Title says it all. I'm a boudoir photographer, have been shooting boudoir exclusively since October 2011. Thought Reddit might have questions? Requests to see photos I do not have model releases for will be denied - I'm a professional and I don't want to deal with claims of libel or invasion of privacy. Editing to add: I'm happy to provide photos, just not those of people who have not released their privacy rights (I was assuming people would ask me to share my "worst" outtakes etc. and part of my privacy release states that clients approve individual shots for my portfolio - obviously unflattering ones don't make the list.) www.foreverphotogj.com should have plenty of photos if that's what people are after, and here's proof I'm the Sarah Belcher on the "about me" section. Better? *please note, the photo on that driver's license was taken the day after my 21st birthday... as such, not terribly flattering of yours truly.

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Dronepolice26 karma

How do you not pop boners all the time?

sirynfollyfallen63 karma

I am female. No awkward boners for me!

kabuto25 karma

Maybe wet panties then?

sirynfollyfallen47 karma

Perhaps on occasion. I'm not a manenquin, but luckily for women it's easier to hide when we're aroused than it is for men.

MotleyKnight20 karma

Have you ever had to take a picture of someone you perceive to be less than stellar looking? And how do you go about choosing a pose and such that compliments those kind of people?

sirynfollyfallen26 karma

Less than stellar... Yeah, I guess a couple former clients would qualify. I talk with my clients beforehand and we discuss THEIR favorite things about themselves (and their spouse's where applicable) and I focus on that.

chookiebaby13 karma

Difficult to quantify this, but try...

Do you find that as a female photographer your clients seem more comfortable with you than they may be with a male photographer...

Are most of your clients (subjects) female? What percentage?

sirynfollyfallen23 karma

Yes, many express their relief that I am female, it makes them more comfortable being vulnerable around me, I guess? Also, when the husband/boyfriend/significant other is in the loop about the photos, they often feel the need to verify that i'm not some other dude taking photos of their lady. I do not shoot boudoir of men at this time, all of my efforts have been put toward flattering the female figure, I take posing workshops that focus on women and have really geared in on this one genre. I have been contacted about "couple" shoots in the past and I don't turn them down, I just haven't had anyone book such a thing yet (both times the boyfriend chickened out and I ended up just shooting the lady anyway.)

chookiebaby7 karma

This is very interesting. ...

so, do you ask the woman what about her body she likes/doesn't like and try to shoot around that, or to accent/minimise it? ( i know a lot of people really don't like this or that about their body, etc)

EDIT:: sorry, asked and answered mostly.

sirynfollyfallen19 karma

Yes, that's part of the initial consultation. I try to focus on the positive, "What do you love about your body" and continue to prod until I've got 5 or 6 points on which to focus, if they get negative I redirect to another positive. Most women will go on and on about their flaws if you let them, but if that's the focus the shoot is no fun. I want them to feel confident and sexy, not self-conscious.

svenniola-22 karma

why do you suppose that is?

constant focus on their flaws?

result of millennia of slavery to men, years of being what lennon and ono called "niggers of the world."

or what?

i think its time women focused more on their qualities, they are often more better than men. (though i really dont like femi nazis, equality or nothing i say.)

sirynfollyfallen5 karma

I think the media is to blame for most of it. We spend ages learning how to identify and cover up everything that is "wrong" with our appearances, it's kind of funny how any woman can look like a rock star with a little pro makeup and less than half the time spent photoshopping than is spent on the real stars. I am very careful not to alter body shape with my touch ups to prove this fact. One of my mottos is that I am a photographer, not a plastic surgeon. I won't immortalized your acne or bad hair day, just focus on what's great about you an make sure to flatter that.

svenniola-7 karma

well, its bit naive (i hope youll forgive me. :))

saying its the media´s fault, they are only saying what sells, women yap that up. men too.

its like blaming politicians for the mess we live in, when we have got the vote and any sensible person would just stay at home and give a big fuck you to the whole meaningless affair.

..while i could go into something about how we are still just animals, basically just competing for food and sex..

i wont, just leave it at, that my personal taste is natural, i tire of makeup forexample, i think its like an oil painting, only good looking from afar, not close as in for a kiss.

and plus very damaging for skin, those women who have always used makeup, look much more old without it, than those women who have never used makeup. specially those who use heavy amounts, always look tired and saggy, even at 30..

i like your work ethics.

i tire of this meaningless seeking for perfection, i like character, not skindeep beauty that fades anyway, character lasts and like fine wine, only gets better.

women that do not fear the passing of their youth, look much more attractive as they get older.

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

I sympathize. I think at the ripe old age of 23 I can be forgiven a bit of naïveté. The makeup is great for the photos, but I'm one of those women who doesn't usually bother. I'd love to give some prophetic reason but really I'm just sort of lazy.

svenniola2 karma

my dear. forgive?

at my horrible old age of 36, im still naive as fuck. no one is omniscient.

of course im not fundamentally against makeup, i just dislike it being used all the time, its so bad for the skin, it must feel awful being 30 and having the skin of a 50 year old, plus something always covering your skin, like having a constant mask on..

however, i think its fine for special occasion if people feel like it.

i would never try to stop people from using makeup all the time though, its their skin.

sirynfollyfallen3 karma

Cheers! More people like this guy please?

Eris_Quod_Sum13 karma

What kind of gear do you use for your shoots?

sirynfollyfallen13 karma

Canon 50D and kit lens plus a 50mm 1.8 and a hotshoe flash, plus occasionally a shoot-through umbrella or reflector as light dictates.

Eris_Quod_Sum6 karma

Would you say the hotshoe is worth it for that kind of pictures? I have a 20D and a nifty fifty as well, but always shied away from flashes.

Also, you make beautiful pictures, and I like the fact that these are "normal" people.

sirynfollyfallen10 karma

Yes, I love my hotshoe flash. Get one (Mine's generic as well, I paid $75, I think, Sunpak brand) and learn how to bounce it off the ceiling/walls, you get lovely soft fill light without the harsh shadows of direct on-camera flash.

whiteponyhorse-17 karma

Uhh you're a pro and you use a cheap ass (but admittedly decent) lens and an outdated crop sensor camera? come on now.

sirynfollyfallen17 karma

This comment took longer than I had expected to show up. The short answer is yes. I work with what I have until I can afford to upgrade, I have only been in business 2 years and much of that was spent portfolio building (shooting for free in exchange for model releases) but I'm hoping to upgrade to full-frame this year.

[deleted]0 karma


sirynfollyfallen2 karma

I disagree with this. I rent lenses often, whereas my camera body has a laundry list of faults I spend a loto f time fixing with photoshop no matter what lens is attached to it. High grain at low-light, worse than is acceptable chromatic aberration, a general tendency to white balance photos with WAY too much magenta no matter what method of white balancing I use... Not to mention how limiting my 50mm is on this crop-sensor. I love the crispness of the photos I get from it but it would be nice to not have to stand in her neighbor's house to get her whole body in the frame.

MrAfternoon137 karma

I've been taking nudes as a fun creative outlet, but haven't really made it profitable yet. Any tips?

Here's one of mine: http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_me88z5lNNK1r7abhoo1_500.jpg

sirynfollyfallen3 karma

Missed this question sorry! Consider your audience, are you selling them to the subject of the photo or to other people? Because I sell to my subjects and can't give you advice on the latter, but I find that demure nudes sell better than outright nudes, 90% of women are not comfortable showing nipple in their photos, but nipple-through-sheer is usually OK, and for the more modest women among us, they'll still pose naked but covered with a sheet or their arm etc. It's a matter of boundaries more than anything.

chookiebaby6 karma

Are you based in the USA?

sirynfollyfallen12 karma

Yes I am. Colorful Colorado to be exact.

chookiebaby6 karma

How do your clients find you? Do you advertise or do you have mostly walk-ins (like at a mall or such)

sirynfollyfallen10 karma

Word of mouth. I'd like to advertise more, but in my area word of mouth is king. I did freebies for friends and friends-of-friends then they told their friends who looked into it and booked me and then told their friends and so on, with me progressively charging a little bit more as I gained experience. I talk about it with anyone who might be interested, hand out my cards all the time, etc.

Submerged6FeetAbove3 karma

Totally coming in one day. Yay Colorado

sirynfollyfallen3 karma


Lauren108592 karma

Yay another Coloradoan! Ever photograph any celebrities? I imagine that it would be difficult to find some in Colorado considering it's they don't have any major cities like NYC or LA. How do you think your career would change if you did move into a big city! And how did you get into the career? Photography school?

Edit: Oh wait, Colorado isn't a city...

sirynfollyfallen5 karma

No, I haven't photographed any celebrities yet. I think it would be nice to live somewhere with more people for the higher demand for my work, but it's also a catch 22 because I'd have more competition as well. I did not attend photography school, I purchased a rather nice crop sensor DSLR and began fiddling with it in 2010, mostly taking photos of my own daughter then moving into friends and family and their friends and so forth until it was total strangers and I felt I was doing well enough to start charging. Since specializing my business in boudoir, I've taken posing workshops and online webinars etc. on flattering the female figure, but aside from that I have no formal training. I am a high school graduate and second-semester college dropout.

FeistySpirit6 karma

How do you get into this as a side hobby? I basically just want to hang around with models and take pictures of their amazing bodies?

sirynfollyfallen9 karma

I started off with "normal" photography - babies and families, saw a shoot like this and thought I'd try it so I talked a couple friends into posing for me and so on and so forth, it was much more gradual than you'd think but you'll need to gain a basic understanding of the fundamentals of photography and set up a pretty solid portfolio before the "real" models will even consider working with you.

chookiebaby3 karma

your models seem very relaxed with you, and you have gotten some (as far as I have seen) great shots.

but who does their makeup for the shoots? do you bring someone in or ??

sirynfollyfallen6 karma

Most "Models" do their own, most "clients" I send to a very talented stylist in the area who gives my clients a special rate.

chookiebaby5 karma

Thanks,,, So, if there is ONE most common misconception about what you do, what, in your experience, would that be?

sirynfollyfallen10 karma

Hmm, to pick one. Maybe, that you have to be a model to look hot in your photos? Most of the women in my portfolio are mothers, wives, have 9-5 jobs and are "normal" or "girl-next-door" type of women (though working with them more, I realize how "normal" models are as well.) Getting past that initial hurtle of self-doubt is the biggest struggle I think.

Ham_Authority955 karma

Would you consider doing shots like these for men?

I know that it's unusual, but it would be pretty great to have a "sexy" photo set of myself.

sirynfollyfallen11 karma

Depending on the man and the motive, yes. I'd have to be very clear with him that I am inexperienced in posing men but if I was certain I could provide what he was looking for without compromising my standards, I don't see why not. I believe this is called "dudoir" and here's a satirical example of some called "men-ups" that make me chuckle.

cellosaremetal5 karma

Long shot but...

I recently did a photoshoot with a boudoir photographer and at several points during the three hour period, he heavily violated my boundaries. I kept saying that I was uncomfortable as I began to feel more and more trapped in the situation I was in. The photographer then started touching me inappropriately and laughing at my discomfort, at which point I left. I didn't take legal action (it's probably too late, but maybe not) but the photos are now on the internet. Despite my attempt to sabotage every photo (after the inappropriate behavior began) by looking uncomfortable, there are just a bunch of unflattering photos of me looking violated online now (and a couple of people I know have seen them already). My question is...can you ever reverse a model release in a situation like this? Like I said, long shot but I thought I would ask. Thank you.

sirynfollyfallen17 karma

You already signed the release? You need to get a lawyer. Aside from adjusting her hair or helping clasp a necklace when asked, I avoid physically touching my clients. I will show by example the pose I want her in, then verbally guide her as needed, and if they express any sort of discomfort I address it immediately. Physical contact is seriously unprofessional, and the rest goes beyond unprofessional and into the realm of sexual assault. Get a lawyer and be more selective with your photographer if you decide to have a shoot like this in future, and be very careful what you sign. I don't know what his release says exactly to tell you what your rights are in this specific situation, I know if a client comes back years later and says she wants me to take a photo down, whether she signed the release or not I do it because I'm not a jerk and I understand people need to have their privacy.

tuna_safe_dolphin5 karma

How do you pronounce boudoir?

sirynfollyfallen10 karma

boo-dwah with the emphasis on the second syllable. Boo dwar is also acceptable and much easier for most people to say, though it is not correct.

joewith18 karma

Boudoir is pronounced more like boo-dwar than boo-dwah.

Source: native French speaker. Boudoir means a kind of small living room.

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

Ah, there we go. Thanks! I speak zero French, unless you count my uncanny ability to immitate the chef from the little mermaid's ridiculous accent and my ability to sing his song, "les poissons" all the way through. Good to hear from a native speaker! Now I don't feel like such an ass saying it the way I do (which until now I have chalked up to my charming southwestern accent. )

[deleted]5 karma


sirynfollyfallen13 karma

Many very attractive women, and thus far I have a 100% shaved ratio.

rumnscurvy5 karma

You may enjoy the website www.bonjourmadame.us, an adaptation of a French website dedicated to posting a daily boudoir picture. I would imagine other, similar websites also exist, but this is the only one I know of. I'm sure the people running it would appreciate your material, and/or connect you with other people in the trade, should you want it.

sirynfollyfallen6 karma

thank you, I hadn't heard of that one.

ayji945 karma

Do any of your clients ever become shy or get embarrassed during a shoot ?

sirynfollyfallen10 karma

Occasionally there's an embarrassed silence, I like to break that up by asking them to go change into another outfit or transitioning into a more "safe" or "silly" setup for a bit so she can get her feet back under her before feeling pressured to be self-assured and sexy again. Close-ups, hair tosses, jump on the bed, peeking through the doorway at me... that kind of thing. That shyness and self-doubt likes to rear its ugly head, I spend more time counteracting that than anything else.

webmastervallak4 karma

Looking through your gallery, I noticed that you have chosen almost exclusively women who aren't beautiful in a conventional way, which leads me to my questions: 1.Is this a statement? 2.How did you come by choosing these exact women for your photos?

sirynfollyfallen3 karma

Maybe the women in my area just aren't conventionally beautiful? I didn't choose them cohesively, each girl was commissioned for an individual shoot idea, some are models who I sought out and some are personal friends or even clients whose ideas I ran with who then released their images to me afterward. My port is almost a 50/50 mix of models and clients. When choosing a model I do have parameters: 1. no silicone - women in my area are predominately unaltered and I need to show in my portfolio that I know how to flatter natural bodies. 2. The women I commission for implied/demure nudes, generally do not list themselves as willing to shoot nudes - for some reason they look classier when the model is inexperienced and kind of bashful about it and you just don't get that look from women who pose for artnudes all the time. Plus I still aim to please my subject even if she's a model, and that first-nude-shoot feeling is such a thrill, from what I hear. I like to be her first experience with nudes so she knows if she has a weird shoot later on that it's not the norm. 3. I judge their portfolio by who they have worked with in the past, not how their pictures look. If she's taking on shoots from every joe with a camera looking to photograph hot models, I tend to pass her by. Not sure why, but there it is. Similarly I know some of the other photographers in the area and their shoot style, I like to see what results they got from their approach and that gives me an idea on how easy to work with that woman is. 4. I look for women with a "look" I haven't captured yet. When I have a new concept I like to choose a woman whose expertise is in another field. I like to commission the goth/victorian chick for boudoir, or a western wear model, or even a sporty/cheerleader type, and talk them into doing something a little different than their usual.

brotherdown4 karma

Judging by what females post in r/gonewild, macro shots of the anus are the height of fashion. How often does your work entail jamming a camera inches away from someone's crap-cutter?

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

Basically never. That falls under "fetish" photography and I try to be a bit more discreet than that.

tornvagina4 karma

Nice work! I'm curious, what outfit are you using for hosting/template/shopping cart?

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

I do all that through bludomain.

tornvagina2 karma

If I may suggest, you may get better value and features from Zenfolio. They're pretty cheap for all you get, and they're well integrated with Miller's/Mpix. I have a friend who switched recently and has been very happy with them. They have a coupon right now that will give you 20% off any account level: FOLLOW20

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

I tried zenfolio and hated it, bludomain has been wonderful from the start and worth every penny I spent on it. I don't print through miller's, I use McKenna because their color is spot-on and I feel like their black boutique packaging matches my brand better than Miller's craft brown.

tornvagina1 karma

I'm surprised you didn't like Zenfolio! I'm curious, what didn't you like? I usually hear the opposite sentiments, hence my curiosity. I'm not familiar with McKenna, I'm not a photographer, just have friends who are, but that does sound like better packaging.

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

As a photographer the gallery was the most important part for me and zenfolio's slideshow was ok but it let me exit out of it and see this page of thumbnails of each image and that page was very ugly, I could not figure out a way to disable it. in general zenfolio just looked cheap and dated to me. It was probably user error but if that's the case, bludomain is more user friendly and still gets my vote.

sirynfollyfallen5 karma

Thank you. She was one of my favorite people to work with - she laughed the whole time so refreshing to work with a model who has some personality!

spacepar3 karma

how many sexy pictures have you taken your entire career? Estimate would be fine.

sirynfollyfallen7 karma

the ones I went through and bothered to edit/enhance... I'd say probably around 2 thousand? 35 photos in a final gallery per session, 4 or so sessions a month, been doing this just over a year...

benwubbleyou3 karma

I am a photographer/video creator and I just want to know how much you charge for each shoot. You dont have to be exact.

sirynfollyfallen4 karma

Minimum of $150 for a basic 1 hour session and minimum print order.

benwubbleyou3 karma

cool thanks, another question. Who asks for photoshoots most of the time? Is it usually models who ask for your work? Do you have any unusual requests?

sirynfollyfallen9 karma

I have a surprising number of bank tellers in my portfolio, most women who seek me out are married, have a 9-5 job and most have children. Models approach me occasionally but as I do not work for free anymore, I end up turning down their shoot 9 times out of 10. I definitely get some unreasonable requests - one client, a curvier gal, asked me to "make her look thin" an wanted to be eating in all her pictures. I get quite a few kitchen/baking themed shoots, some women want to pose with their husbands tools (I have a concept for this I am dying to try this summer) and a fair few want to wear their man's military uni or what have you.

Fidodo3 karma

Any tips on getting good poses? Or coming up with them?

sirynfollyfallen5 karma

Buy Christa Meola's "The Moneyshots" it's the 10 shots which sell most from a woman who is DAMN good at this and has been doing boudoir for almost a decade, with instructions on how to achieve them. That's a really good place to start if you want a basic list of poses that work for boudoir. Through trial and error you'll learn what works and most of it comes with practice, I have a few basic shots I work on from each session in addition to most of those^ (and these vary from woman to woman depending on what we're trying to flatter) however; This pose seems to work for almost everyone. If she's sensitive about her belly it's hidden in the bed, gravity is helping accentuate her cleavage, you can have her lift her butt a bit to accentuate that, ankles crossed adds that ladylike feel, good eye contact (or direct another eyeline and get them looking away from the camera, play with focus on her butt vs her chest vs her face and see which one you like best) same pose different model and again and again and again and again like I said, flattering to just about every woman I've tried it on. The biggest thing that has helped me with posing is the analysis of other artist's work. Go through other photographers' galleries, particularly look at women of the same body type as your subject (if you know in advance) and decide which angles work and why. Is this angle really great for minimizing a little beer belly, that one a really cute butt shot? Perfect, use those. Practice the poses in the mirror (even if you're male) so you know what to tell them to do to replicate those poses. (If you are male and practicing said poses, oh sweet baby jeebus would I love it if you shared LOL, it looks foolish enough when I do it)

MrCatfood3 karma

How much money do you make, specifically? I'm a male photographer, and I've mostly done boudoir and outdoor portrait photography of friends, about to finally start my business proper, curious how financially stable it is.

sirynfollyfallen15 karma

It varies by area how viable it is. I am the only boudoir-specific photographer in my region (next-closest is Denver, a 4 hour drive) and as such anyone looking specifically for this type of portrait calls me first. I set my prices using the NPPA cost of doing business calculator, assuming I could shoot up to 2 days a week and plugging in all my other expenses (business insurance, web hosting, print development etc.) I came out to around $210 per client minimum, I average $350-500 per client and book fewer than my max (closer to 4 a month) I currently come out to about $15000 a year before taxes & deductibles. It's not enough to support my family of 3 but as a supplemental income for a stay-at-home-mom and with my husband working full time we do just fine. This next year's projected income is much higher now that I'm not doing freebies to build a portfolio.

Stealth_Cow3 karma

How many George Costanza portraits (goofy looking guys) have you do done?

Want to do one with a goofy looking Stealth_Cow in a 50's kitchen, blue pinstripe slacks, matching vest, shirt/tie, frying up some bacon? My girlfriend has requested it...

sirynfollyfallen1 karma

Come on over to Colorado, your girlfriend can hold the reflector.

Itsartsee3 karma


sirynfollyfallen5 karma

I do not model so I cannot say anything to that latter question. As the photographer, you need to have a solid background in photography before pursuing nudes and I suggest taking posing courses through your local college or sometimes the parks/rec department will have something. Artnudes are their own genre, and most of my work is more demure/implied than openly nude but even after I begun shooting boudoir it took quite a while to work up my confidence and shoot outright nudes. You'll notice those are not on my website - you're supposed to show what you want to shoot and I enjoy the implied side of it much more than the open/revealed nudity. More than anything, you need to be educated in the matter and aware of where to draw the line - what makes it artistic, and what crosses over into pornographic, and know what your opinion is on the matter to avoid making yourself uncomfortable or acquiring a reputation for work you can't stand behind. I absolutely do not shoot pornographic material, I've been approached by models in the past for fetish-type nudes and I won't shoot them. That's not to say I don't think others should - it's your own decision what you're comfortable with but the aim of my work is to flatter my client, the woman, make her feel beautiful and glamorous and I don't feel that softcore pornographic material is flattering to its female subjects on the whole. I aim at a classier clientele than that and displaying such work in my portfolio would surely scare them off. for photographers or models I highly recommend model mayhem as a starting-off point. Make an account and work with others who are also getting started.

casualthang3 karma


sirynfollyfallen3 karma

Not that I know of. Belcher is my married name, so if I am related to them it's through marriage. My husband's grandmother had pioneer plates from Colorado before she passed away, his family has been in this valley for quite a while.

ejlk3 karma

I used model for boudoir shoots a lot. It's really cool to read about it from the photographer's end!

I just wanted to say that + say that I love your work. Seriously. Your gallery is amazing. If I still modeled, lived in your area, etc. I would kill to shoot with you.

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

Thank you :)

Wyfind2 karma

Do people ever judge you for what you do? Any funny or awkward stories related to this?

Are you ever asked to do other types of photos or you do choose to only do boudoir-style?

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

I suppose I get a bit of judgment. I think my grandmother is the most scandalized by the whole concept, every time I speak with her she rants and raves about how great my photos of my daughter are and asks why I put so much effort into "that other style" of photography when clearly my calling is child portraits. (I really don't like other people's children...) While I'm not ashamed of what I do, I don't flaunt the exact genre around my family because it seems to embarrass them. They tell people I'm "a photographer" and tend to leave it there. When it does come up most people are curious and interested rather than scandalized but I guess it's hard to come to terms with such a very mature career for one's own child or grandchild?

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

oh, missed the second question. I don't turn down other work if it fits in my schedule and doesn't interfere with a boudoir shoot. My clients have families and often book me for their family/senior portraits too but I don't put that stuff on my website because it's not the type of work I'm trying to drum up. Also, adding to the first answer I gave you, my grandma assumed for the longest time that I was shooting pornography and was sending me self-help literature for the porn addicted. It was amusing. She's, uh... opinionated.

ctimer2 karma

in your opinion how accurate are light meter apps for ipods compared to the real thing (camera or meter)?

sirynfollyfallen1 karma

I actually don't use a light meter at all, iPod or otherwise, so I can't say. I read my camera's histogram to check exposure.

krishandop2 karma

Hi, I am an up and coming photographer that's trying to get more work. Could you check out my portfolio quickly and tell me what I need to do to improve? 500px.com/krishanbansal

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

Your work is beautiful and well thought-out, the biggest thing I can say about you wanting "more work" is that I am not the person to ask. Mountains aren't going to pay you to take pictures of them, nor will they tell their mountain friends what a good job you did, so my methods of hustling new clients aren't going to work for you. Maybe contact a stock photo company, or consider sending some in to national geographic just for the exposure...

FireIce311 karma

When is the Emma Watson shoot?

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

Only in my dreams

daweis11 karma

How hung over were you for your driver's licence picture?

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

Very,very hung over. In fact I'm fairly happy I was just switching from vertical to horizontal license because there was no way I could have passed a breathalyzer much less a driving test.

[deleted]-6 karma


sirynfollyfallen6 karma

I do have model releases for the ones displayed or I wouldn't be displaying them. I'm aware of what constitutes libel. My original comment on the matter was to try and waylay anyone who might want me to tell tales about my clients specifically. The way my client paperwork system works is, I discuss the session with a client on the phone and we decide what location/date/time and so on, then we meet in person for her shoot and I verify her age, go over my privacy practices and contract (how much and what form of money paid, expected delivery date of final images, not responsible for omissions/missed shots and so forth) and for paying clients they do not sign a model release at the time of their shoot because I never display an image until the client has seen and approved it. (you'd be surprised how much more comfortable this makes them.) Once I've delivered her gallery, I ask permission to display her favorites and if she is amicable to that idea I get a release from her; however this is optional. My paying clients all have the option of retaining their entire gallery and keeping it private, I understand how someone may not want scantily clad portraits of herself all over the internet no matter how tasteful or flattering they may be (think highschool teachers or public figures, etc.) Models are different as it's usually a trade, they sign the release and I send them a disc in the mail a couple weeks later, they don't get to pick because they got their session for free, we're both building portfolio. Edited for spelling and grammar/clarification.

chookiebaby2 karma

What about re-shoots? Do the clients ever ask for this, or is this something that you specifically cover up front?

sirynfollyfallen4 karma

I've been lucky in that respect and not needed to re-shoot boudoir so far (at least not due to my own error - if it's something on their end they can book me again but I don't consider that a reshoot.) I'd consider it if it were needed. Say, for instance, my camera broke or the location we staked out was not ideal, we'd just discuss another date and time and do it then instead.

chookiebaby2 karma

Now I'm wondering... did you ever have any "oops" moments? Something strange or crazy happen? Did Jethro show up (being out of the loop) and pull one of those "What the hell do you think you're doing, Betty Sue??!?! Put yer damn clothes on and get yore ass in the truck this instant!" ... or something like that?

sirynfollyfallen3 karma

Ohh, how to say this without sounding dirty? It's kinda fun to sneak around behind her hubby's back, and luckily as of yet I've never gotten caught. The delivery is the best part because most women can't wait for the album to come in and they show their DH the digital gallery - meaning when I drive up to deliver her prints, he meets me at the door looking like a kid in a candy store LOL. but no, no "oops" moments in that respect (though several have been suspicious when their wife showed up with more-than-average makeup on and had her lingerie in her purse)

[deleted]0 karma


x-gamer-7 karma

well without photo proof i predict this iama will not be very succesfull

sirynfollyfallen8 karma

I'm happy to provide photos, just not those of people who have not released their privacy rights (I was assuming people would ask me to share my "worst" outtakes etc. and part of my privacy release states that clients approve individual shots for my portfolio - obviously unflattering ones don't make the list.) www.foreverphotogj.com should have plenty of photos if that's what people are after, and here's proof I'm the Sarah Belcher on the "about me" section. Better? *please note, the photo on that driver's license was taken the day after my 21st birthday... as such, not terribly flattering of yours truly.

x-gamer4 karma

this is very nice , you are good ! what kind of hardware are you using in your shoots ?

sirynfollyfallen4 karma

Oh, I'm gonna get scoffed at for not having a full-frame camera here. I use a Canon 50D with kit lens and also a 50mm 1.8, hoping to upgrade the camera body to a 5DMKII this year, we'll see how business goes. I work with available light whenever possible but one of the limitations of my camera is that it is not stellar in low-light settings and I sometimes use shoot-through umbrellas, reflectors, and my flash to compensate. ETA hotshoe flash, NOT on-camera flash.

x-gamer3 karma

i Really like your black and white work

sirynfollyfallen3 karma

Thank you. I'm proud of those, I spent a lot of time developing my current style of black and white conversions.

chookiebaby1 karma

What about studio lighting? Do you use it? If yes, can you elaborate or is this too geeky of a question?

sirynfollyfallen2 karma

I try not to, I like natural light. I have 2 shoot-through umbrellas that I use very rarely when the natural light in the room just isn't enough (they're generic, came with a backdrop stand and crappy muslins off Ebay, shipped from Hong Kong)

donebythehands-10 karma

You're a cutie. I'm a photographer too. How about I do some sexy shots of you?

PS Not creepy

sirynfollyfallen8 karma

Lol "ps not creepy" I like that. Thanks, but there's a serious lack of credentials here so I couldn't even consider it at this time. I do want to do boudoir photos for my husband (very hard to take such shots of yourself when you can't see the angle) but I'm in contact with another local photographer and we're discussing a trade at some point this summer.

virtualoptim-35 karma

Have you ever filmed child pron?

sirynfollyfallen3 karma

no, I have not...

virtualoptim-32 karma

Why not? Seems like a good opportunity for a pervert like you.

sirynfollyfallen9 karma

Lots of moral and legal reasons, and also I'm a photographer and not a videographer.

virtualoptim-17 karma

I don't think you'd care much, judging by your comment history

sirynfollyfallen10 karma

Openly discussing sex? Meh. Sexualizing innocent children? Not so ok.