In this thread I made a comment about how I felt one of the weirdest things in China is how girls pretend to be 12 years old to get guys, AKA: SaJiao (撒娇) and got a pretty huge response. Mostly good though some accusing me of making up sajiao which is hilarious as it's a huge part of Asia's dating culture but to each their own. I also have 5 or 6 people ask for a ama, so here I am.

Anyway, I'm 32, came to China at 22 to travel and learn a new language/culture. Fell in love with many aspects of China (teaching, traveling, good work week, great friends and treated very well) and spent another year, and another and now it's 10 years later. I've been a teacher, bar manager, white guy (yes, that's a job) and a couple other jobs though my love is teaching. I was totally unprepared when I came to China and learned by making lots of mistakes.

Spent my first 5 years in Southern Jiangsu and 5 years in Beijing though I've traveled about 20-25 other cities and places around China, also have lived short term a couple other places. I have a very thorough knowledge of modern Chinese culture, a decent knowledge of modern Chinese history and a growing knowledge of the ancient history. I can speak pretty good Chinese and my reading is coming along though I pretty much ignored it for the first 8 years. I don't write. I'm currently debating leaving China and going back home for a bit simply because the little things (spitting, schools, relationship crap) and some big ones (pollution) are getting to me.

Not sure what else to say but if you have any questions feel free to ask, I'll be online for a couple hours anyway as I'm currently sick due to the damage the "airpocalypse" did to my throat.

Anyway, AMA ba!

Edit: Proof? Some random Chinese crap, Chinese cough medicine, empty bottle of Nongfu water and my internet not getting to facebook.

Edit2: It's now late and I'm sick, Been writing for four hours,Will pick up again where I left off in the morning! Thanks everyone for your quesitons so far!

Edit3: Back, feel free to ask more.

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chowdertheclam3 karma

Whats your favorite type of ice cream?

Uberche19 karma

Mint Chocolate Chip. God damn do I love Mint Chocolate Chip. No where in China had it till I moved to Beijing and saw Cold Stone Creamery was here, Such a happy happy day.

KevDob2 karma

Do you miss Tim Horton's?

Uberche9 karma

So much, not the coffee as it's terrible but the donuts and the general smell of the place. Especially the maple filled ones. Oh god, now you have me thinking about donuts! Thanks a lot!

vip3rxxx78 karma

Up vote for saying Tim's coffee is terrible and for loving their doughnuts

Uberche6 karma

Never understood Canadian's love of the coffee, it's weak and terrible. But I grew up with my mom who makes espresso in regular coffee cups for breakfast and drinks it black so I may be biased.

KevDob1 karma

You are welcome, any time. :)

Uberche2 karma

send some next time! I will pay you in colourful monopoly money!

KevDob1 karma

I would send you a box of donuts..but the real question is even with the fastest shipping possible would they still be delicious.

Uberche4 karma

They'd be more delicious than no donuts! haha Went to visit South Korea three years ago, there's a country that loves Donuts! I ate so many...

KevDob3 karma

South Korea loves donuts. I like that

Uberche3 karma

Dunking Donuts and Crispy Cremes all over Seoul. They even had Quiznos, was a very happy trip. (the country was cool too to be clear, not just the Western food)

edaczech1 karma

Thanks for great AmA.

Whats the most popular sport in China?

How western culture(movies,music) is popular in China?

Uberche6 karma

The most popular sport they will tell you is PingPong because it's the sport they are really good at, but it's a lie. The most popular sport in China is basketball, I have met only a very few Chinese boys who arent' in love with it. But they are terrible at it. They never practice, they just try to look like the NBA stars without putting in the time to be able to do what they do.

Western culture is incredibly popular among the educated youth. McDonalds and KFC are places to take a girl on a date, and she wont hate you for being a cheap bastard becuase in China they are classy (Western so even though it's crap, it's still classy) and expensive! Western TV shows are loved, especially the vampire shows of late, Western movies are incredibly loved. Western brands mean quality, status and rich so they are loved. I'ts a bit of a lovefest for the West going on to be honest.

BaconIsmyHomeboy1 karma

Do the Chinese really play a joke by pissing in people's cokes?

Uberche4 karma

Coke isn't sold here for exactly that reason. Instead they sell Cack, it tastes like Coke but without that pissy after taste.

BaconIsmyHomeboy2 karma

What is the weirdest/funniest/random things that you have seen 'knocked off'? (Aside from coke that is)

Uberche3 karma

The Obama Fried Chicken restaurant was pretty strange. Entire Apple stores was fun. But really, basically everything is knocked off here. Oh and these things! Which they are selling by telling people they are the lastest fad and a VERY popular fashion thing in the West (that's not true is it)

Cokeandrum2-12 karma


Uberche4 karma

What would you like? I can take a picture in front of my computer not reaching facebook and youtube if you want!

Edited the post with some proof, Not sure if that counts or not.

Cokeandrum2-15 karma

It's not my job to figure out your proof. I'm guessing you're not going to post it anyway.

Uberche3 karma

I already did. read the post you replied to and the original post. If you need more let me know.

iwilldeletethistoo2 karma

perhaps you could provide a picture of you giving a panda a blow job?

Uberche1 karma

If someone would be so kind as to supply a Panda, it would be my pleasure!