cant wait to see your questions will try my best to answer everything. proof that its really me @davidblaine let's go

thanks for the questions, i thought it would be much worse. if you are in NYC friday the 5th till the 8th pls come by, 13th st and west side highway on the pier. it's all free, bring headphones, it's loud. you can see it on

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iamdavidblaine1950 karma

genius, just made my day

geeca1975 karma

What do you think of all of the parodies of you?

iamdavidblaine2456 karma

the best, sometimes people think that im him

sudo-nebula1560 karma

Is there any trick you'd like to try, but wont because it's too dangerous?

iamdavidblaine2465 karma

world record for sleep deprivation. scary

Ohsin1196 karma

Your TED talk about 'How I held my breath for 17 minutes' was inspiring. What made you shift from regular magic tricks to these mind bending physical feats?

iamdavidblaine1516 karma

thank you, it was harder to give that talk than to actually hold my breath. i never shifted, always did both. as a kid i would win bets by holding my breath longer than anyone, so when i heard that people could go for over 8 minutes i became obsessed and tracked down the best coach and worked on it for 3 years

stevepirate1118 karma

Has becoming a father changed your attitude towards the endurance stunts you perform? Are you more cautious about your safety now?

iamdavidblaine1875 karma

for this next stunt (tomorrow night at 730 PM in new york) i actually have a harness so i dont fall off and die, which normally i would never worry about

wickensworth1044 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. What do you think about "spirtual mediums" like John Edward and the Long Island Medium?

Do you believe in their supernatural chichat? If not, do you think "spirtual mediums" are doing a disserve to the public by lying to guilable people and profitting from their loved ones' memories?

iamdavidblaine1690 karma

barnum effect

katzepolieren961 karma

  • What has been your most challenging feat of endurance?
  • Have you ever been in a moment where you accepted your death?
  • Do you own a juicer?

iamdavidblaine1480 karma

the ice never yes

DayumNatureUScary818 karma

Why do you hate capital letters?

iamdavidblaine1993 karma


Seyloren768 karma

Have you ever been stumped by another magician's trick, and if so, did you ever figure it out?

iamdavidblaine1262 karma

lookup Dani DaOrtiz he is out of control

[deleted]657 karma

I have been a fan ever since “David Blaine: Street Magic.” To call me a fan would be an understatement, actually. I used to tape all of your specials on the VCR and watch them over and over again. You were a role model to younger me and you inspired me to pick up my first deck of cards and start practicing magic. I still have the same dream I had when I was growing up: to bump into you one day and get to see you do a trick. I just want to say thank you for all those years of street magic specials and stunts, and for bringing wonder and excitement into my childhood.

With that being said, here are my questions:

  • What did it feel like knowing that there was no way you were going to beat the record for the original breath holding during “Drowned Alive?” Did you feel like you failed or let your fans down? Do you still beat yourself up over it?
  • I am sure you know about Ellusionist…did you care back then that they were revealing all of your tricks and trying to use your name to market their DVDs?
  • What is your relationship with Criss Angel? I remember in one episode of his show he dressed up like you and parodied you. Do you guys ever talk magic and just hang out?
  • ThoseLilRabbits made a video series parodying your street magic. ( Have you seen any of them? And what do you think about them?
  • I always see that you post things from reddit on to your twitter and facebook page. Do you have a favorite subreddit? Do you have a favorite meme?
  • Have you ever thought about making a magic special where you do tricks in every state of the US?

Philip_Marlowe680 karma


iamdavidblaine1676 karma

3,000 dollar suit

iamdavidblaine668 karma

thank you im sure we will run into each other - i wish they would have left me in there longer - i guess it made me work harder - i don't know him but respect to all magicians - i'll watch it later - i like the pics on reddit my brother sends them to me - no but that's a great idea Thanks.

missusmcg635 karma

When you were in England, 7 days into your fast, someone hovered a cheeseburger in front of your face attached to a remote control helicopter. Were you ever tempted to make a lunge for it?

iamdavidblaine1108 karma

no, i wanted soup though

[deleted]538 karma

What did you think of the South Park episode about you? You gonna start a cult anytime soon? If so where can I sign up?

iamdavidblaine1309 karma


gordenvr6527 karma

Great fan here Dave.

What was your biggest flake doing a performance? Did someone ever call you out on a mistake or figure out what you were doing on a performance?

What is your funniest moment as a street illusionist/magician?

iamdavidblaine863 karma

That last upside down thing was a nightmare, i' still trying to recover from the shame

algo341 karma

Why did you choose the tesla coils for your new performance?

iamdavidblaine614 karma

in my decade poster 4 years ago i put 5 people that i love, wanted to do something for each one, tesla is first

rescuedlotion318 karma

  • When did you start getting serious about performing as a career?

  • You have done a lot in pushing your body to its limits. What do you think has been the greatest physical limit that you've found in your body?

  • What other activities/hobbies do you do in your free time?

  • Where have been your favorite places to travel, both for business and pleasure?

  • What has been your favorite crowd reaction to one of your tricks/stunts?

  • How long do you think you will keep doing your thing?

iamdavidblaine688 karma

  • never
  • realizing that we can go 20 minutes without breathing which i thought was bs until i actually did it
  • taking pictures, reading, motorcycles, computers
  • Botswana
  • a girl peed her pants
  • til im dead

gaspy90305 karma

What trick took you the longest to learn? What is the coolest trick you think you have?

iamdavidblaine515 karma

been working on a perfect shuffle, has been years and still not 100% in hand btw with riffle

[deleted]283 karma

Isn't the stunt you're about to do in New York just essentially a faraday cage, so there is no risk to you anyway? (Unless you wipe your face)

iamdavidblaine1108 karma

by the way nice screen name

iamdavidblaine566 karma

last night in rehearsal i got zapped really hard and we had to shut it all down, so the cage is not a guarantee. hardest part is staying awake from fri til monday, standing the whole time, wearing armor and not being able to move very much but other than that its fine...i think

gigalowen272 karma

If there was one trick to impress the ladies the most what would it be?

iamdavidblaine504 karma

you guys tell me

CarryGaurd238 karma

Hi, I am a big fan of yours, and I was wondering if you could elaborate on your relationship with film director Harmony Korine. How did you two meet? What's you're side of his story about you climbing into a 400º oven at an abandoned restaurant?

And, could you talk about your persona as a performer? Where do you think it come from?

iamdavidblaine458 karma

thanks, Harmony is unreal and one of the craziest people that i know. i met harmony on the street when we were kids. i always thought magicians should be understated rather than over the top

Spiderman_165 karma

As a long admirer of your work, and a magician myself, I've found it real difficult to purse a career in magic as it's so "hit or miss". What advice could you give to a magician in an attempt to make a serious career of it?

iamdavidblaine644 karma

success is the ability to go from one failure to the next failure with enthusiasm. - Chruchill quote

never quit never quit never quit