Thanks for joining me! I've fired up Windows 95 on Bubbles' old laptop and stolen some electricity from Lahey's trailer to answer any questions you might have about Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money. So if there's ever anything you wanted to know about what goes into making our friggin' awesome game, now's your chance to ask me some greasy questions!

UPDATE: Thanks for joining me for the last couple hours to answer your questions! I have a lot to take back to the team. In the meantime, please keep enjoying Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money and make sure to check out the cool stuff we have coming up this year! Now if you'll excuse me, the boys got a cold beer waiting for me down at the Dancer. Talk soon!



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trailerparkboysbrick41 karma

Why on earth couldn't you guys draw the shitmobile correctly, with the proper door missing? You have the driver door missing in game... when only ever has the passenger door been missing.... and then try to charge a subscription service for it. I mean.. I understand the point is for it to collect hashcoins, but someone made the decision to go ahead and green light it into the game with it drawn incorrectly and then try to charge. Greasy bud. Jules would approve.

JeevinESG7 karma

Hey! We work hard with our artists to make sure we're doing the best job possible in all aspects to do the show justice. I think they do a stellar job who deliver amazing art and are also amazing people! With the way the Shitmobile sits on the mapscreen we thought it looked good to see the missing door. Minor difference, yes, but it gives a better essence of the car and it still reads well as Ricky's pride and joy. Also, I'm a fan of your bricks! Hope to see your version of the Shitmobile one day!

CivicSpoon7 karma

Any plans to update the main seasons, so it stops only giving Gladys and Willy Goat cards in every single 4/hr trunks? Or with the end of season trunks, that always give the same cards (Steve French, Twiggy Alien Trevor, Bridesmaid Outfit Sarah)?

JeevinESG5 karma

Hey! Firstly, thanks for playing out game and having fun going through the seasons! I've noted this and will pass on this information to our team to try and get some more variety!

Getlucky123415 karma

Out of all the events the game has done, which theme/story is your favorite?

JeevinESG3 karma

This is a tough one, but a great question! I'd say right now, "Adventures in Babyshitting" is my favourite. It was super fun working with the artists to come up with retro toys to make all of the characters. And the way we reinvented Sunnyvale was super fun too.

Black_Kirk_Lazarus2 karma

Will you be able to make greasy movies with J Roc?

JeevinESG10 karma

Last I heard J Roc was trying to take Roc Pile Productions into a classier, new era. He recently pitched on the "Dragon's Dank" event that he wanted to pay homage to classic Hollywood. That being said, if he ever does a sequel to, "To Russia With the Love Bone", and needs an extra, my agent will be in contact.

Black_Kirk_Lazarus4 karma

That's all I ask. Naymsayin'?

JeevinESG6 karma

hell yeah, dawg.

CivicSpoon2 karma

Any plans to add more characters for the seasons 200+, or more Epic or Legendary characters in general? Would help with the struggle to complete season objectives.

Any plans for completely new event mechanics, instead of the same ones reskinned/with new stories?

JeevinESG8 karma

We're always working to improve mechanics for sure. Whether that be creating new balances or changing up the prize structure in Milestones and Leaderboards, it's something we're actively striving to expand upon. With our Mini events we've created the Sl-eazy minis which is a fun new way to load up on currency and for Mains we're also trying out some new and exciting stuff that you'll be seeing this year.

Really appreciate you playing and I'll for sure be discussing this stuff with my team!

Level_Breadfruit_2911 karma

Can we have the main rewards be for more then just the top 2 players? I know the larger events have top20 getting it, why can't the smaller events.

JeevinESG2 karma

We may experiment with with that as we add/change rewards but we want those Top 2 Prizes to feel really special and exclusive. We still make sure to load up the Milestones with currency on the new Sl-eazy Minis though so that there's still a lot of other dope stuff to play for!

drwho1351 karma

Can we get some costumes or characters for T's Axi? That business seems to have stalled since release

JeevinESG4 karma

I'll let the team know and we'll try and add some costume prizes that boost that business! On the topic of T, we have a pretty awesome event called Mad Stax coming up that'll feature several of our favourite costumes of his from throughout our events!

drwho1351 karma

Great. A speed boost or 3 would be perfect.

If you want some character ideas, as lame as they may be, how about 9 cans of ravioli, a piss jug, and actual pepperoni cock, chicken fingers, the good kind, or a spreadsheet (you know, for those dicks that make all those guides for the game and events)

JeevinESG6 karma

Haha noted! Funny enough I was just thinking about the 9 cans of ravioli joke yesterday and trying to figure out something fun to do with it. Thanks for sharing the ideas! I'll discuss with all the dicks!

jrocsmom2 karma

These are all great ideas. You've been kinda scraping the bottom of the barrel for characters lately anyways, use these. Hell, the spreadsheet one is great. Those pricks deserve it for all they have done for the users and the game over the years.

What about a lighter for a character? have it be some fucked up version from one of their trips they take when they are high.

JeevinESG2 karma

These are great suggestions! We've created some fun assets in the past that are objects moreso than actual people, so we'll for sure take that into consideration. They're all hilarious that's for sure. Thanks Linda!

ApeScentedCandle0 karma

Hey Jeevin, where do you get the inspiration for all of your out there ideas from for the stories you write?

JeevinESG4 karma

Thanks for asking that! Besides watching the show many times over, I spend a lot of time on Swearnet extracting little phrases or things that I've seen that I think could be adapted to a full on event or story. Sometimes it's something obvious that I think people will love, and othertimes it's something small that we make grandiose. I think just also paying attention to pop culture and trends helps keep the boys current and fun. I'm always consuming!

ApeScentedCandle0 karma

I love that you're striving to keep them current. Keep up the great stories!

JeevinESG1 karma

Thank you so much! I'll keep making sure we bust out some great friggin' content.

Vladkun2-1 karma

Good Day Jeevin I have just a little question Are there any plans for new bussinesses in The game? I remmember that in The past there was a voting pool on Facebook where the players voted for a New bussiness And i remmember that Ricky's used $#!T was an option

JeevinESG1 karma

Hi! So a new business is something that comes up every now and then, but it's not something that's being worked on right now. That being said, that doesn't mean that we''re against the idea of one day adding a new one again down the road. I'd have a lot of fun coming up with things that Ricky would sell at his Used $#!T store!