Thank you so much Far Cry fans! Team really appreciates your feedback and questions. We've tried to answer what we can but we're limited in our time and have to get back to working on the game!

For now, we leave you with a Double XP playlist for all platforms in multiplayer where you`ll be able to level-up your characters and weapons for the next 20 hours! Enjoy Far Cry 3!

Hello Far Cry fans! Welcome to our Far Cry 3 Developer AMA! I’m Tim Seddon, Community Developer on Far Cry, and I will be helping to get your questions answered by our development team! With Far Cry 3 released worldwide for more than a week now, we are very excited to see what kind of questions you’ve got for the team!

Joining you today from the singleplayer team here at Ubisoft Montreal is:

  • Jamie Keen – Lead Game Designer
  • Mark Thompson – Level Design Director
  • Lucien Soulban – Story Designer

And joining us from the multiplayer and co-op team at Ubisoft Massive in Malmö, Sweden is:

  • Magnus “Soundboy” Jansen - Senior Lead Game Designer
  • Henrik Johansson – Community Manager

Now, without further ado, let’s see what’s on your mind!

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farcryuniverse235 karma

I have an important question, is Tim going to get promoted any time soon? ;)

FC3-Tim1009 karma

My manager said yes, if this gets 50 upvotes.

ToLongDR140 karma

Whoring yourself out for Karma to get promoted? Easy days work.

FC3-Tim471 karma

A mans gotta eat.

VTHotSauce100 karma

Not really a question, just wanted to say Far Cry 3 is my spirit animal. Loving every second of the game and its my personal game of the year! Thanks for a great game team!

FC3-Tim123 karma

Thank you for playing! We're glad you enjoyed it.

LittlePe0ple66 karma

First of all guys, GREAT GAME, best i've played in a long time. Unfortunatley, I'm almost done, i've got a bit of story left, I play on warrior, and I'm just short of a few acheivements. Are there any plans or discussions on DLC? I really don't want to be "done" with the game when that time comes.

FC3-Tim83 karma

We're still focused on getting the core game out there. We've got some cool and unexpected things up our sleeves to show. Stay tuned!

komputerwelt26 karma

What are the odds of a DLC focusing on Vaas' story, where you control him or perhaps someone very close to him? Is such a thing even possible?

FC3-Tim25 karma

It's a bit too early us to start talking about what we've got planned in the future, but I can tell you to expect the unexpected from us.

Shvedi17 karma

Will you ever make vehicles and/or AI available for multiplayer?

FC3-Tim15 karma

Soundboy didn't want all his posts to be about the same topic, so here's an answer: