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During the next 24h, we invite you all to ask your questions to Erika Lust and the rest of her team – from production, post-production and intimacy coordination, to marketing & comms to IT to award-winning adult performer and director Casey Calvert.

Mention us for specific questions:

Creative Director and founder of ERIKALUST: u/Erika_Lust Director and performer: u/Caseycalvertxxx Production Managers: u/Marina_Prod_EL & u/Laura_Prod_EL Post- production Manager: u/Ines_PostProd_EL Marketing Manager: u/Roberto_Mkt_EL Head of Comms team: u/Eva_Comms_EL Intimacy coordinator: u/Avril_IC_EL Head of People: u/Gloria_People_EL Head of Product team: u/Fredi_ProdTech_EL Head of IT team: u/Sergio_IT_EL

Also, we invite you to watch three of our top movies from our streaming platforms; ask us anything about them or about the types of content each platform has to offer.

Watch XConfessions' Hannah for free

Watch Lust Cinema's The Intern for free

Watch Else Cinema's The Listener for free


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