I am in my 20s. I found out I had two uteri, 2 cervices, and 2 vaginas when I was 16 years old. I've been told I can get pregnant in either uterus. AMA.

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OP likely isn't going to provide the proof we all want to see. So for all those curious, this is essentially what it looks like. OP can you at least confirm?

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Yep thats what it looks like

fohshizman1549 karma

What are guys reactions when they find out you have two vaginas?

nurseryRN1978 karma

Disbelief lol which makes it fun to talk about

r_hibbs1475 karma

So could you potentially get pregnant, then a month later get pregnant again?

nurseryRN2186 karma

Due to hormones, that isn't supposed to happen but I've read that it's happened before. Apparently a woman had one in one uterus and twins in the other uterus.

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This picture is upside down but it shows both my left and right uterus.

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soooo the obvious question, hows your sex life?

nurseryRN1573 karma

My sex life is good. It depends which vagina is penetrated. My vaginas are side by side and the left side hurts when penetrated because it is smaller. To my knowledge, due to the septum in my vagina, my g-spot is covered. Other than that, I imagine that it's not much different than anyone else's.

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so do you essientially have a "normal" (as in you have 2 labia majora) vulva externally but internally its got a septum down the middle dividing it? glad to hear its all ship shape and in working order for you tho.

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nurseryRN844 karma

There is a septum. It's separated about an inch into my vagina. Does that make sense? Thank you though :)

Psykes1415 karma

So basically, "accidentally putting it in the wrong hole" is much more applicable to your situation than any other?

nurseryRN784 karma

ha yep

nurseryRN1147 karma

They took it down because I didn't have sufficient proof, but me and my two vaginas fought hard to get it back up.

makogen1006 karma

How do your menstrual cycles work? Do you get two at a time or are they at different times?

nurseryRN1290 karma

I have two fallopian tubes, one connected to each uterus. I menstruate once a month.

mider-span641 karma

so does that mean you could get pregnant twice, by 2 guys?

nurseryRN982 karma

If it was the same night I suppose. Once I get pregnant in one vagina. My periods will stop all together because of my hormones.

smilesbythemiles623 karma

what does your SO think of it?

nurseryRN928 karma

he was shocked at first but he doesn't notice it when we have sex.

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How do you react when you first learned about it?

nurseryRN1009 karma

I cried!

firebirdx504 karma

How did you find out about it?

nurseryRN873 karma

When I was 13 years old I had to have surgery on my intestines. When I got out of surgery, my parents were told to take me to an ob/gyn when I was 16 because "something is wrong with the reproductive system." My ob/gyn did a vaginal exam and told me I had a double vagina and two cervices and we decided to do an exploratory laparoscopy.

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Are you able to use tampons/diva cups at all, or do you have to use pads or something external?

Would there ever be a way to surgically "correct" the issue and turn it into one vagina?

nurseryRN709 karma

My doc says I should use two tampons at one time but thats a bit ridiculous so I just use one. I can choose to get the septum removed but scar tissue may form. I would have to put a mold in my vagina twice a day for 15 minutes at a time and I would have to do that for 6 months.

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DON'T do it. I'm a female who was born with no vagina, uterus or any plumbing at all basically and I was given an operation in my teens to "create" a vagina. I was actually suicidal from the pain for months. It's pretty fucking easy for a doctor who's never done it to tell you that a procedure is simple and that the mold isn't uncomfortable. It was hell. That mold basically stretches and re-aggravates a wound that's trying to heal and can't because of the constant re-injury. Tell your doctor to go fuck themselves.

nurseryRN145 karma

oh my gosh that comment made me cringe. I'm sorry you had to go through that.

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Given that the two vaginas need to fit within the same amount of space, would child birth be more difficult for you? Would you require a C-section for birth, or is it possible for you to do a natural birth without complications?

nurseryRN632 karma

c-section. My uteri are smaller than normal so I am at risk for miscarriage, intrauterine growth restriction (small babies), and premature babies


Does the fact that you have two vaginas affect the way your orgasm?

Great AMA by the way!

nurseryRN548 karma

To my knowledge, my g-spot is covered by the septum so I can only have clitoral orgasms and cervical orgasms that i know of.

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i saw a "strange sex" episode on tlc not too long ago about a woman with this same condition and they said if she was to get pregnant that there might not be enough room for a baby to develop properly and could lead to a miscarriage..

is this a risk in your case or did the doctor say that you shouldn't have to worry about that?

nurseryRN575 karma

big risk..something to think about if i decide to have children

uglypeoplesex423 karma

does it matter to you which of your two vaginas you have sex with?

nurseryRN981 karma

We aim for the right vagina.

Fodash342 karma

So, masturbation, can you explain what that is like with two vaginas?

nurseryRN715 karma

not much different. I just get to choose which vagina..

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Have you ever met or communicated with anyone else with this condition? Is there a society for this sort of thing?

nurseryRN475 karma

I have not talked to anyone with the same situation. Some women with the same condition were on Tyra though I was pretty excited about that lol

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What is the best and worst thing with having 2 vaginas?

nurseryRN172 karma

I guess the worst thing is sex can be uncomfortable because the left side is small. I guess the best thing is it makes a good conversation. Other than that there really isn't anything that makes it all that exciting.