Ive been asked to do one of these as my first post ever! I play in symphony orchestras and musical theater orchestras for a living- i dont have a "real job"- feel free to ask away.

Edit- Some photos of the arsenal- http://kidos1096.imgur.com/

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Whitesnowbird12 karma

Outside of classical, who are the artists that you enjoy listening to the most?

KIDOS109610 karma

I love roy hargrove and the rh factor, d'angelo, nickel creek, chris thile, bela fleck, im a huge aerosmith fan too, dont tell anyone but if katy perry comes on...i wont swich the station...

Stue31122 karma

What is your opinion on electronic music?

KIDOS10963 karma

It has its place, i dont hate on it at all- im not very familar with it is all

nillotampoco-2 karma

Repost this to /r/classicalmusic and you'll be better recieved.

KIDOS10966 karma

I may repost there as well, I think my goal is to talk with the layman, maybe to shed some light on a possibly foreign world to some of the readers. Plus i didnt know there was a classical subreddit! Thanks for showing me that, im going to lose plenty of hours of sleep exploring