I_Lase_You2006 karma

Welcome to reddit Warwick!

Here's a welcome lase of you and your family. Link

WarwickADavis1496 karma

That's amazing!

BondGirl201598 karma

Do you have knees?

WarwickADavis1306 karma


HamboneJoe1336 karma

Hi Warwick,

How did you feel about Alan Rickman voicing your charactor in 'Hitchhiker's Guide'? Does that happen often to short actors in full costume? I bet you'd have done a fantastic job given the chance!


WarwickADavis3078 karma

I was fine with it. It's a little known fact that I returned the favour in 'Harry Potter' by voicing Snape for him.

WarwickADavis1313 karma

I have really enjoyed my first AMA tonight (once it started working properly). Thanks for all your fun questions and compliments - they really mean a lot. Sorry if I didn't get to answer yours... maybe next time.

In the mean time, check out...

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Warwick x

Procake981 karma

Hi, Warwick! What did you think of your interview with Simon from the Yogscast?

WarwickADavis1136 karma


jockojones855 karma

Willow RULES! What was it like to work with Val Kilmer back in his heyday?

WarwickADavis922 karma

Thanks. A new edition is out on Blu-ray and DVD soon too.

Val was great to work with.

monksawse651 karma

Is the rapport you, Ricky, Karl and Stephen on screen the same as off screen?

WarwickADavis794 karma


LovelyJubbleyy630 karma

1: What is Karl really like?

2: What was more fun Idiot Abroad 3 or Life's to Short?

3: What was Mr Depp like?

4: Have Mr Gervias and Mr Merchant fallen out?

WarwickADavis756 karma

  1. Exactly as you would imagine.

  2. IA3 was more fun. LTS was harder work.

  3. Not like you'd imagine.

  4. No.

coresutter486 karma

You've had such an amazing impact on my brother's life when he watched Wicket. I just wanted to say thank you for that Warwick.

WarwickADavis487 karma

Thank you.

pinata_penis_pump474 karma

Are there any plans for any more Leprechaun sequels in the future? Hands down one of the creepiest villains I've seen.

WarwickADavis739 karma

No. I'd like to do one though. He's a fun character to play.

BfloDave81471 karma

To add some levity to this AMA... I purchased one of your "Actual Size" mugs. Based on your popularity and super star status how much do you think I could sell it for?

WarwickADavis651 karma

There were only 100 made, so it could be worth something. Also, I've noticed a few mug related questions on here tonight.

ehowardhunt456 karma

Warwick Freakin' Davis! Have you actually experienced situations like in LTS where you try using your celebrity status and the other person doesn't know who you are? Will there be more episodes?

WarwickADavis1738 karma

Yes. A few years ago now though. I used to try getting upgrades on flights by spilling photos of my movie characters over the check-in counter when handing my passport. It never worked.

wolfgang169336 karma

What's your favourite sandwich filling?

If you were a fruit, what fruit would you be?

WarwickADavis527 karma

Heinz Sandwich Spread.


Unlimited_Chainsaw298 karma

Hi Warwick, I loved An Idiot Abroad 3. I have to know though, how did you find the patience to put up with Karl? You looked like you wanted to murder him in India (You know what part). Also, in India did your "ass have a mind of it's own"? P.S.-- you are awesome.

WarwickADavis583 karma

No, my ass was always under my complete control. I have always found it to be very obedient.

Frajer254 karma

If a magic wizard gave you the chance to relive your life and be 2 feet taller would you take it?

WarwickADavis857 karma



Warwick!! Thanks so much for doing this AMA!! You are great!

As for my question: with more and more prominent roles being offered to little people, what are your thoughts on opportunities for others like you in the future? How has it changed in your lifetime?

Also, is Karl Pilkington really like that?

WarwickADavis352 karma

I think it's great to see short actors in more prominent roles. This situation has definitely improved during the span my career. I hope it will continue.

UtilityPole216 karma

Great to see you doing an AMA, and welcome! :)

What was the best and worst food you tasted while on your trip with Karl?

WarwickADavis508 karma

Pizza. Bollock.

WarwickADavis211 karma

Thanks. Would you also write the same message to Al Pacino?

Le_Moldu203 karma

Warwick, how do you like to relax after a particularly stressful stint of acting?

WarwickADavis465 karma

I go to the Lake District.

MrBeardyMan192 karma

Are you planning to write another autobiography when you are older?

WarwickADavis346 karma

Yes. I need a few more years of experiences behind me first though.

optiplex9000153 karma

Who makes you laugh more, Ricky or Karl?

WarwickADavis304 karma

They both make me laugh, but for different reasons.

PrincessGary127 karma

Hey there, What do you think the weirdest food you've eaten ever was?

Also, You're at a lot of the MCM expos in the UK, How do you feel about being an almost permanent inclusion?

WarwickADavis175 karma

I think those shows are great. Always a lovely atmosphere amongst the attendees and they have some fantastic guests too. I hope to be at the next one in March.

sexyladypants108 karma


WarwickADavis196 karma

I came up with the idea for PocketWarwick, and worked closely with developer, Matmi on it for almost a year. I wrote all of the content you read in the game, was photographed doing all sorts of expressions and recorded hours of audio too. Humour is a key element of the game.

Pocket Warwick Apple iOS download link

Pocket Warwick Android download link

Cubejam99 karma

Do you have any plans to continue in comedy (series or movies)?

I found you naturally funny on The Jonathan Ross Show, your Extras episode was by far my favourite episode & Life's Too Short was fantastic. Not to mention anything to do with Karl & your frog suit.

WarwickADavis191 karma

I have always wanted to do comedy, and during the past couple of years, that is what I've been doing most of. I'd like to do more. There is a 'Life's Too Short' special in the works and I'm developing another comedy series too.

iTzAdz85 karma

Hi Warwick!

How did you come up with the idea for PocketWarwick and have you always wanted to be involved in a game like this?

WarwickADavis103 karma

I love acting and I love gadgets. It was the best way to enjoy both my passions.

Pocket Warwick Apple iOS download link

Pocket Warwick Android download link

abdullah47381 karma

Do you have the feeling that you reached the peak of your carreer, or is there more coming?

WarwickADavis323 karma

No. Do you? I appreciate every job I do and treat it as it might be the last. As an actor, there is no rule that says you will be employed again. This way, I am always excited when the next role comes in.