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NewQuisitor6 karma

How do you feel about it when Iraqi troops shoot Americans? How do other Iraqis feel? (not trying to be antagonistic, genuinely curious what the average person on the ground thinks)

Tarazena17 karma

For me I would never hurt a fly , so I would never accept the idea of human killing other human , no matter what's you religion are ideas.

No one likes death or killing people , the only ones that they do that are either have reasons for doing that , or under influences , or being pro saddam people

NewQuisitor6 karma

It's good to have a peaceful philosophy in life

How common are drugs in Iraq? We hear a lot on the news about Afghani opium poppies, but I've never heard anything about drug trafficking in Iraq. I just noticed you talking about people being under the influence and that got me curious. It also seems like you'd be a lot closer to the source of the opium poppies and that drugs would provide escape from the rigors of everyday life in a warzone/near-warzone.

Tarazena11 karma

Sniffing Glue and Medicine with Hallucination side effects were the main drugs before the war , after that , Cocaine and other drugs started to show up , since there wasn't any police

CoffinRehersal2 karma

Are you glad they are there? Would you rather they hang around or that they all packed up and left tomorrow?

Tarazena0 karma

didn't the army leave the iraq ? i dont care if they are or they aren't there , they didn't participate in building the iraq nor they will gonna participate , so i dont care.

fathairybeast6 karma

After your first near-death incident were you thinking, "Legit, that'll never happen again."

What about the second?


Tarazena18 karma

No , I never thought its going to get worse, till it got worse :)

raziphel5 karma

I don't have anything to ask ya, I'm just glad to hear that you and your family are safe and doing well. :)

Tarazena5 karma

Thank you :)

jayadrath4 karma

Which war are you talking of?

Tarazena14 karma

2003 war

K9Shep2 karma

Very interesting story. Hate to be that guy, but have any proof? You can private message a moderator if needed.

Tarazena4 karma

Sure , what information would you like to proof to you ?

rabitol4 karma

Are there any documents proving citizenship in either location you say you're in? Not sure how that works over there. Blank out the sensitive info and post.

Tarazena2 karma

i posted a copy of my passport and my facebook profile ,also i added the location of my house.

zfolwick2 karma

did you teach me arabic? Ever been to Portland, Oregon?

Tarazena6 karma

Nope , I only went to Seattle , Pittsburgh and Niagara Falls

clonn2 karma

Did anyone really believe the story of North Americans going to your country to take freedom and democracy?

Tarazena5 karma

yes , because no thought that there will be alot of chaos

jackets172 karma

The war hasn't even been over for 2 years yet

Tarazena1 karma

i guess

MUYkylo2 karma

How long did it take you to recover? Was it rushed?

Tarazena1 karma

recover from what ? death , it was all rushed , and i was kinda young , still , when i wrote this AMA , it did brought some memories that almost made me cry

americaFya1 karma

What can we as American citizens do to help Iraqi citizens understand that were not all war mongers, that we know we were wrong, and that we do respect the culture and history of Iraq?

Tarazena1 karma

nothing , because some people already done that stuff ( i knew organizations that helped poor families to provide shelter and food and other organization helped to treat children with heart diseases

PiKappaFratta1 karma

I remember hearing about gangs of, well, not even really insurgents, just religious zealots roaming the streets, abducting, murdering, raping, etc. How rampant was this? the US media never really clarified how bad the zealotry was, just told us the broad details of it

Tarazena5 karma

that stuff starting to appear on november 2005 , when al qayda attacked a center for Shiite pilgrims , after that gangs started to appear. and each faction started to kill each other, depending on your name ( if you Sunni name , the Shiite gangs will execute you , if you have a Shiite name , Sunni gangs will execute you , in the streets , infront of everybody )

baldick1 karma

This is always confusing to me. There were a couple of wars, right?

Tarazena10 karma

3 major wars , and 1 or 2 attacks The first war was from 1980 till 1988 ( iraq- Iran war ) Second war was the gulf war ( started 1991) 3rd war was on 2003

Happymonkey19990 karma

Esh 5alak tswy iama ? ( saudi)

Tarazena1 karma

I don't know , just wanted to share my story with the world

dothejstu-1 karma

Has OP been verified? Or is this just going to continue to be unconfirmed boilerplate anti-war material?

Tarazena3 karma

How do I do that ? I never done that stuff before.