I cannot and will not reveal trade secrets or recipes or anything like that(mainly because I don't know them). I can discuss food prep and things like that, as well as my multitudes of delivery horror stories.

I've worked for: -Pizza Hut -Domino's -Little Caesar's -Marco's -Papa John's

Ask away about my job(s).

EDIT: Back soon, running out for a few. Will post pics of all the uniforms here in a minute.

EDIT: Done for now. Been an overwhelming response, and I've been answering as many questions as I can for 3 hours straight. Thanks for asking.

I was also only able to locate my Pizza Hut uniform. One of my friends borrowed my Marco's shirt(he went in early and couldn't find his), and I must have thrown out or given away my PJ's/Domino's uniforms.

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