, etc.) as soon as they are available. Thanks again!

rigel21002 karma

I've never been so proud of supporting anything before, even if only at such a distance. I wish I had contributed more. I have shared and promoted your film at every instance. You guys have done something very important for our country and most amazingly you did it with such care and respect for everyone involved. I'm just so happy I could be part of it in some small way.

Since I didn't do more to support you guys before, I'm planning on buying a few copies of the DVD and donating them to local libraries.

Again, a great big thanks.

vdewan1 karma

Thanks again, we really appreciate the support!!!

baraqiyal3 karma

Unfortunately, I missed it. Is there any way of watching it online?

vdewan5 karma

I think you'll be able to see it here relatively shortly:

vdewan3 karma

Here's the streaming link:

_dustinm_3 karma

I first heard about this film from a Stuff You Should Know podcast, where it was mentioned that the film was available on Netflix Streaming. Went to look it up, and found it was no longer available.

Was the film at one time available for streaming, and later pulled? If so, who decided to pull it?

vdewan3 karma

Hey, I think that podcast was mistaken. We are not yet on Netflix. Hopefully we will have the full film up there soon.

WiseCynic3 karma

If you folks would not mind terribly, could we ask you to be here for us AFTER the film has aired so that our questions will be based on what we have seen and learned from the film?

I believe that there will be more and better questions for you once we have seen the documentary.

Thank You!

vdewan8 karma

Hey WiseCynic. I plan to answer questions until about an hour or two after the premiere (at least 12 PM EST). We wanted to get the thread going so people had a chance to view the film. I also thought it would be fun to get comments and questions as people saw the film. However, I completely understand that people will want to wait until the end, and I definitely plan to stick around and answer as many questions as possible.

WiseCynic3 karma

I've been back a while now, Vijay. I've posted a few questions, but I'm not getting answers. Has everybody abandoned this?

vdewan2 karma

Hopefully, they've answered your questions. We had quite a barrage of questions right after the film ended.

EdtheBroBot3 karma

Watched the show last night it was great :)

vdewan1 karma


parasitic_spin3 karma

I watched this documentary last night, and it was honestly the most terrifying thing I have ever seen. I have been recruiting my coworkers to watch this.

Thank you for creating this program.

vdewan2 karma


geosensation2 karma

I have had my entire education in Texas at public schools (Including undergrad and graduate school). How is it possible I never learned creationism?

vdewan2 karma

It sounds like you were lucky enough to have good teachers. I think teachers are much more important than the content of textbooks or whatever is in the curriculum. A good teacher can focus on what is important.

Additionally, the issue right now is not specifically the teaching of creationism in science class. Requiring the teaching of evolution in science classes was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1987. The issue in the film relates to the teaching of the "strengths and weaknesses" of evolution, which is a tactic to undermine the teaching of evolution (by introducing debunked "criticisms" of evolution) and introduce alternative religious explanations, like Intelligent Design, into science courses. You can find more information about it here:

freemarket27-9 karma

Is there any evidence that animals are increasing their intelligence over evolutionary time? Why is it that humans are the only animals to have evolved self awareness level of intelligence in the history of the earth? Why have chimps, for example, not yet figured out that carrying a good stick and using it in a fight would enable them to dominate other chimps? Could the answer be that that is the way that God made all of us to be?

vdewan12 karma

This is a surprisingly common misconception among those that believe in evolution and position man as its ultimate product. In fact evolution only makes organisms better fit for their current environment, and since the environment changes, evolution has no direction whatsoever. Size, complexity, and intelligence are simply byproducts of evolution. An organism can evolve into a smaller, less complex, and less intelligent one, but still be better fit to its current environment. A human being can be killed by a simple bacteria, this shows that a man’s immune system can be weaker than the bacteria’s ability to fight off that immune system, the man’s size, complexity, and intelligence does not help him in this fight.

(I found this great explanation here: