Hey, I'm Lights, a pleasant-natured Canadian. Yes, I have a last name too. I play electronic songs, I like many things and have many feels. If you too share these interests or have questions pertaining to said interests, ask me stuff....

Proof: http://twitter.com/lights/status/257946493594509312

Edit: half an hour left! we'll wrap things up at 4pm PT Edit #2: Thanks for the most entertaining two hours I've had in a solid 12 day run. Love you guys, let's do it again sometime. Bye for now, sweet redittors.

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vinyladdictforlife1440 karma

LIGHTS this is less of a question and more of a statement. I just wanted to tell you a little story. Last August I sent you a silly tweet about listening to Toes for the first time and how it made me want to kick over my desk and start a dance party. You retweeted that. Because of that a girl who lives 2000 miles away from me saw it and said "Oh he's cute AND funny!" (Her words not mine) and followed me. I thought she was beautiful and followed her back. One thing led to another we started tweeting each other, then texting, then Skyping. Finally I decided to fly out and meet her. In a little less than a month we will be celebrating our one year anniversary. So I just want to say thank you LIGHTS without you I would not have met the girl of my dreams.

TL;DR: LIGHTS retweeted me last year and because of it I met my girlfriend!

DearMathias767 karma


YES thank you LIGHTS for helping us find each other!!! :)

lights_alot939 karma

That is awesome. I love this story! Congrats :D

claslan1008 karma

One time I slayed a dragon in your honor in Violet Hold.

lights_alot845 karma

how did you commemorate this action? pics or it didn't happen!

claslan1608 karma

lights_alot1379 karma


myanusisdry620 karma

Do you even lift?

lights_alot456 karma

Like weights? I have a video for you to watch....

ThrowawAMA561 karma

Would you consider doing a cover of "Lights" by Ellie Goulding?

"Lights - Lights"

Big fan, by the way, keep it up with the excellent sounds!

lights_alot728 karma

You wouldn't believe how many times a day I get this. She's messing with my related/suggested internet search topics!

sarahisamermaid313 karma

I'm literally crying from happiness right now. I FUCKING love you. I can't even think of a question, I'm fangirling too hard.

lights_alot523 karma

i FUCKING love you too!

Catsoverhumans304 karma

Did you know that the word bed looks like a bed?

lights_alot441 karma

There was a time when I thought I discovered that.

Ben_bargain292 karma

When are we going to get a Lights - Deadmau5 colab?! You live in the same city!

lights_alot504 karma

as soon as Deadmau5 decides he wants me in the studio! Still want to try that midi powered Steinway.

Evan1268 karma

Do your arms get cold in January air as well?

lights_alot315 karma

even more so often

lights_alot246 karma

I wrote Cactus (cool short form I often use on set lists) on tour in a hotel room in Brighton,UK. Just on my acoustic. There will be more Canadian tours, I promise! And I will have nerf gun war any time the opportunity is presented.

ElBretto236 karma

What was your family's initial reaction to your legal name change?

lights_alot425 karma

"cool!" My parents are the best!

mattzillla209 karma

Why "Lights"?

lights_alot459 karma

PoxLEITner. Just kinda happened.

keyhan203 karma

I will bet you $500 dollars you read this. I just have this gut instinct that you did.

lights_alot333 karma


stopit_youjerk193 karma

What's the worst/craziest thing that's ever happened on tour?

lights_alot538 karma

My bass player was dancing on the top of our trailer (don't ask) and the van pulled away and he fell off and broke his wrist. He still played the show the next day. CHAMP.

a_tall_man192 karma

Can I name my cat after you?

lights_alot421 karma

Yes, you can name your cat after me as long as it has a "y" at the end for cute factor!

joefromjersey189 karma

What is your favorite lyric that you ever wrote?

lights_alot430 karma

no weapon can sever the soul from me

NAghost147 karma

Hey Lights! You totally played before my dad at FLEVO in Holland this year. His name is Mark. He plays drums. I asked him to get your autograph for me but he didn't and I was sad. A response to this would be just as good though ;)

lights_alot273 karma

dad fail! Where you from? come to a show maybe, we'll try to make it happen :)

GalaxyJetJackal129 karma

Can you make an askreddit theme song for us?

lights_alot607 karma


tlbtc125 karma

Whats the craziest story from your life that no one will ever believe?

lights_alot364 karma

i was healed from tuberculosis when i was 8.

eatmorerice69114 karma

i remember first discovering you sang february air on that old navy commercial way back, do you see that as a big step forward to get your name out there?

lights_alot202 karma

That fueled the fire to putting my first ep out. Old Navy always has a place in my heart :)

shaynethecoker111 karma

Favorite Zelda game?

lights_alot412 karma


Emilights109 karma

THIS http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbszvqQ2fD1rxiauco1_500.jpg is slowly starting to make sense.. I'm already excited for whatever there is to come!!

lights_alot130 karma


theikhan98 karma

Hi Lights! I attended the k-os live acoustic show in Toronto last March where you made a guest appearance, and along with your collaborations with Shad, it's safe to say that you and Hip Hop sound amazing together. With that said, I would love for you to check out my take on "Re:Boots": http://youtu.be/LjdYSpkdUfI p.s. Thank you for being awesome.

lights_alot157 karma

Your rap sounds great on my remix, you have lovely delivery. I definitely appreciate hip hop, killer.

mastersprinkles96 karma

How do you keep that amazing comb-over tamed?

PS - you're absolutely breathtaking - in terms of talent and beauty.

lights_alot143 karma

my comb- over has since been dismantled but generally my hair has a lot of hair spray in it

xWOLFPUKEx95 karma

Hi Lights! Are you into hardcore/metalcore music? If so, what is your favorite band? Blessthefall doesn't count.

lights_alot295 karma

Blesthe....dang. Um... always respect the Chariot.

[deleted]94 karma

Hey Lights! What is the most requested song you get?

lights_alot213 karma

it depends on the city but weirdly "Lions!" gets a lot of love

Meazles91 karma

My girlfriend loves Peace Sign. We're seeing you live on November 11th. If there's any possibility of you playing it then, please respond. That would make me the best boyfriend ever.

lights_alot182 karma

MAYBE! We haven't played this yet but WHO KNOWS RIGHT?.......

jbreau90 karma

How many flannel shirts do you have?

lights_alot193 karma

a good 20 pack

[deleted]78 karma


lights_alot186 karma

Yeah, apparently we angered the reddit gods, you can't post early as a "celeb" anymore. They removed that thread on me. I know for next time I guess?

nedthehead69 karma

I only have one question for you: Timmies, or Starbucks?

thatboatguy47 karma

I both want to know her answer and don't. I'm very judgmental on cafe and coffee preferences.

lights_alot344 karma

I want to say I'm into all kinds of obscure coffees and indie teas and I have apps and things. But I actually just go to starbucks for coffee and tim's for what I call "hot brown drink"

bcphotog65 karma

Hey Lights, Besides Canada, what is the coolest country you've ever been to?

ps big fan since your first few EP's.

lights_alot172 karma

Germany and the Philippines

Stefwithanfanie63 karma

Misss Lights, what are your current feels lately? ;)

lights_alot444 karma

Ummm feels are dece. I'm eating fro yo so no crazy negs right now. Although yesterday my feels were suck.

maxcamacho460 karma

San Diego soma on the 27th let's play laser tag right next door, or can I just meet you and make my life. I just love you sorry. :/

lights_alot98 karma

wait there's lazer tag in san diego?

Esbie60 karma

Hi Lights! :D You are amazing, so glad you're doing an AMA~ My question is, what was your first wow toon ??

lights_alot132 karma

I'm glad I'm doing an AMA too. Been too long in the make. My first wow toon was named Lights on Baelgun server, she was a Warrior. Just pre burning crusade.

ghulderman59 karma

Also, is your song Cactus in the Valley at all to do with God? I found a verse and it seemed awfully similar to the song.

lights_alot254 karma

Which verse? Is King David ripping me off again?

doublerk55 karma

idk if this is too personal but how often do you and beau see each other? I imagine since your on tour alot and so is blessthefall it has to be hard

lights_alot90 karma

we'll get a few weeks at a time, then a few weeks apart. It's tough but we manage it!

catiebruno55 karma

We all know you love cheese but what's your favorite?!

lights_alot202 karma


isee_scott51 karma

Two questions for you miss.

What was it like to record two songs fir bmth? Did you have in studio with them?

And how was it having beau on warped this summer? Did you tag along for any of the tour?

lights_alot71 karma

I was just in the studio with Oli, real nice dude. And it's good doing something different from what I normally do. Any kind of distance is hard but I went out for a little bit. Hate having to use steamed up crapped out porto-johns all the time though. That's something I won't miss.

lunchbandit50 karma

Hey Lights, i was just wondering whos better a video games in general you or Beau? _^

lights_alot108 karma

depends on the game- beau can own me in Galaga but i slay at RPGs. We're pretty even in combat games.

ghulderman45 karma

Can you give a list of the weapons on your weapons wall?

lights_alot117 karma

look out for a casual weapons enthusiast article coming out soon on Huffington Post!

bluefeesh43 karma

I saw you open for keane in 2009, what was it like touring with them?

lights_alot71 karma

Keane were amazing, truly great musicians, we all (my band and myself) learned a lot on that run.

ThatOtherHipster41 karma

How large is the difference between the level of your fame in Canada compared to the US?

lights_alot134 karma

I would say like the difference between cookies and oreos.

Stefwithanfanie35 karma

Hi Lights :) What advice can you give to someone battling with society? We all get expectations of others and our own. But what happens with days when that constantly gets shut down and you cant measure up to what you once were? How do we stay comfortable in our own skin but at the same time finding peace with people around you. Sometimes it's hard to be nerdy, yet be girly, and always stay happy.

lights_alot225 karma

Never measure yourself up to the world around you. Set your own standards and live by those, you'll never feel out of place in a place where everyone is out of place.

haha012332 karma

Hey lights! What songs or artists have you been listening to recently?

lights_alot91 karma

beach house, pink floyd and a lot of kate bush.

victoriamarina30 karma

are you a feminist?

lights_alot119 karma

I stand by the empowerment of women, especially in this industry! That's nothing against dudes though. I appreciate equality.

keyhan29 karma

How does social networking happen work for celebs like you? Like, do you celebs have a secret network with no plebs, or do you have a Facebook with everyone all jumbled up, or separate Facebooks for celebs and one for your personal friends? OR BOTH!?

lights_alot109 karma

I believe the only no-plebe network is called scientology, other than that, it's all just a jumble.

mandamelody28 karma

What is your favorite Owl City song? What was it like working with Adam? Do you like Florida?

lights_alot69 karma

Meteor shower, when we toured together I made sure I caught that song every night I could.

Frostfire04727 karma

What do you do to keep yourself so upbeat for your fans each and every show? And what do you find to be the best thing that a fan can do for you?

Also, What's the make of your new keyboard you recently obtained?

lights_alot57 karma

I'm not always happy, but once the show starts you can lose yourself in it. That is always enjoyable, I guess it's why I do what I do!

It is a Nord Electro 4D.

uworsl27 karma

What's your favourite flavour of ice cream?

lights_alot136 karma

peanut butter chocolate

vmah26 karma

Best and worst thing about your one semester at QE in grade 12? I am from the area :)

lights_alot62 karma

Best thing: falling in a superficial love with a mexican Worst thing: the two deaths...

mind_the_gatt25 karma

2012 album of the year?

lights_alot95 karma

Did Com Truise - Galactic Melt come out this year? That one.

frostmage22 karma

Did you ever finish LoZ OoT?

lights_alot65 karma

Yes! on 3DS though, never finished it way back in the day on the OG 64.

minusxero19 karma

If you could collaborate with anyone in history, alive or dead, who would it be?

lights_alot87 karma


_SkyeLIGHTS11 karma

I just wanted to thank you for signing my wrist back in February during the UK tour, and again during the summer, I know you probably don't remember but it seriously saved my life and thanks to you, the LIGHTS army, and your music I've been in recovery since first meeting you.

lights_alot22 karma

And it will only continue to go up! The world is a beautiful place, you just have to look past all the shit. ;) keep your eyes up.