Hello! We are PETRIFIED GIANT, a self-described killer metal band that aims to slice off your face with razor sharp riffing, screaming vocals and lightning fast solos.

We are LYLE RATH (WRATHCLUB, ONEYPLAYS), DAVE MCELFATRICK (CYANIDE & HAPPINESS), and MARDY LEITH (DRAGONCORPSE) We have just released our first 3 song EP, the GODLESS SKY EP! You can check the songs out anywhere you listen to music, or here:


You can also check it out on Spotify HERE!

Ask us anything. How our disgusting collaboration was birthed, our songwriting process, our influences, what inspires us, what sandwiches we like, what the last four digits of our debit card number is. All of that.

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thegreattober29 karma

Lyle do you still consider yourself to be a master of guitar 7x over?

PetrifiedGiantBand78 karma

Lyle: Fun fact the "master" in my old username was for "Master of Puppets." I hastily created the account because OG youtube had porn on it but you had to log in to see it and that was the most impressive song I could play on guitar at the time.

Darksideava15 karma

What were the first instruments you learned to play? Also as a bonus question, name some favorite bands from the early 2000's!

PetrifiedGiantBand25 karma

Lyle: I was actually forced to take piano lessons for like 7 years when I was a kid and pretty much forgot everything I knew about it purely out of spite because I hated it. I really wish I woulda actually retained some of that but maybe it's in there subconsciously!

PetrifiedGiantBand14 karma

Dave: The VERY first instrument I ever played was a tiny Bontempi keyboard for kids. I remember figuring out the melody to the Van Der Valk theme when I was about 6 or 7. I played violin for a little while in school where they taught us to pluck twinkle twinkle little star, then for some reason threw us into the orchestra like we knew what we were doing and knew sheet music! I remember bluffing it the whole way, terrified, hoping noone would notice but one girl was not pleased and spoke to the teacher, and thus my violin career ended.

I eventually picked up a guitar at the age of 14. I wanted to be Brian May. Punk was the prevalent culture too and I couldn't skate, so I figured I could contribute in some other way. My parents got me a 30 quid nylon accoustic to see if I'd stick with it. It wasn't a phase, so I ended up getting a Vintage Strat copy soon after!

Favourite bands from the early 2000s: Not sure about bands that started in the 2000s, unless you wanna hear about my little midwest emo side. I really like Elliott- False Cathedrals, Jimmy Eat World, and really liked stuff like The Appleseed Cast and early Mew. Honestly, probably tons of other stuff but nothing's coming to my mind straight away.

PetrifiedGiantBand9 karma

Mardy: I started with vocals, then guitar shortly after.

I was in my emo phase during the early 2000's, so My Chemical Romance, The Used, Senses Fail, all that typical stuff

poopmachete14 karma

Lyle will you make amends with the Rat Community™️ by releasing an ode to the countless rat lives you've taken?

PetrifiedGiantBand14 karma

Lyle: I think when you've killed enough of something you better at least get some heavy metal lyrics out of it.

LondonHasFallenFan11 karma

What's your favourite anime?

PetrifiedGiantBand29 karma

Lyle: Samurai Champloo for me. The OG Berserk has a pretty special place in my heart too.

PetrifiedGiantBand19 karma

Mardy: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Can I get F's in the chat for some good ol' fashioned childhood trauma from End of Evangelion?

Also, I'm definitely more of a manga guy over animoo.

gazongagizmo2 karma

Neon Genesis Evangelion. Can I get F's in the chat for some good ol' fashioned childhood trauma from End of Evangelion?

From me you'll get an A....... T. Field.

And while I am not a professional writer, I know that the penpen is mightier than the swordsword .

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Amazing 😂

PetrifiedGiantBand16 karma

Dave: Uhhh, I'm an anime casual I guess. My Hero Academia. Although my favourite anime movie is probably When Marnie Was There. I don't think I've watched the movie once without weeping at the end, during Hisako's story.

Freaux3 karma

The marsh house is my wallpaper on my PC! The art and music in that movie are absolutely incredible.

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Dave: I have the soundtrack on occasionally when I'm doing work. It's an absolutely gorgeous soundtrack and extremely moving.

FatalNathanYT9 karma

Any chance that in the future we could see a PG tour?

Also I put the ep on my iPod. It kicks so much ass, and I’ve been listening to it almost non stop. Amazing job on it, fellas.

PetrifiedGiantBand11 karma

Dave: I'm nervous about touring! Being on stage is a lot of fun for me and I don't have stage fright but I've never played such complex stuff on a stage before- in the past it was all punk tunes. So it's a new challenge for sure.

TheMightyIrishman2 karma

I think funny touring experiences would give you some awesome material for C&H, which I’m a HUGE fan of.

PetrifiedGiantBand6 karma

Dave: We'd have to get up to some seriously heinous shit to make it worthy of a C&H comic.

PetrifiedGiantBand4 karma

Lyle: Thanks! I think it kind of depends on the level of success the band gets to, but playing this stuff live is definitely on the bucket list for me, whether its a tour or a festival or a oneoff show or something. I will say the state of touring is in a rough place right now meaning its A) really fucking pricey to tour and B) people are desperate for bands to tour because nobody wants to do it. We got an offer to tour even before we had any music out, so I'm sure we can make something happen eventually.

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Mardy: As long as my Australian-Ass can be imported, I would be super keen!

dovedrunk6 karma

So, just off the top of my head, how was your disgusting collaboration birthed? What is your songwriting process? What are your influences/what inspires you? What sandwiches do you like? Credit card details?

PetrifiedGiantBand11 karma

Lyle: Originally Dave just wanted me to do a guest solo for his previous project We've Got Hostiles and he liked it so much it kinda turned into like "do you just wanna make this a band?" kinda deal.

Songwriting process is interesting. The 3 you've heard already started as rough ideas from Dave, and I just kinda went "nah its too busy, put that riff back in the box" or "this would work good here" and sent "cool riff.wav" until we had a song. I really have the most fun job here. It's basically spitball tasty riffs, shred a solo, and criticize. "Rhythm guitar" is a much less glamourous credit but Dave's really been the beating heart of the band so far.

For unreleased ones, we have some I'm arranging, some where I just laid down a solo (that first song I mentioned is still gonna be on the album) and some we haven't written yet! I'm stoked to see what Mardy adds creatively too, since we already had these songs written when he joined.

PetrifiedGiantBand6 karma

Dave: Lyle's job is to hold me back from overwriting. I have such a short attention span that I need the song to change and surprise constantly. We've got a couple of 8 minute epics in the works, and they're frankly, colossal sounding. Lyle's cooking one of them and it is a BEAST! We're still working on some of the ideas I've brought to the band alongside some that Lyle's bringing in, as well as a few that we're growing more organically as a collaboration. The latter is the goal with most of our stuff eventually. I think you'll def be able to go "oh, that's a Dave or a Lyle or a Mardy song" immediately.

For me, a lot of band's output sounds exactly the same and it's hard to tell where you're at in an album, particularly with more extreme music. There's SO MUCH to learn from pop here. One of my favourite pop bands is The 1975, and the great thing about them alongside acts such as Queen is you know which song you're listening to within 1-2 seconds of it starting. That's our goal. You instantly go "oh it's that one!"

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Mardy: I joined after a much more talented vocalist couldn't do it, my songwriting process is "if it sounds good, it's good", my influences are a lot of prog/hair/groove metal, I like Fairy Bread, 8008135420 expiry 6/69 pin 1337

LouInaStew6 karma

I've only learnt ye existed from Dave tweeting, sorry 😅

How did you all meet?

PetrifiedGiantBand8 karma

Dave: Don't really remember how Lyle and I 'met', I think I just reached out to him on Twitter and showed him the music I have. As for Mardy, we found him singing for pennies outside the Sydney opera house. Lyle ripped his sunglasses off, pointed at Mardy and said "STAR!" and the rest is history.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: It's true, for clarification, though, Lyle ripped MY sunglasses off and then ran off with them.

SlowlyDyingInAPit5 karma

For Lyle Rath, what got you into playing guitar? Also what got you into editing and content making? I also just wanna say I’m a big fan of yours, I love your comedy style! “Mustang Dong” is one of my favorite songs! I’ve also been obsessed with Oneyplays for over a year now, like any time I get the chance I listen to the videos. I kind of have a problem. I wanna know how you met Chris O’Neill and the other Oneyplays cast. I know this is a long read, but I’m just a big fan of yours and love what you do! Thank you for reading this! :)

PetrifiedGiantBand5 karma

Lyle: I went through like the whole first 12 or so years of my life thinking I didn't like music just because of what was on the radio typically at the time. I still would take absolute silence over music I dislike, I don't know if that's normal.

I'd occasionally hear little snippets of cool guitar stuff, like fuckin diddy kong ripping a solo when he'd beat a level in Donkey Kong Country 2 and I'd be like, "THAT I WANT THAT" and then I'd ask my parent's about rock and roll and they'd be put on Cat Stevens or something like that and I'd go "nahh that's not it" (moon shadow kinda lowkey fucks though.)

So when I finally discovered rock and metal I got fucking OBSESSED with it. I think the first two albums I owned were AC/DC's Back in Black, and Metallica's "And Justice For All," from there it opened up into like Slayer, Megadeth, In Flames, Children of Bodom, Judas Priest etc. and it was just kind of a "I want to do that."

As for the other stuff, started making videos to make my friends laugh and then had one of my really early things go viral and it sorta happened right as I was at the age where I had to figure out what I wanted to do as a career so it just sorta fell into my lap.

I've known Chris and Zach and Cory since like the oldschool newgrounds days!

PetrifiedGiantBand5 karma

Dave: Man, DKC2 had some rippers too. Maybe we should cover "Stickerbrush Symphony" but there's so many others to choose from.

RaffleAccount5 karma

Hypothetically, which tragic accident do you want to be the event that strikes at the peak of your band's success?

PetrifiedGiantBand12 karma

Mardy: I envision we are walking down the Hollywood Walk of Fame, whereupon we see a Mime hosting impromptu Dance-Off's with random passers-bys. Lyle stops us and says "don't worry fellas, I've got this" and proceed to JoJo walk towards the mime.

The mime, upon being challenged, arrays a series of tracks that start increasing in speed, making Lyle WORK for that W, which also causes a sizeable crowd to form due to all of the commotion.

Unfortunately, due to the intensity of the dancing, Lyle will make a misstep and twist his ankle, but only enough that it makes him unable to dance on it, but not require medical attention.

At which point, the mime will hit the griddy as Lyle limps back to us, defeated... Dave is fighting back tears, I'm yelling at the onlookers to stop laughing in-between my sobs.

People start talking about the guys that looked like absolute jokes in front of some random mime, we all get doxxed, people clown on our band, but then the huge influx of streams causes our numbers to eclipse even the largest bands, and then we get booked to tour with Metallica.


PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Dave: this is brilliant

PetrifiedGiantBand6 karma

Dave: That I die in a questionable accident involving a bathtub and 400 cans of Heinz beans.

Potato_Spirit5 karma

What got you into metal?

PetrifiedGiantBand7 karma

Lyle: I thought it would get me laid lmao

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Dave: Queen in the 70s were one of the forefathers of metal. Check out their first album. From there it was a little Sabbath, a little Linkin Park, then on to the thrash bands. The Black Album and S&M were big eye openers for me.

Like Lyle, I thought guitar would get me laid. Who needs to do shadow work when you're ripping on guitar, right?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: Slight alteration to my esteemed peers. I thought being in bands would make me more attractive, where-as it turns out that just growing long hair and listening to people is really all it takes to be popular. Life lesson for y'all, fellas.

Lordi got me into metal after watch Eurovision as a youngin' lmao

Flat_Weird_53984 karma

What movies do you guys enjoy seeing in your free time?

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Dave: I LOVE horror. I'll digest any kind- great horror and 'its so bad it's good' horror. I love Ari Aster's works. I'm also going through a Scorsese kick and it's a toss up between Goodfellas and Casino for my favourite movie by him. My comfort movie? Aliens! My trifecta of perfect movies is Ghostbusters, Aliens and T2. I'm a simple man.

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Mardy: I watch Drive and Blade Runner 2049 on repeat, 24/7.

BadZnake3 karma

Can you buy me some soup?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: what kind?

BadZnake1 karma

French onion, or if you have like a really good chicken noodle in mind.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Chicken noodle's a better bet than French onion if we're talking canned soup here.

_Vausty_3 karma

I've been playing for about ten years and haven't had a guitar in about two, what's a good cheap end electric for me to get back into it? I play a lot of alt rock like Foo Fighters and etc, thanks guys! Love the work!

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Lyle: Honestly in the last 5-10 years the machines that make guitars have gotten a lot better so you kinda can't go too wrong. I'd look at what kinds of guitars they play in bands you like and get a budget version of that, or something with the same pickup config at least. That's my answer until I have my own signature model.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: Whats your darn budget? We can help! If you're just playing ballsy power chords nothing a Squier or an Epiphone Les Paul can't handle.

John_is_Good3 karma

Where/how do you guys record your music?

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Dave: I record and mix everything myself in my home office! I use Ableton, which most people would scoff at but it works! Lyle will send me his solo tracks and Mardy will send me his stuff, and it's all up to me to get them in the mix.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Lyle: It's all home studio DIs. Modern recording is a miracle.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: I have a makeshift studio in my backyard that is lovingly called "The Crack Den", whereupon I annoy my neighbours by going AAAAAAAAA at all times of day/night.

My vocal chain is also pretty ridiculous, total overkill for someone as unknown as me lmao

Smsry3 karma

What do you think are some good entries into Metal for a noob who has never gone into it deeper other than the occasional stuff here and there?

PetrifiedGiantBand9 karma

Lyle: That's actually one of the goals of Petrified Giant! But it's hard to say without knowing your taste. I'd kind of recommend different stuff to everyone.

It's tempting to recommend the classics, oldschool Metallica, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest.

I actually like to show people melodic death metal, like Children of Bodom or Dethklok. Because it makes you feel like you're in the deep end of the pool and helps you wrap your head around "oh the vocals are supposed to be a drum, not a piano."

Power metal is also very listenable to newcomers I think. Spin some Beast in Black or Avantasia!

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Good entry level metal hmm? Well there's always Metallica's Black album. Like any great album, each song stands on their own (apart from Don't Tread On Me *shudder*) and it's got enough hooks to entertain a more casual listener who wants to dabble into heavy sounds. I also recommend S&M by the same band. Hugely melodic and beautiful. The orchestra is a good crutch for the ear if you don't think you can enjoy the metal by itself just yet.

I also think Anthrax- Among The Living is an insanely fun album. The riffs are heavy but the lyrical fare is lighter, and they're a great party band. They've eventually become my fav 'big four' band but that could just be exhaustion from the other bands.

Edit: Oh, and of course, PAINKILLER!

Once you've got a feeling for it check out Pantera- Cowboys From Hell, Death- Symbolic, Exodus- Tempo Of The Damned. There's a good starting point and you don't have to like everything all at once. Find one you like and spin that shit until you start expanding to the songs before and after it. That's how I find my footing with new music.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: Ghost, Arch Enemy, Megadeth, Mercyful fate/King Diamond, Later-era Mastodon, Trivium, TestamenT, DIO, classic Sabbath

John_is_Good3 karma

Who in the band would win in a freestyle rap/poetry competition?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: Mardy, I would hope

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: I honesty reckon it would be Dave.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

If you're interested I did a sort of "prose" thing for an older song of mine. You can find it here:


John_is_Good3 karma

Who in the band can do a cartwheel?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: Not me, though I haven't tried in forever.

Ironmayham_2 karma

What artists influenced your sound/music style?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: For me- Cro-Mags, Death, Power Trip, High Command, Prong, a bunch of different thrash bands (Exodus, Slayer, Forced Entry, Testament, Overkill). Lots more and I'll type em up as I think of them.

KikiFlowers2 karma

How was this collaboration formed?

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Dave: I've been writing music for as long as I can remember, and one of my Covid projects was an album that I wrote, played and recorded entirely by myself under the name We've Got Hostiles, you can still find that on Spotify if you like.

For the second album I had a few songs but I didn't want to write leads, and so I showed Lyle the Hostiles stuff hoping he'd come on board to write and play some solos. Dude said yes!

Once we started collaborating Lyle started suggesting good structural changes for the songs already there, and bringing in riffs that worked better in some areas. So it kinda became more of a proper collaboration thing in terms of writing and we decided to change the name to something new. We've been sitting on some of this stuff for a year as we've had a hard time finding a vocalist that was passionate about what we do. We talked to the brilliant David Benites for a while, and he was all in until his career really took off, so he couldn't work in the timeframe we wanted anymore. He recommended Mardy Leith, who is an absolutely sick Australian singer. He's right in our goldilocks zone of "get him now before Journey ask him to come sing with them or something", so we're very lucky. Dude's an absolute sweetheart. And here we are now, writing songs for you guys and striving to get better! Petrified Giant! *does horns*

tormentalist2 karma

Is your band PG?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: I think we're pretty PG. I don't imagine you'll see any Parental Advisory stickers on our CDs/vinyl, whenever we get around to those.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: Our band is Pretty Good, yes.

Samsclubsandwich2 karma

More of a request, please do 'making of/in studio' videos. Metal bands used to do them a lot and they were some of my favorite things would you guys enjoy doing that?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: Noted! We can definitely do insights, I've started recording myself playing a few of the passages from the songs to give people a feel. I wanna encourage people to do covers of our songs!

After_Negotiation2482 karma

How did you come up with the name Petrified Giant? What does it mean? Also will you guys drop lyrics to the songs?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: I think on bandcamp we have the lyrics. I actually don't remember where the name came from but it was definitely after a long night of "Does this band already exist? Fuck!"

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Petrified Giant was basically the biggest, heaviest, most collossal thing we could think of. A giantic, aged, collussus that's unstoppable. We think it reps the music quite well.

As for lyrics, sure! You can find the lyrics to Flesh Born OF Flesh here. Flesh Born Of Flesh deals with my response to my mother's cancer diagnosis. She was always quite blaze and "take it as it comes" in life, and I was worried that she was too tired to fight. The "Headless Carriage at the door" is from an old Irish myth that says old Irish families have banshees appear above their house the night before a death, and then death himself comes on a carriage to take you. My lyrics are about her being too tired to fight death. Unfortunately, she lost that battle and this is one of the songs that deals with that. The lyrics were written before she passed away, so it's an interesting and saddening perspective to look back on now.

Traitorous is a song about those who put their own grandstanding above the needs of others. It is about those with selfish and narcissistic principles- people who would rather remain 'morally pure' in their minds than actually help people suffering if it required them to shake on their principles.

Godless Sky is about those who are ill and refuse treatment, believing a higher power will take them only to discover that there is nothing.

Freaux2 karma

What are y'all's favorite video game soundtracks? Have you played Hades? The music in that game is on another level.

PetrifiedGiantBand4 karma

Lyle: Nobuo's Final Fantasy for sure, Harry Gregson Williams work on Metal Gear Solid, Smash Bros is a massive cheat answer but it really does have difinitive versions of a lot of classic gaming music. The Castlevania remixes they did for that game are insane.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: Original Sound? Morrowind. Most bitchin' soundtrack? Brutal legend.

Also, I absolutely adore Hades and am a massive Roguelike/lite fan. Super keen for Hades 2!

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

FFVII. DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM (2016), though the older Doom music got me into Pantera.

Elizashizzle2 karma

Hell yeah dudes, y’all rock. What other bands have you been a part of in the past?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: In the mid 2000s I was in a band with a couple of long-time friends. We were a goofy punk outfit called The Hammer Brothers before another pal joined us and we got a little more existential. The band's name changed to A Red Letter Day (after the Get Up Kids song) and we started playing sweater emo.

I dunno if this counts but when I loved to the US I started a truly awful band called Hey Banana Na!1 where we'd write songs in 2 mins and perform live at the Cyanide & Happiness Banana Bar Crawls. Check out the link if you wanna listen to some nauseating stuff. We got told to stop playing music by a manager ne time in a bar on McKinney Ave (Dallas).

These days my main musical project is Petrified Giant, and I've also got a fun Sunday side project called Die Wurst where I play silly fun songs with some good boys. We occasionally do shows in the DFW area! Keep an eye out.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: I have not been part of any bands aside from a few highschool things that met in a garage one time and then immediately dissolved, but I've been sneaking guitar stuff into youtube videos for years and doing guest spots on other people's stuff. It probably congeals into a collective 1 band's worth of experience!

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: I've been in a billion bands tbh, current listing is DRAGONCORPSE, Russian Novel, Path of Victory, Soul Decay, Oligarkii, Sound Theory, Malthusian Crisis, as well as either unreleased or featured tracks for other bands.

Malowfox2 karma

Will guys ever come to a UK or Europe festival like Don broco / Enter Shikari

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: That'd be pretty cool, I've always loved how nuts the UK and European metal crowd get at concerts.

rolemuddle2 karma

As musicians, how happy are you with your gear and storing it? Anything on the horizon that you want to add or change?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: I'm a very non-analogue "amp modelers and software plugins" kinda guy. It's way cheaper and you get a ton of freedom, especially if you just want to get the idea down and figure out the tone later. I always want more guitars though!

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: Right now I'm very fortunate to say I own my dream guitar- an ESP MX-250 explorer. It's what I use to record the majority of my parts in our songs and it is a BEAST. I dunno if I'd take it out on tour or play life as it's too precious. Honestly, I want an explorer shape with EMGs and a Floyd for touring. I also really enjoy the Sustaniac pickup, as you can make your guitar squeal for days. If any guitar makers are looking for someone to sponsor, ME MEMEMEME.

For practice, I've got a trusty lil Fender amp that I just plug straight into. As Lyle said, for recording it 's all about digital tones and modelling. You can basically get exactly what you want without a garage's worth of stuff.

Cliche_Originals2 karma

What does each member play, and who's the singer?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I play rhythm and bass in the recordings! I do a lot of the riff writing and arrangements, and I've done a few of the melody leads (like the beginning of Flesh, for example). Lyle also writes riffs and composes the song with me. Mardy shreds it on the vocals.

Fun story, the song that became "Flesh" is def our most overcooked and went through about five iterations. When we presented the final one with vocal demos to a previous singer they said "this simply doesn't work." However, we gave the same demo to Mardy and Mardy damn took the entire thing to a whole new level.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: Singer here! Also play guitar/bass and otamatone.

indefinite_silence2 karma

Loved you guys before this all came together and it fucking rules to see you all collaborating on some wicked shit. Can't wait to hear more from you.

Can we anticipate merch/physical releases of your music any time soon? I'll throw money at that right away.

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Lyle: We actually just got test prints of shirts and stuff! And yes when we finish the full album that will be available physical too!

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: I appreciate the love, we can't wait to show you more!

We're talking about CDs and Vinyls, perhaps as limited editions as we don't want to buy huge bulks. However, I just got some cool samples in the mail today...

20lpknight2 karma

Mardy, if you could flesh out any of the covers from your youtube channel with your band mates, which song would you pick?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: For this band, I feel like the most suitable of my covers would be Pantera - Cowboys from hell (minus the backstreet boys), Ghost - Rats, DIO - Caught in the Middle, or Nevermore - The Heart Collector!

MetalJaw2 karma

For Lyle:

You mentioned that Pregame Discharge was one of the more difficult shows to make but you liked making it despite that. What's the most enjoyable part of making it? Is Spoilers Ahead less enjoyable to make? (Disclaimer: I love Pregame Discharge, I'm grateful you keep making it every month)

By the way, huge fan of everything you make. Clown Room has now dethroned Clown Robbery as my favourite internet clown cartoon.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: Pregame is fun because it's fast loose and current. It's a very low pressure way to throw 50 jokes at the wall and I don't have time to overthink it and if some of them don't stick it's not a big deal. Spoilers Ahead is the exact same process but its way more time consuming and expensive, and also I have to kinda stare into it for months, and then when it comes out people are like "erm, why are you making a video about a movie that came out 9 months ago instead of something that came out last week." Also Spoilers Ahead is more of a tightrope walk for me personally because I generally am not a fan of online critic/thinkpiece-y content so I'm hypercritical of making sure its abundantly clear that the goal is to wring something for goofs rather than offer abject criticism. Most episodes of spoilers ahead I scrap just as much content as what ends up in the video.

GuitarSlayer1362 karma

What was everyone's main influences for the direction of the Album?

My guitar ear heard some Smalls and VanHalen influences and Id love to know where everyone went for inspiration.

Alot of metal especially new bands can feel safe and generic but you guys immediately set yourself apart. Very excited to hear more and maybe even see you play live one day.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: For this project specifically, I'm thinkin a lot about like, Pantera, Exodus, old Metallica, Helloween, Annihilator, that kinda stuff.

But the bands that super influenced me that my playing always is gonna have a twinge of is like, Judas Priest, Children of Bodom, Dethklok, old In Flames, Megadeth, Metallica, and then I also listen to enough prog to where I'd be shocked if that didn't sneak its way in at least a little bit, but that's more shit I enjoy as a listener than a player.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I think that's a great compliment! For me it's thrash and crossover stuff like Exodus, Prong, Testament alongside stuff like Death's mid 90s era. Love to wander all over the place with our sound, we like to play with synths too to give it that sorta Fear-Factory "slab of metal meets wires and electrical components" kinda vibe. There's also a slight synthwave component so things like Vangelis's Blade Runner soundtrack are the sort of thing I like to pepper songs with.

keattto1 karma

Florida if touring??

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: Sure, just don't eat me plz.

meadeator1 karma

GUN TO LYLE'S HEAD - who is the best guitarist between Dave, Jack (ToxicXEternity), and Jules (FamilyJules)?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I'm gonna say it's either Jack or Jules lol.

BoxVenom1 karma

Hey Dave and Lyle, are there any plans of doing an animation collab? That would be so rad 🤘

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: That would be rad wouldn't it...

Armored-Elder1 karma

any plans for a physical release of the EP? It kicks ass 🤘

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Lyle: We've been kicking around the idea of doing it either as a limited collectors thing or a reversible cover or something for the full album, since those songs will be on there.

Traditional_Tap_21 karma

Hey y'all! Congrats on the EP launch! Love music, love you guys. My question is as an aspiring musician: How do you guys handle things on the backend? Like, mixing and such. Real specific and easy question, I know, but like any pointers? Any directions you can point me to learn this stuff?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I had a friend show me the ropes, and I just experimented from there. A lot of people tell you that you need to know a ton about mastering, but that's kinda bullshit. You can find a good mastering preset in Ableton and apply that to your master track and voila. I tend to work backwards where I'll apply a mastering preset first so I know what the music's going to sound like as I write it. From there it's finding your favourite tones and learning how to amplify, eq and compress them to your liking. I find the bigger and louder the better, as long as it doesn't cut and you can hear everything!

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: You can watch tutorials and stuff about mixing all day but at the end of it, if it sounds good it sounds good. My strategy personally is to get sounding big and loud and mean, and then stab EQ cuts into it until you can hear everything. (disclaimer I did not do our mix for the EP)

andream_yt1 karma


PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: It sure does! We will hit you up in future if we need streaming visualisers!

Jau0041 karma

Is this Dave the very same Dave of Cue Card Dave fame?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Absolutely not.

sisselnemissile1 karma

haven't taken time to listen to the other tracks other than the original single, so maybe my question already has no point, but which subgenres of metal are you interested in tackling? or is there a genre already in mind that you guys want to focus on to define yourselves with? might be a bit far off into the future for that yet, but i figured i'd ask anyway.

that said, the single was great, and i'll definitely make time to listen to the rest of the EP

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: I think the idea originally was that PG would be a thrash band but we have so many non thrash influences we keep getting sidetracked. But I kinda just say we're heavy metal. There's not much that's off the table.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: Sure, great question! I think we want to expand on different sounds early, so people aren't surprised when we try something 'different'. If we're already doing different stuff, then we're already expanding. As for my influences, when I hear our stuff I think a lot of Death (the band), thrash metal, groove metal and some hardcore crossover (Power Trip, High Command, Mindforce and Leeway are my jam, man, not to mention Cro-Mags!). I like to mix the complexity of something like Death's Symbolic with big bruiser riffs that aren't necessarily complicated but force you to move your fucking head.

keneathian1 karma

does the various non-collaboration stuff you guys do effect your process when you're making music and stuff?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I don't think so, we're very good about treating the band as a priority when it's required. Of course we all have our deadlines and those come first, but we always make time to discuss where we're going with our music and band. We're taking it quite seriously and we wanna bring great music to you.

I_am_a_Dogg1 karma

If you could have any dog, why would it be me?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: GIVE. ME. A. SHIBE.

Either that or I'd steal Lyle's glorified pile of mashed potato, aptly named Cheese.

4D_pizza1 karma

Do you think metal bands with super dark themes (think Dying Fetus) create content with humour in mind?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Lyle: I think it's the same sensibilities as people make horror movies. There's an element of humor in there but it's played straight.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: I think a lot of it is tongue in cheek fun for sure, until you get to some of the Swedish/Norwegian black metal. Most metal is basically badass stuff for nerds to feel awesome about and most metalheads are cuddly bears. You can hear some weird shit about the metal audience but they’re largely sweethearts who just like cool shit.

Amichiiii1 karma

Have you thought about continuing “The Stockholm’s” by creating a second season or possibly a spinoff?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

We’d love to! It’s all a question of budget, But it’s not cause we don’t wanna! We’ve still got plenty of places to pitch it to!

squegen1 karma

Are you planning on releasing more music this year?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: Hopefully! We've got some bangers nearly ready to go.

Jau0041 karma

Is there a height requirement for joining the band?

PetrifiedGiantBand3 karma

Dave: I'm 6 feet. I'm usually a taller one in a crowd but Lyle is a goliath ogre man that towers over me. Unsure what height Mardy is. Mardy, are you teeny or tall?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Lyle: Dave you are 3'8" and Mardy is 4'2", one inch taller than you were previous to lying about this question

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: Which is weirder, the tiny little guy or the redwood trunk of a man that plays with his merry band of tiny little squat men?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Lyle: Yes! You have to be either freakishly tall or freakishly short. I am 6'8" and dave is 4'1"

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: I'm 5'10, which wasn't revealed until now so I guess I will be replaced by some 6'2 Swedish God within the coming days

myfingerpoints5w1 karma

Meshuggah, Periphery, or Pantera?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: Hard to say. Meshuggah is cool although all their stuff sounds the same to me after a bit. Periphery are dope, and have been kind enough to let us know they like our music, which is an insane compliment! I'll say Pantera for now but that could change later today.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: Periphery. P2 blew my gotdang mind and made me push myself as a vocalist!

sirfuzzitoes1 karma

I don't know yall but this shreds.

My question: what are your thoughts on pineapple on pizza?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I'm very pro pineapple on pizza. If the mood takes me, I'm all in. Although the older you get, the more you nod and just stick with good old fashioned pepperoni.

Ancient-Librarian4191 karma

Please I am only here for the safety of the cat. Is the cat ok?

Also coffee as a suppository or as an IV line? You can only pick one.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Cat is fine and not ded. As for coffee, I'll do either. I'm not a big needle guy, how long do I need the IV for?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Hi guys, I don't know what's happening but I see all your questions in the notifications, yet they're not appearing on the AMA. I'll ask a mod real quick what's going on. It keeps saying "that comment is missing".

rolemuddle1 karma

Outside of music, what are some of your main interests/hobbies?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I'm really into older arcade machines. I've got a couple I work on and I've built a mini arcade in my office. I like problem solving and getting something cool out of it.

Goons_Squad1 karma

Okay I'll bite. What sandwiches do yall like?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: Vegemite

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: Italian or Tuna melt. Also hotdog hamburger if that counts.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Dave: What the fuck is a hotdog hamburger?

PainterX971 karma

For Lyle: You’ve joked around with Zach Hadel in the past about using his classic screeching as vocals for a metal track. Any chance of that becoming a reality as an album track? Not to shitpost all over a legit album but even one of those CD style hidden tracks would be cool.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: Maybe if we go more kvlt

Sweet-Attention-49821 karma

opinion on eggs?

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Mardy: I appreciate when short, rotund men offer them to me in trying times.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: I'm an eggy guy. I'll take an egg right now, thank you very much.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: Eggs make me throw up sometimes is that weird? I'll be in the mood for em sometimes but other times I'm like whoooooaaaa better not give me an egg or I might just throw up

Totema11 karma

How often does Lyle use his prior experience as a snake charmer in his performance?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: Any time I do bar chords I use the snakes as a capo

keattto1 karma

Besides that guitar learning game, how did you all learn your instruments/vocals?

I've dipped my toesy woesies into learning violin, guitar, piano, and vocals and come back with several figurative black eyes.

PetrifiedGiantBand2 karma

Lyle: Once you cross that gap of "I can't play guitar" to "I can play guitar badly" progress comes a lot easier. I think its important that people start hitting power chords and goofing off on the instrument ASAP so that when you learn something you actually have something to apply it to, instead of just learning a C major scale and having no idea what to do with it.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Dave: Just sit down and learn all your favourite songs, or what you can of them. The first thing I ever played was the intro to Crazy Little Thing Called Love. From there it moved onto other Queen tunes, to stuff like Green Day, and then onwards to Metallica etc and it grew from there. The first thing that taught me how to solo was Pearl Jam's cover of Leaving Here). There's a little pentatonic doodle in the middle that taught me the scale, and I just started experimenting with it after that. I love playing the blues and I can shred in my own way but Lyle's the technical dude when it comes to solos.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: I started my vocal journey with Primary School Choir, then went through singing terribly in High School with my Pop Punk and Post Hardcore phase, then actually got some lessons before finding out about Hair/Power Metal during my mid-teens and then trying to replicate that sound, to then finding heavier and heavier music, which forced me to learn how to scream ontop of my clean vocal chops.

For me, the most important steps of singing are Placement, Projection and Stability. Being that you want to explore your vocal range to know WHERE to place a note so that it is in pitch, then project to a reasonable standard without straining your voice, and then maintaining note Stability so that you aren't drifting in and out of pitch.

fitzdylanj1 karma

Does Johnny Sins also endorse this band?

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Mardy: I sure hope so, otherwise the Bald Brotherhood will be hearing about this...

IntrinsicGamer1 karma

2 Qs, one about the band and one just for Lyle lol

For the Band: 1 - Do you guys have a full album in the works? This EP fuckin’ slaps donkey tits (that’s a compliment though I don’t recommend doing that to a donkey) so I’m looking forward to hearing some more at some point, whether that’s more EPs, singles, or a full album.

For Lyle: 2 - Do you still talk to Dex at all after all these years? He recently reuploaded all of Sanity and I was wondering if you were consulted much about that since some edits were made to the episodes.

PetrifiedGiantBand1 karma

Lyle: Yes and Yeah, I told him I was cool with it.