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I’m Scott DeCarlo, the list editor at Fortune. Fortune has recently announced the 34th Global 500 list, ranking the largest corporations in the world, ranked by revenue for the 2022 fiscal year. AMA from 12pm ET!

Along with the Global 500, I also oversee the publication’s signature lists, including the Fortune 500, World’s Most Admired Companies, and Fastest Growing Companies.

Here is a link to Global 500 ranking: https://fortune.com/ranking/global500/

Since joining Fortune in 2014, I have years of experience at turning data into editorial content to find new and innovative ways to showcase list data digitally on Fortune.com.I have spent more than 30 years doing financial research/analysis on both private and public global companies and people’s net worth

Top 5 cities with most global 500 companies: Beijing - 53 companies Tokyo - 29 companies NYC - 16 companies Seoul - 13 companies Shanghai - 12 companies

PROOF: https://i.redd.it/bd3fewlg1wfb1.jpg

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nopointers99 karma

Why does Fortune focus so heavily on lists rather than data visualization? It seems to produce content more suited to clickbait than journalism.

fortune-82 karma

Sorry, this is untrue. We include data visualization in most, if not all of our content, especially finance and list related content.


3nvious39 karma

How do you feel when you crunch these numbers? Do you feel it to be a culmination of honest hard working humans getting what they deserve? Or do you ever entertain feelings of wealth inequality?

fortune-8 karma

I believe you gain insight into business and trends in crunching the numbers.

You learn about industry and trends that feed into all economies.

I am not sure about people getting what they deserve.
I learned a long time ago that it does no one any good to analyze who gets what and who deserves it.

Wealth inequality has many issues to tackle and a lot of it has nothing to do with people working hard or not. There is a lot dictated just by prejudices in place for many years.


1d0m1n4t321 karma

If they did a Fortune 5 billion list and I have ~15k in the bank and another $200k in assets, where would I fall on that list?

fortune-56 karma

Not applicable to what we publish.


BarfAccount21 karma

Do people pay to stay off that list? If so, can you tell us who?

fortune14 karma

There is no pay for play on any list we publish and definitely not this one.


timeonmyhandz19 karma

How at risk is your task because of AI?

I can imagine that data collection and visualization followed by some level of interpretive writing would be pretty easy to implement.

fortune-18 karma

I do not think AI can take over my job.

There is still a manual element needed to produce content. We are exploring ways for AI to assist and aid our data visualization. I think we can use it to enhance our content and not replace our staff.

If it does, I should get my resume ready.


the_journey_taken17 karma

What would you be interested in doing when AI replaces your function?

fortune8 karma

I do not think AI can take over my job.

There is still a manual element needed to produce content and analyze data without errors.

If I do get replaced, you can find me on the Amalfi Coast running a cafe and living La Dolce Vita.


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fortune9 karma

Thank you for your question!

I have a degree in finance and that helps in my current job and in my career in financial research and data analysis.

- Scott

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fortune14 karma

In the universe of companies we collected data for, we analyzed fiscal years ended 4/22 through 3/23.

The majority of the companies are December fiscals. A large majority of Japanese companies are March fiscals. The timing of the list and data collection process period dictates the fiscal years ending (2022 or 2023) we use in our analysis and rankings.


Flaky_Turnover9 karma

How is Walmart on top every year? I would imagine that oil companies make way more than a retailer?

fortune9 karma

Funny, you say that. Saudi Aramco moved to No. 2 this year and had less than $10 billion in revenue. If we stay on the same trajectory next year, we will have a new no. 1 company.


sparkplug496 karma

What software do you rely on to do the data analysis?

fortune11 karma

I primarily use Excel for my data analysis.

Pivot tables allow me to slice and dice the lists in many ways to identify trends and insights.

It also allows me to turn over data to our infographics genius, Nick Rapp.

Please see some of his work here: https://fortune.com/2023/08/02/headquarters-cities-global-500-companies-2023-beijing/


Raythunda1254 karma

Hi, thank you for doing this!

I did journalism as my undergrad and worked for a few years. Soon I'll be pursuing a master's in International Political Economy. So, I have a few questions:

  • What should a young journalist today do to get into the field of data journalism?
  • How valuable is an economic background for journalists today?
  • What advice would you give young journalists on the come-up today?
  • What would you have told your younger self knowing what you know now?

Thank you again.

fortune1 karma


  • I think you are on the right education track.
  • Economic background is very helpful in understanding and using data in your analysis.
  • My advice is to be open to learning as much as you can from your mentors.
  • You will learn more on your job than any schooling can teach you.


SharpZCat3 karma

Hard hitting question.

Favourite Food?

fortune8 karma

Chicken Parm.


raktim2016-3 karma

Hi Scott,
I've always wondered how Forbes come up with those numbers for the richest criminals in the world. I mean, it's not like they report their income to the IRS or anything, right? How do you track down their hidden assets and estimate their net worth? Do you have some secret sources or methods that you can share with us? One such example was Pablo Escobar termed as 7th Richest man in the world. I'm really curious about this topic

fortune0 karma

Wrong media company. We are Fortune and not Forbes. I did work there at one time on the wealth team. Please direct your question to a former colleague.