I've been asked to do this AMA for a while now. Proof forthcoming to the mods.

The almost part of the AMAA is I want to remain anonymous, so any references to how the money was made, gender, etc will be ignored.

Edit: I am inundated with questions. I responded to an AMA request and now I'm regretting it. I thought that was the point of AMA's.

Edit 2: Thanks so much, some of you were great, some of you suck.

Edit 3: Now there's a parody. Wonderbar.

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sakil73951319 karma

what's the craziest thing you've done only because of the money

thank you so much for giving me over 1k karma, I now am an official redditor

thank yo kinda guys and girls

Notdouchey2087 karma

I flew a person I loved to meet me in Paris.

BadAtParties1171 karma

The girls... how is it with the girls?

Notdouchey1691 karma

I am in a stable relationship with someone, but in my youth it was fun.

md6191065 karma

Growing up in a relatively wealthy family myself, I sometimes tried to hide the fact that my parents had money. The reason being that once the other kids figured out you came from money, so many of them automatically seem to assume that therefore you had everything handed to you in life. Or that you were soft, and never had to deal with any "real" problems. Did you have a similar experience growing up, and if so, how did you deal with it?

Notdouchey1398 karma

I can definitely see that. I had a friend who stole things from our house. I considered him a best friend. Needless to say, he's not a friend anymore.

MetalGearReddit975 karma

  • Are all your friends mega-rich too, if not, what's it like when people visit?
  • How often are you able to reveal your wealth to people?
  • When you do, is the reaction usually 'can I borrow some money'?

Notdouchey1268 karma

  1. No, the most awkward part is when other members of the family visit who haven't been as successful.

  2. I don't, bc then I would never know if they liked me, or the money.

  3. No, b/c by the time they know, they know better than to enter that into the equation of our friendship.

thekillers408937 karma

What is the best Christmas present you received as a child?

Notdouchey1933 karma

Not a Christmas present, but the best present I ever received was on my 18th bday, when I received company shares.

dwarf_hybrid912 karma


Notdouchey1300 karma

  1. Not really, the only other person I know who has more IS a douche, but the truth is when you reach a certain level of wealth, you're more concerned about NOT being known for it.

  2. Yes

rookoor899 karma


Notdouchey1537 karma

There is, especially amongst the coasts. "Old" money often only has a family name without a penny.

feel_like_a_sir697 karma

Was your father Thomas Wayne?

Notdouchey1763 karma

No, it's Howard Stark.

nuacount672 karma


Notdouchey974 karma

Over 21, and I can't answer that, but I'm working.

Jdolly88647 karma

Do you like guacamole? If not, why not? If yes, why yes? What kind of car do you drive. What are your aspirations? What is your favorite hobby?

Notdouchey926 karma

I like this question. I don't like Guac b/c I don't like avocado's. I love taco's however, with sour cream. I drive a BMW. My aspirations are to better than the generation before me, difficult I know. Favorite hobby is flying.

jack3d--614 karma

I'm trying to start my own business, any advice that you have come across in you life that might help?

Notdouchey1701 karma

Get out there and network. It's not what you have, it's who you know.

DangerousCookiePie601 karma

Is there any downsides to being a billionare?

Notdouchey1000 karma

Not a lot, as you can imagine, my upbringing was nice, and I think well-grounded.

_CR568 karma

could you just buy 'anything'?

Notdouchey1088 karma

No, access is more important then money.

generic101561 karma

What good advice have your parents given to you?

What expectations do they have for your future? What do you want to do with your life?

Notdouchey864 karma

The best advice I ever received was from my dad. "Be your own person"

None really, I have the freedom to do what I want, and I know that's a blessing.

bigearl6969549 karma

Do you meet famous people relatively often?

Notdouchey963 karma

Mostly politicians, but I've met some Hollywood types.

TehBossLizard532 karma

Kinda late, but what kind of candy do you give out on Halloween?

Notdouchey1339 karma

werther's originals

austinnyc514 karma

Forget the billionaire part... what's it like to be on the front page?

Notdouchey1385 karma

It would be better if I weren't using a throwaway account.

jedu461 karma

I have one or two...

Do you ever feel uncomfortable knowing there are people who try their best but still end up poor?

And does money really make you happy? I'm poor to the point of depression and dream that if only I had money I would have no problems. Is this true? Have you ever reached rock bottom?

Notdouchey869 karma

  1. I have nothing but respect people who try hard, and for whatever reason don't succeed. Not all the branches of my family have money. I love them regardless.

  2. Of course it doesn't. Happiness comes from the people you love.

dontbelieveinreddit444 karma

do you feel people treat you differently, perhaps with more respect once they find out about your parents billions?

Notdouchey897 karma

Yes, and I fully realize it's undeserved that they respect ME for that.

keeperdk361 karma

Do you ever face scorn from others because of your wealth?

Notdouchey917 karma

Yes, mostly from people who don't know me.

polito902020202330 karma

What is the most badass story that you have? Maybe spent ten grand on a date or something like that, I have always wondered what I would do with my girlfriend if money was not an issue.

Notdouchey1044 karma

The Milinneum New Year. 46k bar tab with my cousins and 20 people in the Caribbean. I don't think the hot tub will ever be the same.

AsAnOccultist315 karma

Are most of the people at your level of wealth in secret societies?

Notdouchey1535 karma

I wish, the only secret society we're a part of is the Illuminati....oh shit.

kbail22297 karma

Did you want to do something outside of your parent's company as a "look I can do it on my own" kind of thing? Also, most spontaneous place you've been to on a whim.

Notdouchey735 karma

I started outside of the family company, and then I came back in, because the opportunities were better. Honest answer.

richiecunnalingus293 karma

How many people ask you for money every day?

Notdouchey597 karma

None, I don't flaunt it.

reaggyg278 karma

What is your social life like? Do you only hang out with billionaire-kids?

Notdouchey524 karma

I have friends that know me for me, and to be honest, no one talks about money.

guitarded_joe274 karma

Would you or your family get recognized in the street?
Don't want to know who you are or what not, just yes or no.

Notdouchey473 karma

Yes, but it depends on the streets, we keep a low profile and are mostly known locally.

Justin3018268 karma

It seems to me like you'd basically be one of us, if not for the money. Thanks for doing the AMA, you've opened my eyes a bit. My family has money (Not me though, I'm broke, gotta make it on my own), though not on the epic level your family does, and I can't stand the people in their circles. They think they're better than everyone. Naturally, I'd assumed it would be worse at the top. You give me hope.

Notdouchey258 karma

that was nice

kewlstar249 karma

If you were to come across a person who has a lot of similar interests as you, hence you guys get along really well, however that person is rather poor. Would you keep that person as your friend? Does the level of social status influence your choices of friends/gf?

Notdouchey506 karma

Without a doubt. I live rather frugally, and most people don't know.

AussieWakeboarder207 karma

When you meet someone who you know you'd like to be friends with (or date for that matter), how do you manage their reaction to finding out about the wealth? ie: do you hide the fact as long as you can so they have an unbiased opinion of you and also show their true side and hope they don't become weird about the money later / it changes them so you don't want to be friends any-more or do you check their handling of the information from the start and only befriend those who aren't turned loopy by the money?

Notdouchey350 karma

I hide it from them as long as I can.