Edit Proof: http://imgur.com/R7drT Edit: Extra proof for non-believers. http://imgur.com/GgbDs (the mask I wore) http://imgur.com/UA2Ek (a screen shot of me) http://imgur.com/kgfCo (Taken from AMC, there's me on the right) Edit: Went to bed and woke up to front page! Thank you everyone!

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Is Carl ever going to stay in the fucking house?

EDIT: Might as well spell the annoying little piece of shit's name right.

redditsetgooo568 karma

Nope. Kid never listens.


Im a amputee wanting to work in horror. Any leads?

redditsetgooo414 karma

There was a girl I met who was a featured zombie as well, and she was an amputee. She was genuine and everyone like her. You can definitely work in any horror just be kind to others, and they will work with you.


Im actually headed to London soon to act in a horror movie but Im more looking to work in the corpse/monster/zombie area. Know any casting companies that specialize in that area?

redditsetgooo232 karma

Sorry, none that I know of. Congratulation on your upcoming act in London.

anacondasniper278 karma

Did you and the other zombie stand ins eat during breaks with the makeup on? Kind of a weird question, but I just think it'd be funny if one were to find a bunch of zombies chatting and eating small sandwiches

redditsetgooo362 karma

Funny question. Yes. All zombies had lunch with other extras separate from the film crew. It was actually hard to open my mouth due to layers of prosthetics. They fed us spaghetti and salad. Odd choices for a zombie. As a stand-in, I ate with the film crew and it was the greatest meal I ever had! They had seafood, chicken, steak, variety of fruits, salad bar, desserts. It was like an upscale buffet.

misterkrad112 karma

I was curious. If you saw a zombie walking down the road, would you run it over?

(about 600yds from the big rock pit, charlie sheen is in the 'hood lately)

redditsetgooo159 karma

Probably not. I don't feel like repairing for the damages.

i_cant_draw_for_shit149 karma

Did you do just one zombie role? or have you portrayed multiple roles in multiple episodes?

redditsetgooo169 karma

A couple. I wore a mask sometimes when I'm not featured. Then I began standing in.

i_cant_draw_for_shit90 karma

ok cool, how is a zombie salary? does it pay all the bills?

redditsetgooo159 karma

The pay was well but doesn't pay all the bills.

N7Chris133 karma

Were you shot/killed on screen? And what episode(s) were you in?

redditsetgooo207 karma

First episode. Rick is on the horse in Atlanta and makes a sudden turn to be surprise by a swarm of flesh-eating zombies. Then show a glimpse of me in my gruesome moment ready to attack.

AmyClemx88 karma

You said that you stood in for Glen at one point, what episode was that and what did you do?

redditsetgooo111 karma

A few of the pilot episodes. I followed director's order to position/move in the way he wants me to.

Buschlightwins84 karma

That would be awesome. I absolutely love that show. How did you land the gig?

redditsetgooo184 karma

A friend of mine is a PR and he notified me to send in head/body shots for the show. I received good news to audition, and I was sent to zombie school. I put on my best zombie performance along with hundreds of other people. More good news received, and I became a featured zombie. Since I was the only Asian, I then stood-in for Glenn.

triesnottojudge73 karma

Does being one of the zombies in this show at all ruin the intensity/edginess of watching it on TV?

redditsetgooo104 karma

Absolutely not! Portraying a zombie was just a small part of something so big. The show itself is already intensifying, and being a part of it makes it even more eager to watch.

MajorBear68 karma

I hate to be that guy... but proof?

drrohan55 karma

did you meet any of the cast, if so what were they like?

redditsetgooo101 karma

Andrew was a nice man with a funny sense of humor. When I first met him, I was surprised by his British accent because I thought he was American. It is amazing to see him change his accent back and forth. Sarah was nice too. She was fascinated with my make-up and we did small talk. She brings her Labradorean around on set sometimes. Steven is a cool guy with a genuine attitude. Iron E was even more cooler who jokes around all the time. Jon was a more serious person. Almost seems like he is in character 24/7. Jeffery was friendly as well. We had a small chat about our favorite food to eat.

sodoubleoggood33 karma


redditsetgooo50 karma

The make-up took about 3 hours. Filming would be really early in the morning. Since I was featured, I had to be there earlier than usual. I got to meet most of the cast, and they were really amazing.

Eceer70425 karma

Is the person who plays Daryl in the show actually nice? He plays the "tough but lovable badass" role so well in the show it's hard for me to picture himself as a nice guy outside the set.

redditsetgooo34 karma

I didn't get to officially meet Daryl unfortunately, but during takes when he is not in character, he is a nice person who jokes with Steven and Iron E mostly. Together, they're are like a comedic trio.

moccajoghurt24 karma

Did the zombies have to make sounds with their voices or did they add the sound after they got the film material?

Have there been any "unprofessional" zombies who have been giggling or something like that?

redditsetgooo47 karma

They added the sound later, but many people did groan to make it more realistic. There had been an incident of someone who wouldn't keep his mouth shut. He is constantly talking regardless of where he is. They realize he was the odd one out, so they let him go.

PubblesWorth21 karma

What does your father/uncle think of this.

redditsetgooo60 karma

Dad thinks its nonsense and says I need to utilize my time to study. Typical Asian parents.

supergalacticcaptain11 karma

Is Sarah Wayne Callies as gorgeous in real life as she is on TV?

redditsetgooo22 karma

Yes she is! I love her character from prison break and actually meeting her made my heart skip a beat.

Dresdin9 karma

Are you credited on IMDB? We need to get you to the top, my friend.

redditsetgooo11 karma

Unfortunately I am not. Just remember me as the distinguished Asian zombie.

SuggestiveMaterial5 karma

What brand of contacts did they use for your eyes?

redditsetgooo7 karma

I don't know what brand,but the contact was chosen by producers who gave them to make-up. It was actually quite uncomfortable.