I work for a 4 star rated airline http://www.airlinequality.com/StarRanking/4star.htm as a cabin crew member, flight attendant, stewardess, hostie, trolley dolley etc

My proof will go to the mods as I cannot reveal my secret identity! I run a blog as well :)

Going to bed 3.30PM Dubai time, back to answer you in the morning..

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EDIT 2: Some people asking about the blog


It is still in its baby stage :)

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SirFrancois570 karma

Since you fly so much, do you happen to have any sexual urges while in a different country? Do you get off to hooking up with passengers or do you go somewhere to get some?

tl;dr, where do you get your fix for sex while flying from country to country?

c0ffeetea0rme1119 karma

Yep! I um see friends in outstations. I have had some encounters in Hong Kong and I have a few 'friends' in Dubai. It's really hard and you get really lonely so you look for any guy to meet you after flights. All the crew sleep with each other in outstation. It's a big problem, the cabin crew are desperate to sleep with pilots and senior crew. You have crew call you in the middle of the night in your room, especially pilots!

aidanf123494 karma

What is the most crazy request you have been asked by a passenger, and what is the best thing about being a flight attendant?

c0ffeetea0rme922 karma

Crazy? Goodness.

  • A bag to spit in. I had to confirm several times the word spit

  • A lady with a neck brace "I need soft food I will have rice" (The menu items did not include rice even after explaining she kept ordering things that just didn't exist)

  • Hot fried chips

  • Nappies

  • Ice cream

  • My number

If it exists a passenger has asked me for it. They ask for EVERYTHING.

Best thing? I feel obvious but new destinations, I get a small taste of EVERYTHING I love it so much, I get to see smell and taste so much. I meet friends all over the world and party like a rockstar everywhere I go because I know I wont be there for long.

Edit; On a Lagos flight a passenger told me he wanted to masturbate. I directed him to the on board toilet.

p0kes427 karma

Thanks for taking the time to do this.

My one question is, what is the pay like? Besides being able to travel all over the world, are there any other benefits, either monetary or otherwise?

EDIT: Guess that is two questions.

c0ffeetea0rme698 karma

about 38k US a year, free rent transport and bills, all I pay is internet and taxi. 90% Off tickets

Jmcgriff29379 karma

Are there as many people joining the mile high club in the bathroom as television portrays it? Also, do people really get bumped to first class if there is a conflict with another passenger? Thanks for the AMA!

c0ffeetea0rme699 karma

Yes people try to join the mile high club. Let me tell you something, those toilets are FILTHY. Absolute FILTH. People shit in the sinks.

Moving on, I caught a lesbian couple in the toilets we had to get three crew to bang open the door and make them come out. She responded with "We were trying to piss"

A crew was fired for getting drunk while she was a passenger flying somewhere and joining a gentleman in the lavatory

A women had TWO men going at it on a flight from Manchester. Crew opened the door on them and the female tried to assault the crew. When the men went to their connecting flight they were arrested. Not sure what happened to them!

With the question of bumping people yes we move people but generally not for conflict. A month ago on one of my flights economy was full and this gentleman had changed seats several times to accommodate couples, families etc who needed to change seats. He didnt care where he sat and was so gracious. So we moved him to business class. Lesson, be nice!

If you are ill (severely) you will usually be moved to business or first if they're aren't many people in those cabins to recuperate and lie down at the discretion of the seniors

g00f362 karma

A women had TWO men going at it on a flight from Manchester

HOW the hell did they fit in there??

c0ffeetea0rme492 karma

There is one toilet that is so huge we fit 7 crew in there! ahha. Boeing 777 had a huge toilet!

munnyfish298 karma

When do you plan on settling down? This job doesn't seem like the type where you can keep a stable relationship.

c0ffeetea0rme391 karma

I know :( I hope its around 25... I am 22 now and I love the job so I think two or so more years before I move back home and find love... I will never find a stable relationship in the industry, it is unstable. I want a stable relationship but I wont find it here

thefourthMagi251 karma

What's your favourite city in the world?

c0ffeetea0rme527 karma

I cannot name one but I will try to do it region wise

1) Hong Kong (The most fun)

2) Vienna (Amazing food, people, scenery)

3) Moscow (Fascinating, so closed for so long)

4) Melbourne, Australia (Diverse, charming filled with character)

I find some redeeming quality in every city I visit.

danba291217 karma

What are your thoughts on flight etiquette (e.g. when it's okay to put your seat all the way back). Is there a classic faux pas we should know about?

c0ffeetea0rme283 karma

Seat back if your legs are too long and when not eating. During the meal seats up and if you're short its not really necessarily. But otherwise seats up for everyone when eating, you can do whatever you want after service.

crazynotions210 karma

What's something a passenger has done that you've really appreciated, or was just really nice?

c0ffeetea0rme346 karma

I've had passengers write comment cards about me, they get given to me via emails from my manager which is so nice... i love them


How often are there motherfucking snakes on your motherfucking plane?

c0ffeetea0rme57 karma

We carry falcons just in case

Hypercat204 karma

I'd like to be a flight attendant to see what it's like to travel and interact. Would I have to go through an exorbitant amount of training before I can work?

c0ffeetea0rme266 karma

I did 7 weeks! So worth it... I felt so ready. The training is hard but it paid of for me

[deleted]184 karma

How do you adjust being in the air so often, and with different time zones and all that? When I fly from the US to Singapore, by the time of the end of the trip I want to actually throw up. Air gets so thin, and the airline food is pretty bad even on Singapore Airlines. I literally need to have a can of sprite when flying on long flights next to me once every hour, slowly sipping until the soda is done to keep sane.

c0ffeetea0rme352 karma

You never really adjust. I just did three middle of the night flights and I can't stay awake in the day, so I have been nocturnal for a week. Some things that I do to keep myself sane is as soon as I get on board I get a bottle of 1.5L water and make myself drink it all. Then I brew a big pot of mint tea after the service and make myself drink that throughout the flight too. Keeping hydrated is valuable to my sanity and mood. We have one trip that is four days long and you have 24 hours in each port but the whole flights are night time only. It is TORTURE. Key points 1) Stay hydrated 2) Stay rested (sleep whenever you are tired) 3) Eat smart (this means no business class cheese boards or first class caviar, stick to fresh food only) For me eating right is the hardest, you're so tired you just want to SHOVE chocolate in your mouth. If I follow the above I am totally fine on board. On flights over 10 hours or so we get rest (sleep) in the crew bunks

iamrelentless170 karma


c0ffeetea0rme239 karma

Usually 24-72 hours

Tomorrows-Yesterday157 karma

What airline/flight benefits or perks do you get as a result of your job?

c0ffeetea0rme287 karma

90% Flights

Hotel discounts

Event discounts

Free tickets to events

a lot!