Thank you everyone!! I am finishing up now, but will be checking back over the weekend to answer any new questions!!!

I AM Olivia Black, SuicideGirl and formerly from the show "Pawn Stars"

I am Olivia Black. I applied to model for SuicideGirls in 2008 and had two sets go up on in 2009. In 2011, I was hired to work at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, the setting for the History Channel's hit series "Pawn Stars." On December 15, 2012 the National Enquirer ran an article on me, linking to my SuicideGirls photos, and two days later I received a call from the Pawn Stars producers that my services were no longer needed on the show. I started a petition on to get my job back - why should sexy photos have any influence on your ability to do your job? AMAA.

I will be answering questions for the next hour, but will check back in over the weekend!

P.S. SuicideGirls made my most recent set free for reddit here:

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Do you want to go bass fishing with me?

missoliviablack158 karma

I've never been

thomasdewberry405 karma

Is Rick really that smart or does he look up stuff THEN they film it?

missoliviablack1002 karma

He is an extremely intelligent man, but even a genius must look things up.

8v9338 karma

Guys, if you read the original post, you'll see that she's in some trouble at the moment with the show. She hasn't provided a link to the petition. I think I found it

Reddit is a big site. I'm pretty sure we can help her out

missoliviablack141 karma

Thank you!!!! <3

8v9244 karma


missoliviablack436 karma

He is very happily committed to a lovely lady.

markstrech131 karma

How did you let him get away?

missoliviablack350 karma

Clearly I am an idiot.

markstrech84 karma

How often do the customers get rowdy? I know the hardcore pawn show in Detroit always has troublemakers.

missoliviablack157 karma

We have a least a few a day, it is Vegas haha

minnick2727 karma

Is it Rebecca?

missoliviablack49 karma

Nay, it is not Rebecca, I do not believe she is on television at all

bdude36195 karma

Is Chumlee actually, let's say, as "gifted" as the camera sometimes makes him seem? edit: misspelling

missoliviablack456 karma

He is a lot more intelligent then they give him credit for

snail_boy127 karma

What kind of process did you have to go through to get a job at the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop?

Are all of the employees actually like the way they appear on the show? Do they change off camera?

missoliviablack186 karma

It was a standard interview and hire process. I had two interviews, a back ground check, and a lot of waiting haha. The guys are all super sweet. The ground work for who they are on the show is derived from truth.

snail_boy103 karma

Thank you for answering! Also, was Chumlee hired for his skills at the shop, or was he hired for entertainment purposes on the show?

missoliviablack191 karma

He has been a life long friend of Corey's, he has been working at the shop since way before the show ever began to film.

snail_boy75 karma

Cool! Thanks! :) And if I can reiterate everyone's thoughts, you are gorgeous!

BrohanGutenburg222 karma

"Phew. Thank god I got that part out so she knows I think she's pretty. Now be cool, snail_boy, just sit back and wait for that pm."

missoliviablack133 karma


missoliviablack123 karma

AWE!! Thank you! I really appreciate that!!!! I hope you have a wonderful New Year!

exxplicit119 karma

The real question is; did your sexy photos have any influence on your ability to provide battletoads?

missoliviablack126 karma


bryanspeir113 karma

Rather than outright fire you from the pawn shop AND pawn stars, why didn't they just cut your role from pawn stars and keep you around the shop?

missoliviablack228 karma

I found out on Friday I will be at the shop, starting after the new year, taking pictures!

bryanspeir96 karma

So does that mean you DO keep your job, but you are just not allowed on the show? That's not too bad (although, I don't know the difference in pay).

missoliviablack116 karma

That's a "job", yes.

rabidcanary5107 karma

Will the economy ever be what it used to be?

missoliviablack101 karma

For everyones sake, I hope so.

thomasdewberry106 karma

Did Rick give you any guidance about coming on this AMA? Did he approve/disaprove?

missoliviablack208 karma

Rick supports me going back to SuicideGirls and promoting such

ninjaman2798 karma

Why does rick have a friend for EVERY thing that is brought in

missoliviablack141 karma

He and his family have been in the business for years, you can't be good at what you do, if you don't have knowledge.

MarkedSpoiler88 karma

How often is the "main cast" actually in-store? Do they work the same hours as before the show got huge?

missoliviablack145 karma

I wasn't around in the beginning so I am not sure their change in hours, but unless they are off the grounds looking at something they work Monday-Friday 7-5+

boomsers79 karma

How many people actually work at the pawn shop? It seems like there are quite a few that are never featured on the show.

missoliviablack135 karma

The shop has a very extensive staff! There are a ton of people that aren't filmed.

stumper9374 karma

The Old Man, what's he like?

missoliviablack164 karma

Super sweet and full of wisdom, when he's not napping.

dellgreen67 karma

Is "Big Hoss" a whining spoiled ass brat like on T.V.?

missoliviablack63 karma

Nay, he is an absolute sweet heart!

TexanChiver57 karma

Have you considered a lawsuit?

Thanks for being a part of the "make tattoos sexy" thing!

missoliviablack113 karma

Not currently, I am still trying to show the production company that if I was fired for the SG photos, that the fans don't care. I'd just like to have my job back. I think The fans are a lot more open then they're given credit for.

TexanChiver128 karma

It would probably get better ratings with you on the show. Who doesn't want to watch an SG at a pawn shop? LoL

missoliviablack91 karma

I agree!!!

perona1352 karma

When are most episodes filmed during the day? Are people just picked out and told to come back on a day the shop would normally be closed to the public?

missoliviablack73 karma

The shop is never closed to the public. At night the floor isn't open, but the shop is 24/7. During the day filming is Monday - Friday 7-5

sillybammy52 karma

why does the shop seem emptier when they're checking out an item?

missoliviablack93 karma

They do hold off on letting in new folks for a bit when filming.

startsomething733 karma

To add on to what he said. I heard there is usually a line out the door to get in. How is it almost empty while filming.

missoliviablack35 karma

Sometimes you have to wait, but the shop doesn't "close"

sublimme47 karma

What has been your most memorable experience working at Pawn Stars?

missoliviablack78 karma

Getting hired, I had never heard of the show and was quite surprised(to say the very least) when there were video cameras for my interview.

txgi35544 karma

how much did chum lee hit on you?

did you enjoy the work?

missoliviablack76 karma

Not too much, he's very respectful. I loved my job very much!! I was mostly saddened about not returning to work.

txgi35533 karma

it seems like a fun place to work, is the old man as grumpy as he seems on tv?

missoliviablack69 karma

Not to me, but I try and stay quiet and do as I am told ahah

polarlights44 karma

What's your favourite ice-cream flavour?

missoliviablack204 karma

Mint Chocolate Chip (the green kind)

WompyTomperson44 karma

What were the average things that you dealt with? Obviously not everybody had gas pumps, cardinal rings and stuff. But other than the obvious jewelry, what were the main things bought there?

missoliviablack77 karma

We have a lot of gold coming in

Pr0f_Farnsw0rth35 karma

Did you receive much in terms of monetary kickback from the show? And how does pay at the pawn shop compare to other jobs you've had?

missoliviablack64 karma

The shop is commission based pay. It's very competitive.

AmishChickenPlucker32 karma

Why won't you go to prom with that Master B kid from Twitter?

missoliviablack34 karma

I'm prommed out

bryanspeir31 karma

I've heard from a lot of sources that Chum Lee always shows up drunk (hilariously) and is occasionally belligerently so... is there any truth to that?

Also, the show made it seem like your looks and charm played a large part in your employment. Did you have any background in the pawning/television industry before sending in an application?

missoliviablack45 karma

He doesn't drink at all actually, so there is zero truth to that. I had no experience in the pawning business, but I did have years of sales experience.

AmishChickenPlucker26 karma

Which is your favorite tattoo? If you could only have 1 of your current tattoos, which would it be and why?

missoliviablack66 karma

"Love" on my left ring finger. I got it as a promise to myself to love me first. It's a needed reminder sometimes.

basedmatik26 karma

Is Chum really dumb or is he paid off to play that role?

missoliviablack87 karma

He enjoys the simple pleasures of life.

dotyy25 karma

What made you become a SG? Also, were you ever allowed to play with the stuff that the company bought?

missoliviablack45 karma

I have always been comfortable with my body, and found nude photography as an artistic outlet. I knew my love of tattoos would prevent me from getting into Playboy, so when I was introduced to SuicideGirls at 18 I fell in love with the entire sites mantra!!

They_Know21 karma

I heard some of the guys on the show are assholes in real life, is there any truth to that?

Ninja edit: Mah smrt phone don't know how to spell asshole right.

missoliviablack33 karma

They have never been that way with me, but I feel as all humans can go, if you do something to deserve it, it happens.

franch17 karma

craziest shit you saw while with SG/at a SG party?

missoliviablack16 karma

I haven't had a chance to spend time with SG's, hopefully soon!!! I know we're planning something in the very near future!!

commerciala15 karma


missoliviablack20 karma

I have lost count as to how many I have, they're just starting to blend into the 1 they will be, and yes, they all have some story.

OnceYouGoJack16 karma

what's the story behind the "it" one? it's my favorite :)

missoliviablack51 karma

I like personal practical jokes, "gentleman" get classy and ask to see "it"

EroticTerrorist11 karma

How much money did you make from the SG shooting?

What's the deal with the "it." above your lady parts? Is it a Freudian thing or are you just a Stephen King fan?

missoliviablack26 karma

All models receive a standard amount. "Gentleman" can be rude and ask to see "it". I like my personal practical jokes haha

sidjones18211 karma

Why did you want to work on Pawn Stars? Do you have experience in pawning?

Hopefully, you get your job back.

And not really a question but Suicide Girls is awesomely awesome. The girls are great.

missoliviablack29 karma

I wanted to work at Gold & Silver Pawn Shop because I needed a second job, the show just kind of came with it. And I agree, SuicideGirls are amazing!!

sidjones18212 karma

Wow. Wish there were more jobs that had TV shows come with it haha

missoliviablack14 karma

hahah right!!!

iamaredditer9 karma

Is the old man really as grumpy as he comes across on tv?

missoliviablack14 karma

He's not grumpy with me, but I try and be quiet and do as I am told ahaha