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thecuriouspatron75 karma

Do you charge extra for anal?

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How would someone go about finding a lady such as yourself? Would I just go looking for promiscuously dressed young ladies them start waving $20 bills at them or do I have to be more subtle? I'm, erm, asking for a friend...

callgirl8441 karma

There is key areas. It depends where you live, but if you're in the right area, all you really need to do is pull over with your passenger window down and you'll be approached.

Stupie44 karma

If a relatively well-off man wanted to "take you away from it all" would you ever consider something like that? This is assuming you don't know him before the offer.

callgirl8447 karma

Sure, I'd definitely consider it. It'd depend on the guy though.

pagit44 karma

  1. strangest request

  2. strangest request that you fulfilled

  3. most johns you have seen in an 8 hour period

  4. What percentage do you give to your "manager"?

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One guy wanted me to pretend I was asleep.

Another guy wanted my to cut his arm with a razor whilst we were having sex. Was pretty weird I guess.

Most Johns I'm not really sure, maybe 12?

30% usually.

deeptime20 karma

Am I to presume that pretending to be asleep was too weird to fulfill?

callgirl8447 karma

Consider it fulfilled.

Mrwoofwoof42 karma

Describe the scariest experience you have had whilst working the streets.

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I've had a few.

Passing out from a guy pushing my head when giving oral then waking up on the side of the road.

A few knives pulled on me. A few beatings. Pretty standard stuff really.

Vastial38 karma

How do you keep yourself tight? as I presume this is a problem in your line of work....to stop it becoming like sleeve of wizard.

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Kegel exercises.

awsometaste37 karma

If i may ask, what exactly happened across your life that led you to become a prostitute ?

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I had a pretty rough childhood. At one point I was homeless, another point I was practically homeless. My father was heavily abusive, and an alcoholic. My mother left when I was very young. Main reason is I needed money to support myself.

maverick6635 karma

What's a ZJ?

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Zoo job.

mr_happy2830 karma

Do you wash between clients?

Please say yes

Please say yes

Please say yes...

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Wet wipes.

rekshi30 karma

How much are the rates, generally?

What kind of position/type of guy/experience do you find relieving or enjoy the most?

Where is the line drawn? Is there anyone you will not accept?

Do you/would you work with women?

Do you think prostitution should be legalized?

Sorry if these are a lot of questions, but this interested me!

callgirl8444 karma

bj ~$40 intercourse ~$70 anal (inc intercourse) ~$100

I like doggystyle the best. That way I can look wherever I like.

Yeah, but my lines are blurry. It all depends on the situation and the person. I make them up as I go.

Sure, women are great!

Maybe. Although there would be less money in it if it was, so maybe not.

_bitterbuffalo29 karma

What was your dream job as a child?

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A police woman, believe it or not. I was very young though.

whocaresaboutmyname29 karma

What seperates a pro from an amateur?

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I have a manager (pimp), and my years of experience.

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Thanks for doing this, do you have any funny stories from on the job?

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I've had a guy pay me to sing him happy birthday and pat his back to sleep. Lots of weird stuff happens, I guess funny is a relative term.


  • whats the most common request.
  • whats your favorite request? (ease or enjoyment you pick)
  • lease favorite request? (hardest or least enjoyment)
  • have you ever developed affection for a client?
  • have you ever avoided arrest via your talents.
  • do you have days off and does this line of work provide well, or do you live in a shit hole.

  • would you rather fight 100 duck sized horses or 1 horse sized duck?

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Most common request is blowjob. Intercourse is the easiest. Or handjob.

Least favorite is anal, cause it can get painful after a while.

No, but I am close with some of my recurring johns.

I've offered, it didn't go down well. So I don't try that anymore.

I've got today off!

Probably 50 duck sized horses, and 1 dog sized duck. Can I do that?

AveofSpades28 karma

What's your favorite book?

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I don't really get a chance to read often. Twilight was good though.

ToddJenningsDavis26 karma

Are condoms the only form of birth control that you use or are you on another form? Has this ever lead to unwanted pregnancy/abortion?

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Only condoms. And not me personally, but other girls I know yes. Not quite sure how but HEY!

budgetsetmatch24 karma

Why do you do street work instead of working as an escort? Also, what value added do you get from your manager? And how do you handle or circumvent attention from police?

One of my thesis chapters will probably be on economic decision making by prostitutes... is there anything you think I should write about in particular?

Thanks for any thoughts.

callgirl8426 karma

I started on the streets so I'll stay on the streets. More freedom I guess, plus it's what I'm familiar with.

Protection mainly, plus he keeps other girls off my block that don't belong to my area.

The police know me pretty well, they just tell me to move on most of the time.

omgeestr823 karma

We often hear from the media that most prostitutes do it to feed their drug addiction, to what extent would you say this is true?

callgirl8457 karma

Depends on the girl. I personally only smoke MJ and drink alcohol. But I know lots of girls that are into the heavier drugs. You'd be hard pressed finding a sober girl that's for sure.

imarmedwithamind20 karma

ever had any customers actually get you off, like you really enjoyed it?

callgirl8443 karma

Heaps of times. When they go real deep.

KillerCh33z20 karma

Who was the weirdest guy you had to sleep with?

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John Malkovich

jazz221218 karma

What is the most you've been paid? Do you have regular "customers"?

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Yeah I have a few regular customers. And pay depends on the service + length. I've walked away with $600 cash once. Some johns are extra generous.

MgoBlue135217 karma

have you ever had any requests from a woman or a woman with a penis?

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Sure have, and they paid well. The woman with a penis that is. They were a bit odd, but ah well, so are most of my customers.

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do you date on the side? if you do is it difficult to keep him once he asks about your job?

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Yeah but only really within my circle so it's not much of a problem.

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What do you plan on doing once you get too old to work on the street?

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I'll probably buy a yacht.

littlelockedroom15 karma

What is your highest level of education completed?

What was going through your mind your first night on the job?

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I finished primary school.

"Let this be over already, I'm hungry"

Invalid-Username-15 karma

Has your manager ever been abusive? If so, what was his reasoning? Would he allow you to leave the business if you wanted?

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I would probably have to make a run for it, or I'd get beaten to death. I'd be too afraid to ask.

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If you have a decent amount of money to spend then brothels require the girls to be regularly tested, so you're guaranteed clean. Otherwise, it's a risk you take.

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callgirl8438 karma

Paper bags.

Just kidding, it's a part of the job. But if I'm uncomfortable I won't approach them, or will refuse.

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ill ask again and hopefully wont get downvoted to oblivion but this is a serious question....how much do you charge for anal and bjs ive never had to pay for sex before im kindof curious

callgirl8420 karma

bj ~$40 intercourse ~$70 anal (inc intercourse) ~$100

mike008214 karma

How much of the sex do you actually enjoy vs pretending just to get thru it?

Have you ever been on any of the HBO specials?

callgirl8429 karma

It's all mainly pretending. Unless the guy has a good charisma to him.

Not sure, it's possible.

brc15114 karma

How old are you? How many times have you gotten locked up for hooking? Thanks!

callgirl8422 karma

26 - Only a few, most of the time the cops tell me to move on.

smushiest14 karma

Do you plan on marrying? Starting a family?

callgirl8458 karma

Nah, I don't think my lifestyle is appropriate for a kid to be around.

just_another_wasp14 karma

Do you want to get out? If so, is it something you can 'work towards', or are you effectively trapped?

Thank you for doing this. It's very confusing to hear from someone who lives so far from the hearth and home.

callgirl8423 karma

I haven't tried. It'd probably be pretty difficult, but anything is possible. I'm fine with the way my situation is at the moment though. It's what I'm comfortable and familiar with. It's my lifestyle.

RastaSheep13 karma

Do you take any precautions against STIs?

callgirl8422 karma

Condoms. That's all really.

MarsSale13 karma

Have you ever had guys who paid you, and then proceeded to cry and/or tell you about their life and problems without actually trying to have sex with you?

callgirl8430 karma

Yeah, and guys who don't want to have sex, and just want to cuddle, and guys who just want to talk, etc.

wattkatt11 karma

care to share any tips?

callgirl8422 karma

What type of tips are we talking?

ssabb1911 karma

What's your overall number of how many customers? Just approximately if you don't remember

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Only 3 star hotels.

Lycaeum10 karma

Is it true that older women usually have to lower the price to compete with new younger girls to bring in the profit?

callgirl8416 karma

Yeah, you don't see many older women working the streets.

utspg19809 karma

Whats your typical client like?

Are they married and bored and just looking for some strange? A guy who just can't get a traditional girlfriend? If so, is it because they're ugly, or they have a weird personality?

callgirl8419 karma

Typical client: 30-50s. Some overweight, some unattractive, some on the other end of the spectrum. Average client is just your average man really.

Heliosophist9 karma

Do you have something for self defense handy at all times? (like mace or something) Have you ever had to use it?

callgirl8425 karma

Yeah I carry mace with me, I've used it before. Some guys are violent, some are forceful. It can be very dangerous at times.

Heliosophist12 karma

So do you tell your pimp about these people or just defend yourself and forget about it?

callgirl8424 karma

Nah I tell him. I tell him everything.

aroondeep9 karma

Do you love your job?

callgirl8438 karma

Nope. How many people love their job?

cloaked_rhombus8 karma

How much do you charge? Do you think that is generous?

callgirl848 karma

Depends on the service.

bj ~$40 intercourse ~$70 anal (inc intercourse) ~$100

cloaked_rhombus21 karma

Okay what would you charge for a blowjob that lasted like 60 seconds?

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nirad8 karma

why do you work on the streets instead of working as a call girl?

callgirl8416 karma

Not really my style.

sparklesandspills6 karma

How did you meet you "manager"? And are there other girls in the business you're close with?

callgirl8414 karma

Through an ex boyfriend.

red_lips_black_jeans5 karma

Do you ever regret doing what you do? If you didn't do this, what would you want to do?

callgirl8413 karma

I don't regret anything.

I have no idea really. I don't really have any other talents.