I am from Upper Marlboro, Md., and attended the University of Maryland. While at Maryland, I was a two-time Academic All-ACC choice and was the recipient of the James Tatum Award, given to the top football student-athlete in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Originally selected by the Seattle Seahawks in the second-round (55th overall) of the 2006 NFL Draft, I signed with the Washington Redskins as a free agent on July 27, 2011.

In the community, I took part in the Macy’s and the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation annual “Covered for the Holidays” event that donates 300 coats, gloves and hats to underserved kids from the Washington D.C. Metro Area. I also helped distribute 3,500 whole turkeys and Thanksgiving food baskets at FedExField to Prince George’s County residents in need. I've only got 15 minutes before I have to go prepare for Seattle, but ask me anything about the team, my family, or my work in the community.

I’ve tweeted my verification (@Redskins)

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Sorry to have to cut this short but I have to get back to watching film. Thanks everyone for the questions and we can't wait to get out there in front of the home crowd on Sunday!

JubeltheBear261 karma

Seahawks fan here. Thanks for everything you did for us up here. You still got the juice. Who's your favorite music artist of all time?

Redskinsdotcom489 karma

Biggie Smalls.

jcm84228 karma

Who is the most physical wide receiver you've ever played against?

Redskinsdotcom459 karma

Josh Morgan. When I was in Seattle I had to play him twice a year and twice a year in college. I'm so glad he's on my team now.

ItsAdventureThyme188 karma

Hardest football practice: DeMatha, Maryland or Redskins? Love seeing local athletes play for our teams! Thanks for everything this year.

Redskinsdotcom390 karma

Maryland, no questions. Maryland two-a-days have nothing on DeMatha or Redskins.

supavixen182 karma

who's your favorite non-football hero?

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Salacious-180 karma

If you weren't playing football for your career, what would you be doing?

Redskinsdotcom687 karma

Running track. Fun fact: I quit football during my junior year in high school to run track but my Mom yelled at me and told me to get back on the football field. It was the greatest decision she ever made.

The_Green_Giraffe166 karma

Hi Josh! First off I just wanted to say I am a born and raised die hard skins fan and this is really the first time I have gotten to see the skins do so well, so thanks for being a badass and helping to get the team to the playoffs!

Were you raised as a skins fan since you are from the area? Also, how does it feel making such a huge turn around and winning 7 straight games?

Redskinsdotcom312 karma

I really didn't have a choice whether I was going to root for the Redskins or not. My family is huge Redskins fan. My first year in the league we played the Redskins in the playoffs and my family wished me luck but said they were rooting for the Redskins. 7 straight has been great, and it's gotten us to where we are now.

SwampFox4164 karma

How has RGIII been in the locker room? He's a young guy and I've been impressed with how he's handled his rookie season, but I'm curious to know how he acts behind closed doors. He seems like a real nice guy and someone who holds true leadership qualities. Is that so? How has your team reacted to having such a young guy taking the helm?

Redskinsdotcom297 karma

Oh man, he's been great. It's a credit to his parents for raising a very mature young man. We're just looking for someonw to help us win, it doesn't matter age or experience just someone that can help us bring winning back to DC.

nguyenqh145 karma

Hey Josh, what has been your favorite moment this season?

Redskinsdotcom297 karma

I would have to say this last game against Dallas. Just seeing the goal we set and accomplishing it was huge. It shows that we have the ability to be a very good team.

dplevin14108 karma

Who's the one guy in the league that you don't want to face? I know it's usually a WR but are there any RBs that scare even the CBs?

Redskinsdotcom374 karma

The hardest people for a CB to go against is a good QB. It's a lot easier for us to shutdown a great WR who doesn't have a good QB but it's a lot harder to shutdown an average WR who has a great QB. It's harder to go against the Tom Brady's and Drew Brees's then the Calvin Johnson's of the world.

lazyrocker666102 karma

Are you guys taking any extra steps to get prepared for this weekends game? If so what are they?

Redskinsdotcom217 karma

No. We're treating this like another game. We know it's the playoffs and we're ready to get out there in front of our home crowd and take care of business.

Bullsonparade9299 karma

What is your favorite road stadium to play at?

Redskinsdotcom286 karma

Edward Jones Dome because I have 3 touchdowns in that Dome haha. That stadium's always been good to me. Me and Edward Jones are living it up.

tdouble2k92 karma

Josh, what does the team think about starting a new tradition in Landover? I keep hoping that after RG3 went into the stands the team would start a "Landover Leap" tradition. Do you think that's ever possible?

Redskinsdotcom175 karma

Let's get it started. I love it.

some_anon_person74 karma

Favorite football memory?

Redskinsdotcom294 karma

I have to say gamewinning pick 6 vs. Texans on Monday Night Football when I was with the Ravens.

drunkenshade71 karma

How good did it feel to sweep Dallas in two primetime games?

Redskinsdotcom146 karma

It felt great to win the division. It's not so much a personal vendetta vs. Dallas but to win the division is the greatest satisfaction. To be able to go through the division and only lose one close game is an accomplishment and shows how hard we've been working.

Nubboi64 karma

Hi Josh, thanks so much for doing this AMA. What will it be like going up against your old team this weekend? How does it feel to play professional football for your hometown? Who is your favorite Redskins player of all time? HTTR!

Redskinsdotcom103 karma

It should be fun. A lot of old friends across the turf..it's the team that drafted me so I'm excited. Playing for my hometown is great. I hope to bring a Super Bowl back to the city like 1991.

dougthedogwoof52 karma

Hey Josh great having you! I was wondering that as someone from MD did you always dream of playin for the skins? Also how do you feel about the general shift in the team to signing neighborhood guys like yourself? ( I.e. Josh Morgan, etc)

Redskinsdotcom78 karma

My family is huge Redskins fans so it's great to be back in the city playing for the team I grew up rooting for and like I said earlier Josh is a physical receiver so I'm glad he's on my team.