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No question, I just came by to say I love your work.

jaymewes1130 karma

Thank you very much

ofthe5thkind890 karma

Dude. Congratulations on your sobriety.

I'm really glad that you are OK, because you're fucking funny.

jaymewes835 karma

Thank you and Thank you!!!!

mekkasheeba872 karma

Hey Jay,

Can you insult me or put me down in a funny way? I would greatly appreciate it since no one can come close to how you do it.

jaymewes1660 karma

eat my balls and lick my ass, lick it to your tongue turns DOODOO Brown...SSSNNOOOOGANNSS!!!

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I'm a huge fan. Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, Mallrats, Clerks 1 & 2, and Dogma are among my favorite movies.
So I wanted to ask you how much is the personality of your character derived off of your actual personality? Or is your character's personality nothing like you in real life? Also, if you were a sheep, would you fuck a sheep?
Thanks for your time. Best wishes.

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at the age of 13 up to 19 or 20 the character and i were 100% the same,after i got little older i chilled a little knowing i couldn't be as obnoxious and get away with, now i would say 50/50,still obnoxious and loud, but know i think a little before i say something

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HAVE to go , going to AXSTV to do AXSLIVE..... Have a awesome DAY all !!!! Even the guy who wants to beat me up and the other who was not so nice. SEXY DAY ALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WILL BE BACK LATER, sign on and will try and answer all!!!!!!!

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What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep?

jaymewes1364 karma

3 days on a crack bender......

Twistedmessiah518 karma

Any chance of a clerks 3?

jaymewes1081 karma

WE shall see, i hope so.... up to kevin and the clerks , snootch to the nootch

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Hey man, big fan of your flicks and casts dude. Hope all is well with you and yours. What happened to Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, is it really cancelled? You were like an awesome frosting on a stony, metal cake of evil.

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i believe so, i am super bummed it is super awesome...they trying to put it out on another network or make a movie...hopefully it will!!

Joolaid448 karma

I'm also a huge fan of your work. Just wondering what you do in your spare time or if you had any hobbies that we'd never expect you to have?

jaymewes1034 karma

i love painting models , GAS powered RC-Cars. COD ,spanking :) thanks

Silvercipher423 karma

Hey, thanks for coming back again!

How much of your dialogue are you involved with writing? How much is just improv? And how much, if at all, has this changed over time?

jaymewes671 karma

50/50 i would say...i try and keep to the script with a little added Mewes..

crlsnicolas340 karma

Who came up with the "Get the fuck otta here" segment in Clerks 2? Your fucking awesome, btw.

jaymewes491 karma

Kevin with a little mewes improv!!!

Gettinjiggywithitson301 karma

Sup Jay! What was your favourite moment from any of your movies? Also, did you get anywhere with that chick from Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back?

jaymewes860 karma

i did not get anywhere with her all the girls were married or in long time relationship. one of my best moments was when i got to hang with monkey at the end of mallrats

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What are the ingredients to the best ice cream sundae?

jaymewes675 karma

vanilla,bananas, caramel and more caramel

PimmyJalmers247 karma

Thank you for doing this.

How many days today, sir?

I loved the story that Kevin told on one of the podcasts about you wanting to produce something and just running with that project you found. Has there been anything else you've been working on productionwise??

jaymewes531 karma

934 days today. just some youtube videos for our channel , and gonna start putting stuff together. Thank you

SuperbadCouch238 karma

What's Ben Afflec like in real life?

Also, what are you currently working on so I know what I need to go see this year?

jaymewes500 karma

i have Noobs,K11 , i been hosting AXS LIVE on AXS TV, Cartoon, ..Jay and Bob GETOLD ... he is a scholar and a gentleman.

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Jay: You are an inspiration and an incredibly funny dude. I got to give you a hug a few months ago, and it was a big highlight of my life. How is the Jay and Bob animated movie coming along?? Can't wait to see it!

jaymewes361 karma

it is looking AWESOME, sincerely i am so excited about it , it is moving sweet!!!!and thank you , HuG!!

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Hi Jay! Just wanted to ask you what your favorite hardcore or metal band is?

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Greetings all the way from ECuador! You have a buttload of fans here ! I personally love all your work :)

jaymewes408 karma

Frickin sweet... i love buttload!! and thank you :)

MonopolyLlama164 karma

Hey Jay, huge fan.

What is your favorite movie project that you have worked on, and why is it your favorite? Personally, as much as I love the character Jay (especially in Mallrats), I think my favorite role of yours is Lester in Zach and Miri make a Porno.


jaymewes269 karma

i love mallrats, it was super surreal ,first studio movie and got to work with STAN LEE and more ,was so awesome and new and surreal..

omfgforealz157 karma

Hey Jay, big fan of the movies and the podcast too. How many days sober now?

jaymewes363 karma

934 days, thanks for asking..

FlyDave151 karma

I grew up watching you and Kevin and for that I want to say thank you for the many years of laughter. How do you prepare yourself when acting as the role of Jay?

jaymewes606 karma

just stretch and touch my penis ,NOOOTCHH

whistletipss133 karma

I've been refreshing this over and over to not miss out on this. I don't really have a question, but I just wanted to say that Jay cracks me up consistently in every Kevin Smith movie you're in. Snootchie Boothies!

jaymewes196 karma

Thank you. i appreciate. hopefully give you something again soon :)

boomsers131 karma

Snoochie Boochies!!! That is all....carry on.

jaymewes148 karma

Thank you !!

themadnooch125 karma

Given your affinity for The Green Arrow, are you watching ‘Arrow’ on CW? What are your thoughts on the show – also it’d be pretty sweet if you could get a cameo on there a villain of the week or something.

jaymewes216 karma

i watch it yes, and think it is awesome.and i would def do a villan for sure!!!

Rob_Saget122 karma

Long shot, but will you be a guest on my podcast?

Keep up the great work, and thanks for the AMA!

jaymewes196 karma

what is it about.

ChizInMyPants121 karma

Any plans to bring 'Get Old' to the UK again? I had to sell my tickets last year because I couldn't make it :(

jaymewes190 karma

that sucks, i believe we will so keep an EYE out.... snootch to the

dblink112 karma

What is your favorite movie to watch with your Gf (wife?)?

jaymewes299 karma

iron man, count of monte cristo!!!

Kobetz103 karma

What is your biggest regret about using?

jaymewes205 karma

wow there is many, for one it held me back for years in work.pushed people away and many more

whitesummerside101 karma

Just wanted to say your singing of "Black Chicks" on Jay and Silent Bob Get Old is hands down one of my favorite moments of the entire pod run. Thanks for being a hero Jay.

jaymewes121 karma

Thank You, snootch to the nootch!!! yes like that song :)

coocoocachoooo95 karma

You give me the biggest lady boner. No questions, but I felt this was important.

jaymewes129 karma

i love lady boners..thanks

Cyaride83 karma

So, tell me what its like to kick the habit on one of the hardest drugs in the world. Be a part of films that will more then likely define a generation, and be man enough to admit you were wrong in some respects of your life. (No dis-respect intended, I truly love your work and wish to know how to overcome crippling addiction.).

jaymewes172 karma

it is awful to kick ,hard to get the thought of it out of mind,and i am grateful and feel lucky to have friends and family not to mention the fans who have got my back since the start. the two go hand in hand,one has helped the other....thank you all!!

callmelaul79 karma

Hey Jay! Huge fan of your work in all of the Kevin Smith films. How did you and Smith come up with the duo of Jay and Silent Bob? Probably the best duo in films. Also how much of your lines in the movies are improvised? Snootchie Bootchie!

jaymewes234 karma

50/50 improv and he wrote the character based on how i was when himm and i met and hung from 13 to 18. and he thru silent bob in there so i could play off someone and so he could be in front of camera but not have to remember a bunch of dialog

lady_jaye75 karma

Jay, can you really spawn a cockmast on command ala Lester the Molester Cocknstuff?

jaymewes132 karma

yes sir it is ready when ready :)

Rainbow-74 karma

Will you ever make a return to Degrassi?

jaymewes125 karma

i dont think so , i am stoked i got to be part of it at all but def wouldn't want to overdue it...and i don't think they would want to squeeze me in again..

limbclock66 karma

Hey Jay!

Kevin said that there'd been plans of doing a Gaming Podcast on SModcast network. I'd like to know if it was still happening and if it does, when do we see/hear the first episode?

p.s. What did you think of L.A. Noire?

jaymewes83 karma

i would love to do that podcast , right now not sure of anything happening there is a bunch of diff podcasts in the works. we shall see which one is next

Oopioppi66 karma

Are you saying Kevin Smith doesn't drink coffee / doesn't use caffeine?

jaymewes113 karma

he does not and no never.

JonJonThePhenomenon58 karma

Hi Jason! Regarding Katie Morgan: As pretty in person as she is on screen?

jaymewes102 karma

yes she is attractive in person and she is even nicer then seen.

Lord_Roby_Esq54 karma

Thanks for your work, and for the podcasts.

jaymewes97 karma

THANK YOU for listening!!!!!

Broceans_Eleven44 karma

What are you up to these days man?

jaymewes82 karma

Hosting AXSLive on AXSTV.podcast GETOLD. Jay and Silent Bob Cartoon, YouTube Videos on and some other stuff

wastedtime7743 karma

Hey Jay 49ers or Ravens for the Super Bowl?

jaymewes168 karma


superimusneatimus42 karma

I must say you brought me so much entertainment during my stoner teenage years. Was so glad to see your listing in upcoming, thanks for doing this!

jaymewes56 karma

Thank You

Nomsfud35 karma

I've been following your twitter for some time now, and I love your tweets. What projects are you and the fat man currently working on?

jaymewes56 karma

CARTOON and GETOLD... few others trying to get the works if you will..

IHopeTheresCookies35 karma


jaymewes105 karma

i had no idea, i went back to work Roofing after we shot clerks all the way up until we left for MALLRATS,then while shooting mallrats i quit roofing and thought WOW i love this and gonna give it a shot

CosmicPancakes32 karma

Mewes! You are the fucking man, I loved your guest spot on Comic Book Men, you were hilarious. My first film I saw you and Kevin Smith in was Dogma, and have been a fan ever since.

My question for you is (besides Clerks 3) are there any projects you're working on or trying to start up?
p.s. Congrats on your sobriety sir!

jaymewes48 karma

thank you and there is a few in the works but there is nothing 100% there is a cartoon and then there is a few others..we shall see !!!

Black_Plazma32 karma

Jason, what current comic book series is your favorite at the moment? If you can't name one feel free to name a few!

jaymewes77 karma

avengers VS xmen, DEADSHOT mini series. Abnd JLA is my Favorite!

madcaplaughter12 karma

I don't really have a question, so I'll just get to the point: is it cool if I just kind of breathe on you for a while?

jaymewes41 karma

breath and please spit a little , nootch, thanks

elusivewater10 karma

Snootch to the Nootch?

jaymewes17 karma


golfmade8 karma

Hey Jay! A very good friend of mine was the chef for Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. He told me that you were very nice to him and he enjoyed cooking the food you wanted, said you were very easy going and appreciated all the food. Cheers man!

jaymewes11 karma

he was awesome. we had some good times on set, snootch to ya

Overlord-Brian6 karma

I've been a super big fan of you and your work since I was kid,

If I can insult me in that epic way that you do,it would be super awesome.

Either way great work and congratulations on your soberiety.

jaymewes13 karma

go eat a bunghole you fuckhole!!!!SNOOOOTCCHHHHHHH!!!!!

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jaymewes3 karma

?? i have a red mark on my weener